JULY 2003



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Cincinnati  5NW (Ronald Rothhaas Jr.) -  It was a cool, wet, stormy July, kind of the direct opposite of July 2002.  In one hour late on the 18th a heavy thunderstorm dumped more rain than fell the entire month of July 2002.  The 1.31 inches in 90 minutes on the 18th prompted one of many flash flood warnings during the month.  The scattered nature of storms was evidenced by the fact that I had 15 thunderstorm days but only 13 days with measurable precipitation.  The 15 thunderstorm days is the most I have had in one month.  After the storm on the 18th high water signs were posted on Interstate 75 near mile post 5 while no rain fell at mile post 7.  Celestial fireworks occurred for 7 straight days from July 4 to 10, and on 6 of 7 days from the 18th to the 24th.

Cleves 3NW (James Davis) -  July started out with above temps than cooled as the month went on.  My temps ended up 1.8 degrees below normal with rain fall 1.38'' above normal.

Kidron 1N (Ronald Hahn) -  July 2003 was a wet and stormy month.  Rainfall totaled 7.75" at Kidron, making this the 4th wettest July on record here.  Winds exceeded 20 mph on 6 dates, topping 30 mph on 3 of those, with the highest gust of 43 on the 8th.  Tops of trees and/or whole trees were downed on the 4th, 7th, and 8th.  Power was out for more than 12 hours on the 7th and 8th.  Temperatures averaged almost normal.

Middleburg Heights 2N (Dick Vader) -  Thunderstorm clusters afternoon of July 7 and morning of July 8 produced around 2 in. of rain with additional heavy rain late at nite of July 7. Also I estimated winds gusting to between 50-60 mph during thunderstorms.

Munroe Falls 1SW (Ronald Hahn) -  July 2003 set a new 24 hour precipitation amount with 4.16 inches on the 22nd ending at 7 AM. The month's total of 10.42 inches ranked 2nd highest since records began at this station in 1992.

Newcomerstown 1S (Don Keating)  - We had pea sized hail on the 12'th of July while we had some damaging winds on the 7'th. There were 2 fog days and 11 thunder days. There were 17 days with measurable rainfall but it only totaled 3.82", a meager amount compared to many locations in Ohio. The average wind speed was 2.4 mph and the high gust was 37 on the 7'th. Dominating wind direction was SSW and total cooling degree days was 211.4. Windiest day was the 27'th with an average wind speed of 13.1 mph.

Ottawa 4E (Phil and Bonnie Higley) -  Month started out wet!  By the 7 we already had 4.02" of rainfall.  But the temperature still remained cool.... After the big rainfall on the 21st, the dew point increased, & the rainfall decreased.  There were 5 days that we got get very little rainfall, 'til the 27, when we got only 0.46".  For the rest of the month it was dry.  The farmers around here got there winter wheat off in good shape & the corn is really going to town....So is the soybeans.

Perrysville 4W (Katie Gerwig)  - Another wetter than average month.  Thunder occurred on 8 days.  Ashland, 20 miles north, was even more saturated with 3.89" on 7/21 and 4.10" in 3 hours on the 31st, plus many other days of rain, including several of 1" or more.  Amounts were very localized.

Ravenna 1E (Rich Rabatin)  - The total rainfall for my station was probably more than recorded since several rain day, the rain was coming down so hard and fast, that my collector was overflowing.  There was widespread flooding in the Ravenna area with several people who drowned in the Summit/Portage area. On the 7th there were 2 TORNADO WARNINGS for Portage County with several funnel sightings.  I witnessed 1 sighting North of my house and filming it.  This will surely be one month we will never forget.

Ravenna 1SE  -  First month for reporting info for Ravenna 1SE. Also had rainfalls of 4.25" on 7/7/03 and 3.39" on 7/23/03.

Springfield (Dick Groeber) - The month began warm and dry with the only 90 degree readings around the 4th holiday.  The temperatures slowly cooled through the month, with the lowest in the middle 50s by the end.  Rainfall was the biggest story, with 9 straight days of measurable rainfall from the 4th through the 12th totaling 3.17 inches.  There was a final total of 17 days of measurable rainfall which was the second most of the past 45 years.  The most was 20 days in 1992.  This was followed by a week of drying during the middle of the month.  The most intense storm struck late in the afternoon of the 6th with winds to 33 mph damaging numerous trees in the area.  The highest single day total occurred on the 31st with 1.29 inches.

Thompson 5SW (Vance Lunn) -  The weather for July here was very pleasant.  There were a few uncomfortably warm afternoons during the first week, but after the 8th, the warmest high was 83.6F.  Lows were in the 50's and 60's throughout the month.  The extremely heavy rain that produced catastrophic flooding within an hour's drive to the south of this station missed here.  The heaviest single event was 1.97" on the 21st and 22nd.

Wooster 7N (Jack Sisler) -  Mean temperatures were pretty much normal but precipitation was anything but. Two low-temperature records were broken for the month; a record low on the 19th with 49 degrees breaking the previous record low of 53 in 1994. No 90-degree temperatures have occurred yet for 2003. Precipitation amounts for the month were of historical proportions in many areas. Rainfall was almost two inches above normal for July at this location making it the wettest July on record and the third wettest month on record in the last twelve years. Precipitation for the year now stands at 21.91 inches putting the year back to around normal after running a deficit for about the first four months of the year. It appears the culprit for much of this rainfall is the storm track being much further south than usual for this time of year bringing the heavier rainfall across the state.


OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date
119 Akron 1W 79.4 62.8 71.1 89 4 55 19,29 8.39 2.87 7-8 12 0 0 - 0 13 27
A Akron-Canton 80.2 61.8 71.0 89 4 52 29 12.55 3.98 27 14 0 0 - 0 53 7
3 Aurora 3S 79.9 58.9 69.4 88 3,4 48 19 12.32 4.35 21 21 0 0 - 0 - -
107 Brookville 81.2 63.5 72.2 90 4 57 20 9.08 2.33 21 13 0 0 - 0 30 4
82 Centerville 1W 86.1 62.1 74.1 94 24 53 29 6.91 1.23 23 13 0 0 - 0 38 4
A Cincinnati 83.5 64.4 73.9 91 8 55 24 5.00 1.22 9 15 0 0 - 0 50 21
13 Cincinnati 5NW 83.0 64.9 74.0 90 8 59 13,24 6.76 1.48 9 13 0 0 - 0 - -
A Cleveland 81.4 63.5 72.5 92 4 54 29 4.89 1.37 7-8 11 0 0 - 0 61 7
55 Cleves 3NW 86.2 64.1 75.2 97 9 57 20 5.28 1.85 9-10 13 0 0 - 0 42 4
A Columbus 82.7 64.1 73.4 92 4 57 20,29 2.94 0.59 4 16 0 0 - 0 59 8
A Dayton 81.2 63.1 72.1 90 4 56 29 6.32 1.48 21 15 0 0 - 0 59 4
22 Kent 2E                                  
53 Kent 2W 78.7 59.3 69.0 87 4 49 19 11.67 4.66 21 18 0 0 - 0 41 8
2 Kidron 1N 82.5 62.2 72.4 90 4 51 19 7.75 1.79 8 15 0 0 - 0 43 8
87 Lagrange 2SW 82.8 60.6 71.7 92 4 51 19,29 5.11 1.55 21 12 0 0 - 0 48 8
23 Lodi 2S 79.7 60.0 69.9 88 4 49 19 8.00 2.09 8 16 0 0 - 0 57 8
A Mansfield 79.4 60.1 69.8 89 4 50 19 6.01 2.04 21 13 0 0 - 0 52 8
51 Middleburg Hts. - - - - - - - 5.44 2.01 7 12 - - - - - -
25 Munroe Falls 1SW 80.5 59.0 69.7 89 5 50 19 10.42 4.16 22 22 0 0 - 0 41 4
106 Newcomerstown 1S 82.7 60.9 71.8 90 4,8 51 19 3.82 0.87 27 12 0 0 - 0 37 7
32 North Ridgeville 1N 82.4 60.8 71.6 92 4 50 29 5.21 2.12 7 13 0 0 - 0 41 8
15 Ottawa 4E 81.1 62.0 71.6 88 4,8 53 19,29,30 6.66 1.55 21 14 0 0 - 0 48 8
38 Perry 79.4 63.2 71.3 90 4 55 28,29 5.73 2.54 21 9 0 0 - 0 - -
79 Perrysville 4W 80.5 60.4 70.5 89 8 52 13,29 6.89 1.50 8 15 0 0 - 0 - -
101 Ravenna 1E 84.2 62.7 73.4 93 3 53 19 20.77 6.70 21 20 0 0 - 0 63 7
120 Ravenna 1SE 82.1 60.1 71.1 91 3 52 18 17.39 4.41 21 15 0 0 - 0 - -
33 Rockbridge 4W 82.3 63.4 72.8 90 3,4 56 24 8.65 2.25 6-7 15 0 0 - 0 - -
51 Sabina - - - - - - - 3.89 0.90 24 16 - - - - - -
43 Sharonville 2NE                                  
1 Springfield 83.3 64.4 73.9 91 3,4 56 29 6.19 1.29 31 17 0 0 - 0 33 6
112 Sugarcreek 2SW 80.3 61.2 70.8 88 4 51 19,29 6.45 1.39 7 20 0 0 - 0 40 8
98 Thompson 5SW 80.1 59.5 69.3 92 4 51 29 4.98 1.73 21 14 0 0 - 0 - -
A Toledo 82.4 60.8 71.6 92 3 51 30 4.04 0.87 20-21 17 0 0 - 0 51 7
16 Wooster 7N 80.9 59.6 70.2 89 4 49 19 6.00 1.50 22 16 0 0 - 0 45 8
A Youngstown 79.1 58.9 69.0 87 4 48 19 10.40 4.66 21 17 0 0 - 0 40 6
48 Zanesville 6N 79.7 63.0 70.3 87 3 56 19 6.19 1.33 31 15 0 0 - 0 37 8
OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date

      A = Airport   



Date: Fri Jul 4, 2003 1:59 pm
Subject: Thunderstorm

Hello List,
The temperature reached here at my location was 90 degrees
@ 1:11 pm with a heat index of 97 degrees....
at 1:29 pm a gust front moved thru with winds to 40 mph...followed by a
thunderstorm @ 1:35 pm......
the temperature fell from 90 @ 1:11 pm to 72 degrees @ 1:44 pm with a
Lt. thunderstorm still occuring...
the overnight low was 75 degrees @ 5:43 pm....
currently at 1:54 pm we have Lt. rain and 72 degrees...with occassional

mike bielski
toledo 5 ne
NE Lucas co.
point place

Date: Fri Jul 4, 2003 5:42 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Thunderstorm


Three rounds of thunderstorms passed through Ravenna today so far- One early
this morning, one early afternoon and one about an hour ago. None were
severe by my read, with maybe top winds estimated at 45 mph at best. No
hail. I have measured about 0.38" of rain so far. Happy 4th!

