Cincinnati 5NW (Ronald Rothhaas Jr) - October 11 was the last of 39 days without significant rainfall (measureable rain of 0.11 or less fell on 3 days in this period).  The final 20 days of October saw a complete reversal of the arid pattern with 6.52 inches of rain and a monthly total of 6.61, about 2 1/2 times normal.  3.95 inches fell on the 18th alone.  This was a daily record and officially the 11th wettest day in 130 years of records.  The return to a moist regime was accompanied by temperatures averaging about 2 degrees above normal.  The moisture also led to fog development with 15 foggy days logged.


Cleves 3NW (James F. Davis)-  October averaged out near normal on temps and way above for precip

Kent 2W (Eric Wertz)

Kidron 1N (Ronald Hahn) -  October of 2004 was a rather pleasant month.  Precip was 0.77" below the 41 year average, while temps were somewhat above normal.  There was a total lunar eclipse on the 27th.

Newcomerstown 1S (Don Keating)-  Average high was 65.9 or +0.6 degrees.
Average low was 43.9 or +3.0 degrees Mean temperature was 54.9 or +1.8 degrees
Rainfall was 0.11" above normal. Average high wind gust based on 24 days was 14.0 mph.  There were 2 thunder days.  One record high and one record low were set.

Ottawa 4E (Phil & Bonnie Higley) We were 1.2F warmer then normal & 0.39"
below normal in precip....Compare this to last year. We were 0.5F below normnal in temp. & 0.55" below in precip..So as you can see we are getting warmer & dryer..

Perrysville 4W (Katie Gerwig) -  October had 8 days of dense AM fog and had normal temps and precip.  There were 2 thunderstorm days and skies were mainly partly cloudy.

Ravenna 1E (Rich Rabatin)

Ravenna 1SE (Gary Locke)  October was a dry, warm month.  No severe weather was observed.  The first frost was observed on 10-3-04.  There were seven days where the high temperature reached above 70 degrees.  No snowfall was observed.

Springfield (Dick Groeber) First half of month dry. Bulk of rainfall in the middle of month. Temperatures warmest gegging and end of month. Cooleest in the middle.

Thompson 5SW (Vance Lunn)- October was somewhat mild with no freezing temperatures, although there were some frosts.  The first twelve days was dry with only one of those days recieving measurable rainfall (0.17" on the 2nd).  There were frequent light and moderate rain amounts after the 12th.  The first measurable snow of the season occured on the 16th with 0.1" which consisted of mostly sleet.  This coated the ground with a trace for the month's only snow depth measurement.  There was one thunderstorm day, 5 fog days, and 2 days with sleet.

Wooster 7N (Jack Sisler) October was a foggy but fairly normal month. Mean temperatures were normal with lows a few degrees below. The first frost of the season was on the 3rd with a low temperature of 32 degrees. Precipitation was almost 0.4 inch above normal making six out of the last seven months above normal in precipitation and more than 3.5 inches above normal for the year.



OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date
119 Akron 1W 61.6 44.9 53.3 75 30th 34 18th 1.59 0.61 17,18 8         36 30th
A Akron-Canton 61.5 43.1 52.3 74 30th 31 18th 1.82 0.71 18th 8         43 30th
82 Centerville 1W 64.8 43.7 54.2 79 8th 31 5th 2.97 1.22 18th 10         39 30th
A Cincinnati 65.2 47.9 56.5 78 30th 36 17th 6.13 3.64 18th 11         39 30th
13 Cincinnati 5NW 65.5 48.7 57.1 80 30th 36 17th 6.61 3.95 18th 16            
A Cleveland 62.4 44.7 53.5 76 30th 34 18th 2.34 0.54 13th 7         44 30th
55 Cleves 3NW 67 45.5 56.2 80 30th 32 17th 7.2 3.22 18th 14         38 30th
A Columbus 64.9 45.2 55.0 77 8,30 35 18th 3.33 1.92 18th 11         43 30th
A Dayton 63.8 43.9 53.8 77.0 8th 32 5th 2.38 1.06 18th 12         53 30th
22 Kent 2E 62.3 42.6 52.4 74 1,7,8,30 29 18th 2.55 0.99 29th 12         20 30th
430 Kent 2W                                  
2 Kidron 1N 64.9 43.8 54.4 76 1,7,30 30 18th 1.82 0.51 18th 13         32 30th
87 Lagrange 2SW 63.4 42 52.7 77 1,7,8 30 18th 2.87 0.75 29th 9         43 30th
A Mansfield 61.9 42.1 52.0 75 30th 31 17,18 2.49 0.69 29th 10         48 30th
51 Middleburg Heights  2N               1.98 0.52 29th              
25 Munroe Falls 1SW 62.8 41.5 52.2 76 31st 30 18,19 2.99 1.13 30th 11            
32 North Ridgeville 1N 64.3 43.2 53.8 78 7,8,30 32 18th 2.39 0.79 29th 7         35 30th
106 Newcomerstown 1S 65.9 43.9 54.9 78 1st 31 18th 2.81 1.43 18th 11         26 30,31
15 Ottawa 4E 62.8 42.5 53 77 7,8 31 5th 1.96 0.86 18th 11         52 30th
79 Perrysville 4W 59.7 41.6 50.6 74 1st 31 18th 2.04 0.80 29th 8            
101 Ravenna 1E 65.8 46.9 56.3 76 1st 36 18th 1.87 0.68 18th 10         24 16th
121 Ravenna 1SE 63 41.3 52.1 77 30th 32 17th 2.09 0.83 18th 8            
33 Rockbridge 4W 64.2 45.9 55.1 76 1st 34 18th 3.40 1.81 18,19 15            
1 Springfield 2 64 45 54 77 8,30 36 17th 2.83 1.27 18th 11         24 16th
112 Sugarcreek 2SW 63.3 42.3 52.8 75 1,7 30 18th 2.38 0.69 29th 13         34 30th
98 Thompson 5SW 60.6 43 51.8 76 7th 34 12th 2.8 0.66 18th 15 0.1 0.1 16th 0 20 30th
117 Tiltonsville 66 47.1 55.5 79 7th 33 18th 2.41 0.93 18th 14         33 16th
A Toledo 62.6 42.4 52.5 79 8th 31 18th 2.39 1.02 15th 10         58 30th
16 Wooster 7N 62.6 42.1 52.3 75 7,30 27 18th 2.41 0.56 29th 11         39 30th
A Youngstown 61.4 41.3 51.3 74 7,8 30 18th 2.03 0.63 8,9 10         41 8th
OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date