Gary L
Ravenna 1SE

From: ymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaPjrOhio@EarthLink.Net
Date: Fri Jul 4, 2003 7:52 pm
Subject: Storms Racing through Ohio - Satellite x2 VIS 20:02z

See image at:

Date: Fri Jul 4, 2003 10:19 pm
Subject: Outflow Boundry

Hi List;
Happy 4'th of July. Looks like mother nature is really providing lots of her own
fireworks. Check out the attached
radar image from Wilmington's radar and the very impressive outflow boundry.

Don Keating

Date: Sat Jul 5, 2003 8:51 am
Subject: Yesterdays Storms


According to the Storm Prediction Center's preliminary storm reports
for yesterday, Ohio had 34 wind reports and 3 hail reports. It
appears the greatest concentration was over western and northern
Ohio. I saw one radar loop and it looked like you folks in western
and southwestern Ohio were getting drenched. I had a 41 mph wind gust
@ 3:44 pm yesterday with only .11" precipitation as the squall line
moved through and a few of the storms began to weaken.

SPC has parts of Ohio in a Slight Risk over the next three days as
shortwaves ride along old outflow boundaries from previous storms to
produce additional storms. Dewpoints in the upper 60's and lower 70's
along with CAPES of 1500-2500 will kind of add fuel to the fire.

Wooster 7N

Date: Sun Jul 6, 2003 8:15 am
Subject: June's Weather Statistics for Centerville 1W

Weather statistics for the month of June for Centerville 1W.
High Temp (Date) ... 93o / 23rd, 24th & 25th
Low Temp (Date) ... 39o / 1st
Mean High ... 80.7o
Mean Low ... 55.9o
Monthly Mean ... 68.3o
Total Precipitation ... 4.66"
Max 24 hr Precipitation (Date) ... 1.18" / 11th
Number of Precipitation Days... 14
Total Snowfall... 0.0"
Max 24 hr Snowfall (Date) ... 0.0"
Max Snow Depth at time of observation ... 0"
High Wind Gust (Date) ... 30 MPH / 8th
Thunderstorm Days ... 6
Highest Barometer (Date) ... 30.29" / 30th
Lowest Barometer (Date) ... 29.73" / 3rd & 8th
Average High Wind Gust... 16.3 MPH

Robert Flory - KA5RUC
Centerville 1W
Southeast Montgomery County
Ohio Weather Observer Network #82
Wilmington NWS Skywarn ID OMT405

Date: Sun Jul 6, 2003 11:58 pm
Subject: Friday's thunderstorms

Hello, Group:

I went home to Sandusky/Huron for July 4th. The thunderstorm (heard on The
Weather Channel from Greg Forbes that it was a derecho) really tore through
Erie County. I'd estimate wind gusts from 50-60 mph, as evidenced by the
many large tree branches that blew down in Sandusky. The Old-Fashioned
Fourth celebration downtown came to an early halt around 2:30 PM. Many of
the tents/covers of the various stands were blown over. I'm not sure how
much rain fell, but it was at least an inch.

My uncle had just taken his boat onto Sandusky Bay and was near Cedar Point
when he had to make a hasty turnaround! He and his passengers were lucky to
make it back. There was a photo in the Sandusky Register on Saturday of a
boat that was washed onto the rocks at Cedar Point.

Shawn Trueman
Associate Director, Scalia Lab
Ohio University

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 12:13 am
Subject: Weather Radio name butchering

Hello again, Group:

I listened to NOAA Weather Radio (station KHB-97) a lot this weekend to keep
tabs on the weather in the Central Lakeshore area. The Sunday late
morning/early afternoon weather overview from the Cleveland NWS began "High
pressure in the central and southern a PAL i CHAINS..." That's right, the
Appalachians are the "a PAL i CHAINS." I listened to it again to make sure
I heard it right.

That's one of my complaints about the automated voice/Console Replacement
System. It makes me wonder how often the meteorologist(s) who issue these
statements listen to them (i.e., do quality control). Sooner or later, a
person is going to hear his/her town mispronounced and not take cover.

The radio voice here in Athens (KZZ-46) from the Charleston NWS occasionally
mispronounces words/place-names, too. It would be funny if it weren't a
serious matter sometimes, like in severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings.

Shawn Trueman
Associate Director, Scalia Lab
Ohio University

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 4:47 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Weather Radio name butchering

For me, I mainly listen to the SkyWarn
Freqs and/or watch da BoobToob during
severe events.

Real voices, real people.

My NWR is usually off.


Perhaps the 'row-butts' will improve
someday. (I thought it was supposed
to this time around?)

- Patrick

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 6:50 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Weather Radio name butchering

Here's another one that was hard to decipher: "fifty" vs. "fifteen."

We (two of us from TV Middletown) were down by the Great Miami River Saturday
evening to shoot the fireworks
postponed from Friday because of a severe t-storm. I had stuffed my Radio Shack
pocket SAME weatherradio into my
camera bag before I left the house. A severe t-storm warning was issued for our
area. A couple of people came over to
listen. The storm was said to have fifty MPH winds. One of the people said, "Oh,
fifteen mile per hour winds, nothing
to worry about. I'm staying put - I don't want to lose my seat" - and refused to
budge until an officer ordered people to
take shelter in a nearby tennis club. Even my boss had to listen a couple of
times to the warning to get the "fifty."

When another warning was issued, winds of 59 MPH were mentioned. A woman next to
me said, "Why don't they just
say 60?" Perhaps they've had the same problem with "sixty" and "sixteen" and
this is their work-around...

Middletown city officials have told folks who have complained about not being
able to hear our tornado sirens indoors
that they should buy a weather radio for their homes. But some of the automated
voice pronunciations could leave a
non-weather type mighty confused.

Barb LaPierre
Middletown OH
70 degrees, 89% rh, cloudy

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 10:06 am
Subject: Weather inform

As of this morning @ 9:30 a.m., after having a
thunderstorm come though the area early in the
We ended up so far today with 1.11" of precip.
I just heard N.W.S. radio went off for another
Watch for us unitl 2 p.m.
Putnam, Co.

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 1:54 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Weather Radio name butchering

Barb LaPierre:

"But some of the automated voice pronunciations
could leave a non-weather type mighty confused."

I'm a 'weather-type', and I get Kaaaaaaah...nnnnn...phewzzzd.

- Paaaaaah...twick (Patrick)

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 2:51 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Weather Radio name butchering

A couple weeks ago I herd the on the Columbus(KIG-86)
NOAA Weather Radio that the 911 office in Union County
had reported a severe storm. However, the voice
pronounced it nine hundred eleven. Took me a second
to realize what they were trying to say 911.

Chris Morris

Date: Mon Jul 7, 2003 6:28 pm
Subject: Today's Severe Wx


My station pretty much escaped unscathed. The southern part of Wayne
County may have experienced worse conditions. Actually had two events
today; first one moved through about 10 am and then the group of
storms around 3:30. Highest wind out of either was a gust of 40 mph @
3:33 p.m. Total rainfall has been .97". No hail at all.

Anyone with high winds or damage? Feel free to put any pictures of
storm damage in the Photo section. First person to do so might make a
Folder and lable it something like "Storms 7/7/03" then everyone can
put their pictures in that folder.

Wooster 7N
Wayne County

From: "Phil Higley"
Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 11:35 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Today's Severe Wx

I have NO way of putting picture's on this page, but we here @ 4-E Putnam, Co.
had winds up to 48 M.P.H.
with alot of lighten & thunder during the night. Alot of watches & Warning was
up during the night. We here
didn't have very much damage's. I notice's this morning, just to the north of
us. About 1/8 mile had a VERY
big tree come down on his house, sure the house itself was damage, & in Ottawa
itself had alot of trees
down. Sizes was from 3' to 5' around the base. Most of these bigger tree wasn't
to heathly ones. There is
alot of water laying around too. On 7/7/03 we ended up with 1.25" of rainfall an
so far today we have 0.67".
Boy the dew point is sure coming up. It's now 76F with the rel. hum. @ 86%. The
outside air temperature is
@ 80F.
Putnam, Co.

Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 12:00 pm
Subject: Re: Today's Severe Wx

There have been three days (July 4,5, and 6) so far this month when
locations within an hour's drive of my station at Thompson 5 SW has
gotten nailed with news-making severe storms or very heavy rain and
flooding, where we were completely missed, although with some thunder
and lightning. I have 0.4" rain for the month so far.


From: ymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaPjrOhio@EarthLink.Net
Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 3:21 pm
Subject: The Storm Train Rides Again...

See the full-sized 2km Visible here:


Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 7:47 pm
Subject: Munroe Falls Storm Report

The first wave of storms in a possible three for the evening,
produced thunder and cloud to ground lightning but nothing
severe. Rainfall from 6 PM to 7:15 PM amounted to just 0.30
inch. This is after the more severe storms overnight that
produced a total of 2.13 inches. Maximum wind gust this
evening was 26 mph at 5:42 PM. The Munroe Falls tornado
siren was sounded at 5:53 PM. High temperature today reached
88 degrees.

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW

From: "Phil Higley"
Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 8:16 pm
Subject: weather report

Well another round of thunderstorm come in
around 4:00 p.m. putting down another 1.00" of
rainfall. Thunder & lighten wasn't as bad as it
was early this morning.
But it surly cool thing's down.
We had a Hi temperature of 88F
After being down to 67F this morning
Right now it's 72F
Dew Point is still Hi 72F
Rew Hum. is @ 100%
But NO RAIN is falling yet.......(Just begin real
8:15 p.m.
Putnam, Co.

Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 8:55 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] weather report - Ravenna

Jack and List:
I would have liked to have gotten this information out sooner but my electric
has been out most of Monday
afternoon and evening and part of Tuesday morning. After the three rounds of
storms that went through the
Ravenna area on Monday, I went out and took some pictures of damage. I have
uploaded them to a folder
on the wxgroup picture page (see folder for 7-7-03). (Jack, if these are taking
up too much room feel free to
delete them). Two of the more interesting shots are of a brown house with a tree
sitting on top of it. I am told
that this house had a tree fall on it last summer when the big windstorm hit
Ravenna and the owner had a
new roof put on the house at that time. The damage, however, was nowhere near as
widespread and severe
as the storm I mentioned last summer.
On Monday, I recorded 4.25" of rainfall (through 6AM 7-8-03). So far today, I
have received about 1.20".
Quite a few flooded yards and low spots as I am sure is the case in a lot of
places. I for one am getting tired
of this parade of storms.
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE

From: ymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaPjrOhio@EarthLink.Net
Date: Tue Jul 8, 2003 9:10 pm
Subject: The Storm Train Rides Again...

See the full-sized x2 1km visible satellite here:


Date: Wed Jul 9, 2003 6:32 am
Subject: July Rainfall To Date

Already this month, my rain total for this July stands at 3.45
inches. However, we will have to have alot this month to break
the record. It was my very first month of observations in 1992
that sets the record for my station with 12.49 inches.

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW

Date: Wed Jul 9, 2003 7:55 am
Subject: Tornado Sirens: "You Just Can't Win" Dept.

In 1999, after the 09 April tornado that hit Blue Ash OH, folks in
Middletown OH were very vocal in complaining about the lack of tornado
sirens in our city. We need sirens, they said. You're putting our lives at
risk by not having them.

City Council and our City Manager listened, and tornado sirens were
installed throughout Middletown.

Last week, on 04 and 05 July, the tornado sirens were used for the first
times ever when funnel clouds were spotted in our area during severe
storms. Our fireworks were supposed to go off on Friday, but had to be
postponed because of extremely bad weather. We had less severe storms on
Saturday (but still nasty ones), but, after they had passed and the
powers-in-charge got briefings on expected weather conditions, the
fireworks were shot off.

So what happened at City Hall on Monday? Our City Manager got complaints
about the sirens being used on Saturday. Seems that folks were upset - if
they had not heard the sirens, they griped, they would have stayed down by
the river and waited out the storm. Supposedly, they missed the fireworks
because of the sirens being sounded. AAGH!!! Our poor city folk just can't win!

Barb LaPierre
Middletown OH
72 degrees, 97% rh, clearing

Date: Wed Jul 9, 2003 6:56 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] weather report - Ravenna

Gary and list,
Like Gary, my power was off most of the day Monday
and Tuesday so I am also late with this.
Gary, those are good pictures you took and I feel
sorry for those people on East Main were the tree fell
twice within a year.
With the so called microburst of Aug.14th 2002 and
this past Monday and Tueday, Ravenna has been hit
pretty hard.
What I saw Monday afternoon on my way home from work
from Randoplh during the TORNADO WARNING, made me
wonder if I didn't see the funnel cloud. On st.rt 44
near the Rootstown/Randoplh line, I saw what looked
like a wall cloud with a possible funnel dropping from
it. Although it was ragged looking, I did notice some
rotation, but of course I had no camera or cam corder
with me, damnit!
Then when the second TORNADO WARNING went out, I
went to the garage with my camcorder and video
recorded what appeared to be a funnel cloud off to my
North, but most of it was hidden by houses.
Then Tuesday, I got great video of the shelf cloud
coming into Ravenna from Streetsboro.
My peak wind gust from Monday was 64 mph and Mondays
total rainfall was 5.38" of rain, my pool is now over
filled. Tuesdays peak gust was 32 mph with 2.45" of
rain. Although I had no hail on either days, reports
of hail was from Streetsboro, to st.rt. 14 and rt.5
Now I hear where Thursday afternoon we could see
more severe weather here. Hot Damn, we've been long
over due.
Gary, have you heard why our tornado sirens went off
twice Tuesday evening? I haven't yet.

Rich Rabatin
Ravenna 1E

Date: Wed Jul 9, 2003 8:06 pm
Subject: Desktop Weather

Can anyone suggest a "desktop weather", downloadable? Experience?

Thanks in advance,

Date: Fri Jul 11, 2003 4:48 pm
Subject: Special Weather Events

I want to include articles in The Weather Observer magazine of
special weather events that were experienced first hand by the
observer. Therefore, as you look back over the years you have
been keeping records, is there an event that especially stands
out in your mind? If so, write it all down and email to me for
possible use in the magazine.

Larry Huff

Date: Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:02 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Special Weather Events

I expect that Issue #2 will be ready by the end of this month. Its nearly
completed now except for some refining of the
layout. Thanks for asking. I will be sure to notify everyone when all is


Date: Sat Jul 12, 2003 9:35 am
Subject: Hit Counters

I am searching for a good FREE "hit counter" for my weather
web page. I would like the current hit count to be displayed on my
home page and to provide some of the basic stats on those who
visit my site. Any recommendations?

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW

Date: Sat Jul 12, 2003 2:26 pm
Subject: Hail

At 2:08 pm I observed pea sized (1/4") hail in a brief passing t'storm here at
location in Newcomerstown. The hail report was turned in to the NWS office at
Pittsburgh. Just FYI.