 = Airport         




From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Fri Oct 1, 2004 10:39 am 
Subject: montly data
Ave. Max.: 78.0F Highest was 87F on the 22nd & 23rd 
Ave. Minn.: 53.5F Lowest was 38F on the 30th
Ave. Temp. 66F 7.8F Warmer then Normal
Precip.: 1.31" / 24 hr. Greatest amount .88" on the 29th Drier by 1.53"
Hi Wind Gust: 30 M.P.H. on the 17th
Highest Baro.: 30.25" on t he 19th
Lowest Baro.: 29.74" on the 6th Had 9 day's with measurable Precip..
Warmer then normal. Normal Temp. for Sept. 58.2F
Normal Precip. is 2.84"/ Drier then Normal.
Putnam, Co.
Date: Fri Oct 1, 2004 1:44 pm 
Subject: Re: wind chill
Yea, it looks like that windchill might become more noticeable next
week. However, the temperatures look like they'll recover fairly
well later in the day. It's that time of year but I think we skipped
Had a low of 38 this morning also with a lot of fog. Looked pretty
with that sunrise. Now's the time to taken some pictures.
Wooster 7N
Date: Sat Oct 2, 2004 1:59 pm 
Subject: September Data
High temperature - 84
Low temperature - 42
Mean high 75.7
Mean low 52.7
Mean 64.2
Total precipitation 4.20
24-hour max precipitation 2.34
Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW
Summit County
From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Oct 2, 2004 3:04 pm 
Subject: error in montly report!!
Ave. Max.: 78.0F Highest was 87F on the 22nd & 23rd 
Ave. Minn.: 53.5F Lowest was 38F on the 30th
Ave. Temp. 66F 2.5F Warmer then Normal
Precip.: 1.31" / 24 hr. Greatest amount .88" on the 29th Drier by 1.53"
Hi Wind Gust: 30 M.P.H. on the 17th
Highest Baro.: 30.25" on t he 19th
Lowest Baro.: 29.74" on the 6th Had 9 day's with measurable Precip..
Warmer then normal. Normal Temp. for Sept. 63.5F
Normal Precip. is 2.84"/ Drier then Normal.
Sorry about that people............
From: Don Keating  
Date: Sat Oct 2, 2004 5:43 pm 
Subject: Newcomerstown 1S September 2004 Weather Review
Newcomerstown 1S September 2004 Weather Review
Average high was 78.5 or 1.2 above normal.
Average low was 55.1 or 3.0 above normal.
Mean temperature was 66.8 or 2.1 above normal.
There were two record high temperatures broken and one record low broken.
Rainfall was 7.66" or 4.54" above normal. 
Precipitation fell on 4 days.
? A record 24-hour rainfall record was established on the 7'th - 8'th with 4.73" of rain falling. 
? A record storm total was established for rainfall of 5.56" from the 7'th through the 9'th.
All of the rain in September was a direct result of the remnants of two major Hurricanes. Frances from the 7'th 
through the 9'th and Ivan on the 17'th with 2.10" of rain falling from Ivan.
Average high wind gust was 12.5 mph.
Highest wind gust was 25 mph on the 8'th.
Date: Sat Oct 2, 2004 6:17 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Newcomerstown 1S September 2004 Weather Review
Sorry Folks, forgot the following information... 
Highest Temperature was 87 on the 5'th and the lowest temperature was 43 on the 20'th. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Sun Oct 3, 2004 6:55 am 
Subject: Cold morning
Low temperature this morning dropped to 36 degrees.
Rainfall from Saturday amounted to 0.13 inch. Sun broke through at about
3:30 P.M.
Larry Huff
Munroe Falls 1SW
Summit County
From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sun Oct 3, 2004 8:25 am 
Subject: frist frost!
Well we had our frist frost now. Not really a killing frost but a frost... 
At 7:34 a.m. this morning the air temperature got down to 32F. 
Right now at 8:24 it's 34F. 
Date: Sun Oct 3, 2004 9:32 am 
Subject: September 2004 Stats for Ravenna 1SE