Don Keatring #106
Newcomerstown 1S

From: ymsgr:sendIM?vergil83ymsgr:sendIM?vergil83"Chris Morris"

Date: Tue Jul 15, 2003 11:20 pm
Subject: Heavy Rain

Between 7:30-11:00 PM I had 1.78" of rain, 3NE of Lancaster, with
1.30" falling between 9:36 and 10:36, with a maximum rate of 5.4
in/hr. That makes 5.16 for the month of July which is .91" above
normal for the entire month. Anyone else see heavy rain? It appears
the heaviest rain occurred over Pickaway, Fairfield, and Perry

Date: Wed Jul 16, 2003 8:50 am

Total rainfall during last night's(Tuesday, July 15) thunderstorms here
at my home in northwest Hocking County was 1.16". Total July rainfall so
far is 6.88".
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W

Date: Fri Jul 18, 2003 1:20 am
Subject: Thompson 5 SW monthly summary for June 2003

OWON Number
Station Name
Thompson 5 SW
Mean Max Temp
74.5o F
Mean Minimum Temp
54.7o F
Mean Temp
63.8o F
Highest Temp
90o F
Lowest Temp
39o F
Total Prec
3.84 in.
Max 24hr Precip
2.17 in.
Number of Precip Days
Total Snowfall
0.0 in.
Max 24hr Snow
0.0 in.

Number of 1+ Snow Days
Wind Gust

Overall a pleasant month. June had a cold start with temperatures
failing to reach 70 for the first five days and failing to even reach
60 on three of those days. Except for the heavy rain of the 12th,
rain came in frequent but light amounts. There were no thunderstorms

Vance Lunn
Thompson 5 SW
OWON #98

Date: Sat Jul 19, 2003 3:37 pm
Subject: Record Low 7/19/03

A record low of 53 degrees was established @ 6:31 am....7/19/03...
the previous low was 59 set in 1992...

mike bielski
Toledo 5 ne
NE lucas co.
point place

Date: Sat Jul 19, 2003 4:14 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Record Low 7/19/03

A record low was established at Newcomerstown 1S of 51 degrees @ 5:39 a.m. The
previous record was 52 set in 1984.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

From: ymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaymsgr:sendIM?pjr7usaPjrOhio@EarthLink.Net
Date: Sun Jul 20, 2003 6:18 pm
Subject: Tornadic Storm - MI Satellite/SRMV Radar IMG, Text

See These Images and Text At...


Date: Mon Jul 21, 2003 4:42 pm
Subject: Next NEOCAMS Meeting


The following is an email I received regarding the next NEOCAMS (Northeast Ohio
Chapter American Meteorological
Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

The next meeting of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the American
Meteorological Society is outlined below. Everyone with a sincere interest in
meteorology/climatology is welcome to attend this enlightening power point
presentation about the Ozone Action Day Program.



TIME: 11:00 A.M.

(For anyone who has not been to the Cleveland National
Weather Service before, the Federal Facilities Building is
situated adjacent to the west side of the Cleveland Hopkins
Airport property. Prior to this 11:00 a.m. meeting, someone
should be at the front door to let you in. If, for any
reason, you arrive later than 11:00 a.m.and no one is at the
locked front door, please use the phone located to the right
of the front door to call the Cleveland NWS and someone will
come to let you in).





Pam Davis has over ten years of environmental planning experience. She
has been working as an Environmental Planner with the Northeast Ohio Areawide
Coordinating Agency (NOACA) for over six years, first in water quality and now
in air quality. Pam has also worked for the Lorain County Community
Development Department as a Land Use Planner for over three years. Prior to
public service employment, Pam has worked for a non-profit environmental
organization, Seventh Generation, focusing on grass roots water and land
protection. She has also worked for the village of Grafton in a graduate
externship position and in the city of Oberlin as an intern. Pam received her
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a focus on Public Administration
from Ohio University in 1992 and a Master's Degree in Urban Planning, Design
and Development from Cleveland State University in 1994.

Pam grew up in northeast Ohio. She was born in Elyria, raised in Columbia
Station, and now lives in Lakewood with three dogs and three birds. Her
personal interests include scuba diving, traveling, playing softball and
reading thrillers.


The easiest way to get to the Cleveland National Weather Service Forecast
Office is to take I-480 east or west to the Grayton Road exit #9. Head south
on Grayton Road a short distance until it dead ends into Brookpark Road. Turn
right onto Brookpark Road and move quickly to the left hand lane and be
watching for an entranceway in less than 0.2 mile on the left hand side. It is
a small access road with a sign beside it that takes you past NASA to the
Federal Facilities Building (a two story building), which will be on the left
hand side of this access road, with an elevated Doppler Radar dome beside it.
Even though a fence follows this access road on the left hand side for its
entirety, you will be able to get in the parking lot of the Federal Facilities
Building through an open gate along this fence.

Date: Mon Jul 21, 2003 5:01 pm
Subject: Re: Record Low 7/19/03

Don and Group:

I too established a record low for the 19th of 49 breaking the
previous record for the date of 53 set in the year 2000.

Just returned from the beach in North Carolina and about froze to
death on my return where it's been 10 to 15 degrees warmer (90 to 95)
with dewpoints in the upper 70's. Tropical steambath!


Date: Mon Jul 21, 2003 10:32 pm
Subject: Munroe Falls Rainfall

Total rainfall from 7 AM to 10PM today amounted to 4.15 inches.

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW
Summit County

Date: Mon Jul 21, 2003 10:53 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Munroe Falls Rainfall

Hi Larry;
Is that a new 24 hour rainfall record for you (I know the 24 hours will not end
til 7
am Tuesday) or what is the current 24 hour rainfall record for your station? My
hour record is 4.37" on August 12, 2001.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Tue Jul 22, 2003 9:17 am
Subject: Storm Reports


For anyone wanting to read the spotter reports on the heavy rainfall
and storms from yesterday, including the the confirmed F1 tornado
that hit Youngstown can go to:


Once again, if anyone has photos of the flooding or storm damage that
occured in their area that they would like to share with the group
make a folder in the Photos section and label it something
like "Storms 7/22/03" and put them in the folder. Thanks


Date: Tue Jul 22, 2003 11:18 am
Subject: Monday (7/21/03) Rainfall

Hello List Members;
While many of you were being soaked yesterday with record or near record
amounts, we here in Newcomerstwon enjoyed mainly dry conditions. Total rainfall
for the 24 hours ending at midnight was 0.05". Just thought I'd share that
little tidbit
of information with you all.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Tue Jul 22, 2003 8:36 pm
Subject: Ravenna Rain

Jack and List:
Yea! I'm back on the list! Thanks Jack. My rainfall total for the 24 hr period
ending at 6AM Tuesday morning
was 4.41". Since then, I have had .55". I have heard some reports of up to 6" in
parts of Summit and Portage
County but I don't know how accurate those are. Lots of yard and roadway
On a separate but related note, some of you may be familiar with the term "100
year flood". This terminology
is used by FEMA to determine flood insurance rates and flood zones for the
Federal Flood Insurance
Program. Many communities have adopted local development regulations that limit
construction within the
100 year flood zone so that there residents can participate in the flood
insurance program. The theory in this
term is that the rainfall needed to bring flood waters along creeks and rivers
to a specific elevation occurs
only once every 100 years. According to several of the Civil Engineers that I
work with, the 100 year "rain" is
estimated to be a rainfall of about 4.7 inches in a 24 hour period. Thus many of
us have probably just
witnessed this event. In comparison, most urban drainage structures are designed
to a lesser storm, usually
a 10 to 25 year storm. These storms produce smaller amounts of rainfall within a
24 hour period. As you
might imagine, it would take a very large drainage structure to handle a 100
year flood and aside from being
cost prohibitive, it wouldn't do much good since the eventual outlet of the
storm sewer is the river or creek in
a particular drainage basin. As we can see, mother nature didn't even design
things to hold a 100 year rain
Thought this might be of interest to some of you.
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE
OWON #120

Date: Tue Jul 22, 2003 10:44 pm
Subject: 24-Hour Rainfall Record

Yes! The 4.16 inches of rain from 7AM 7/21 - 7AM 7/22 did break
my all time 24-hour rainfall total. My previous record was 3.04
inches of rain in September 1996. To view my full record, go to:

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW
Summit County

Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:50 pm
Subject: Thompson 5 SW rainfall

Although we've recieved a healthy dose of rain during this event,
we've been spared the deluge experienced to the s outh of here. At
Thompson 5 SW, my rainfall totals for the 21st were 1.73" with
another 0.24" for the 22nd for an event total of "just" 1.97". We
are over 4" for July so far. The rain was aparently heavy enough to
mess with the area phone lines so my own computer is not currently
connected (this is being sent from the Chardon Library).


Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 5:18 pm
Subject: miss again........

Well we miss another storm.
Check Ind. radar moments ago & there was a storm form right on
the county line & then just die..........And then went around us
again. Just like it did last night.....Still No rain here.
Hi was 77F
Low 58F
Present: 70F
Precip. 0.00
@ 5:15 p.m. Ptly. Cldy.
Baro. 29.74R 0.01"
Winds; NEE-10 G-22
Putnam, Co.

Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 6:49 pm
Subject: More Ravenna Rain

For the 12 hour period ending at 6PM this evening, I measured just over 3.3
inches of rain. That makes it
over 8" of rain since the onset of this event on Monday. Many areas are flooded,
some roads have been
washed out and a number of people have had to move to shelters. This is my first
month of measuring
rainfall with my new rain gauge. Maybe I should send it back! My total rainfall
for the month of July so far is
just over 15.9".
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE

Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 7:01 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] More Ravenna Rain

Gary and List,
I can relate to what Gary wrote. I had 2.97" today
alone with the monthly total of 18.97" of rain. Today
was also the first time since we lived here, 17 years,
my basement had 2" of sewer water which quickly
Driving home from work, I could see where it has
flooded where it has NEVER flooded before. ENOUGH IS

Rich Rabatin
Ravenna 1E
Portage County

Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 7:45 pm
Subject: Davis Upgrade


Davis Weather Instruments now has a software upgrade for the Davis
Perception, Weather Wizard or the Weather Monitor. The upgrade is the
WeatherLink 5.4 and is to have many of the features the Vantage Pro
has. Go to http://www.davisnet.com then click on "Weather"
then "Products" then "Software". All the details will be there.


Date: Wed Jul 23, 2003 10:55 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] More Ravenna Rain

Hello List;
Reading about all of those incredible reports of rainfall this month, I thought
I'd go back through my July records from
1996 to 2003 and compare the years. Below is a list of rainfall totals.......
1996... 4.93"
1997... 1.85"
1998... 1.40"
1999... 5.65
2000... 4.71"
2001... 3.20"
2002... 2.15"
2003... 2.86" (*)
(*) is through 11 pm on July 23, 2003.

Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Thu Jul 24, 2003 10:38 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] More Ravenna Rain

Rich and List:
Rich's info is kind of interesting. He and I do not live all that far from each
other here. He is about two blocks
north of East Main Street and I am about 4 blocks south of the same street, so
he is probably not more than
a mile from me at that. Just to show you how rainfall can vary over a short
distance, I measured 3.39 inches
on Wednesday and for the month, he has measured almost 3 inches more than I.
Perhaps there are some
calibration issues on our units but they can't be that far off. I too have seen
areas flooded that I have never
seen flooded before. If it didn't rain here for the next two weeks, it would
probably still be wet. Some reports
are indicating that we may get another episode of this next week. I hope not.
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE

Date: Fri Jul 25, 2003 3:22 pm
Subject: Tornado: Radar - SRMRV / Text - 7/21/2003 Youngstown OH

See CLE and PBZ
Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity
images and weather text at:


- Patrick

Date: Sat Jul 26, 2003 10:16 am
Subject: Ready to mail

For those observers interested, next issue of The Weather
Observer is almost ready to mail. More information at:

Larry Huff

Date: Sun Jul 27, 2003 6:37 pm
Subject: Heavy Rain

Periods of heavy rainfall has amounted to 1.25 inches as of 6:25
PM. The rain event began as light rain at 3:25 PM today
(7/27/03). Some street flooding was noted. High wind gust of 35
mph was recorded at 6:01 PM

Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW
Summit County

Date: Sun Jul 27, 2003 7:28 pm
Subject: Re: Heavy Rain

Have received 1.01" as of 7 p.m. since 4 p.m. with moderate rain
still occuring. Some small stream flooding is occuring where water
levels have gone above bank full.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County

Date: Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:43 pm
Subject: Message from a 2way device

Group, The storm came through
Springfield,Ohio with only .11 inch rainfall and winds to 25 m.p.h.. The high
temperature was 88 degrees and dropped to 73 during the storm. It lasted from
6:30 to 6:45 p.m. Dick Groeber.

Date: Sun Jul 27, 2003 10:28 pm
Subject: 7/27/03 Storm Report

Rainfall started here in Newcomerstown around 7:20 p.m. The heavy rain lasted until about 7:50 p.m. In that 30 minute
period I recorded 0.81" of rainfall. For the episode I recorded 0.89" thus far. High wind gust was 33 mph. This storm
was particularly nasty in the way of electricity. It had a load of cloud to ground strikes. I observed one about 150 yards
to my NW as I was heading to my moms house. This is the kind of storm I would NOT have ventured out in to get
lightning pictures.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Mon Jul 28, 2003 12:21 pm
Subject: Weather Web Site Photos Changed

I just wanted to let you know that I have changed the two photos near the top of my weather web site. You can go to
http://www.angelfire.com/oh3/nctohwx/intro.html to see the new photos. Also if you care to, please sign the guestbook
near the bottom of the page. Finally, if you have a weather web site you'd like to have added to the site, please sned me
the address for the site and I'll get it added. Thank you.
Don Keating,
Newcomerstown, Ohio

Date: Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:53 pm
Subject: July Rainfall Totals


Knowing that there will probably be some record breaking rainfall
totals for July at least in the eastern part of the state, I have a
request to make. I would like to see everyone post their rainfall
totals for July along with any weather-related stories they would
like to pass on to the OhioWx Group for the month.

Thanks for your continuing support. Your participation is greatly
needed and appreciated.

Jack Sisler
OhioWx Group Moderator

Date: Tue Jul 29, 2003 7:48 am
Subject: Message from a 2way device

Group, From Springfield, Ohio!
Low temperature for (7-29-03) @ 56 deg. F. breaks old station record low
of 57 deg. F. set in 1973. Dick Groeber.

Date: Tue Jul 29, 2003 10:39 am
Subject: Tied record low

The temperature dropped to 54 degrees @ 5:59 am..... this tied the
record of 54 set in 1989....

mike bielski
toledo 5 ne
NE lucas co.
point place

From: "Phil Higley"
Date: Tue Jul 29, 2003 12:23 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Tied record low

We had 53F here in Putnam, Co.
4-E with FOG.......
Putnam, Co.

Date: Wed Jul 30, 2003 2:59 am
Subject: morning low, Mars, and rain

The low here at Thompson 5 SW was 51 F.
I'd like to get together with someone or a group that has a telescope to view Mars during this opposition. If
anyone knows of such, let me know. Perhaps others would be interested also?
FYI: the rainfall total for July so far is a mere 4.98" here. Don, what's your July total? Have you been getting
sacked with heavy rain this month?

Date: Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:38 pm
Subject: July Rainfall.

Total July rainfall at my home in northwest Hocking County was 8.65".
This was the second highest July rainfall since my Rockbridge records
began in 1990. The highest was 11.31" in July, 1992.
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W





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