Here are my numbers for the month of September: 
High - 84 (9/5/04) 
Low - 43 (9/30/04) 
Mean High - 74.87 
Mean Low - 52.83 
Mean Temp - 63.85 
Total Precip - 5.72 
Precip Days - 6 
T-Storm Days - 2 
Highest 24hr Precip - 2.48" (9/8/04) 
Without the visits from Ivan and Frances, I would have had less than 1/2" of rain during the month. 
Frances did produce my highest 24 hr rainfall of the year with the 2.48" on 9/8/04. No severe weather was 
Gary Locke 
Ravenna 1SE (Portage County) 
OWON #121
Date: Sun Oct 3, 2004 9:46 am 
Subject: Re: Cold morning
Low here was 32 degrees @7:36 a.m. I'd call it a general frost in
this area, first of the season. It just so happens a year ago on
this date I set a record low of 27 degrees.
Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County
Date: Sun Oct 3, 2004 5:05 pm 
Subject: No Frost, No Record...
Hello Group; 
Low this morning only made it down to 39 here in Newcomerstown with very dense fog. The record low for this 
date (October 3) was set just last year with a reading of 27 degrees. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Tue Oct 5, 2004 2:30 pm 
Subject: Close, but no cigar!
Morning low here at Newcomerstown 1S was 35 degrees. This missed equaling the 
record low of 34 established in 1989. Looks like another 'chilly' morning coming 
up tomorrow. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Wed Oct 6, 2004 6:22 pm 
Subject: Record Low
At 7:48 a.m. this morning I had a reading of 33 degrees for the morning low. This TIES the record low of 33 
which was established just last year, 2003. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Wed Oct 6, 2004 8:25 pm 
Subject: September's Weather Statistics for Centerville 1W
Weather statistics for the month of September for Centerville 1W. 
High Temp (Date) ... 87 / 6th
Low Temp (Date) ... 44 / 19th , 20th & 30th 
Mean High ... 78.4
Mean Low ... 55.3
Monthly Mean ... 66.9
Total Precipitation ... 0.78"
Max 24 hr Precipitation (Date) ... 0.43" / 8th
Number of Precipitation Days... 4 
Total Snowfall... 0.0"
Max 24 hr Snowfall (Date) ... 
Max Snow Depth at time of observation ... 0" 
High Wind Gust (Date) ... 28 MPH / 8th
Thunderstorm Days ... 0 
Highest Barometer (Date) ... 30.43" / 19th
Lowest Barometer (Date) ... 29.87" / 8th & 17th
Average High Wind Gust... 13.7 MPH
Year To Date Precipitation . 32.01"
Robert Flory - KA5RUC
Centerville 1W
Southeast Montgomery County
Ohio Weather Observer Network #82
Wilmington NWS Skywarn ID OMT405
Date: Sat Oct 9, 2004 9:27 am 
Subject: Winter Outlook
Anyone wanting to see NOAA's Winter Outlook for December thru
February can go to the following web address:
Date: Sat Oct 9, 2004 1:55 pm 
Subject: Hocking County Rainfall.
During September, at my home in northwest Hocking County, there were 25
days with no rainfall and one with a trace. There were three rain
events(if .05" on the 3rd can be called an event). However, the total
rainfall for the month was 6.85" with 4.62" from Frances on Sept. 7-8 and
2.18" from Ivan on the 17th. Except for the rainfall from Frances and
Ivan, the total rainfall from August 27 through October 8 has been .09".
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
Date: Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:35 pm 
Subject: Belmont County Photos
I uploaded four photos of damage done from flooding in Belmont
County from remants of Hurricane Ivan on September 17. (see Photos
section under the folder Belmont County). Belmont County is located
east of Cambridge in eastern Ohio where Interstate 70 intersects the
county. They received up to 6 inches of rain from Ivan and the week
previous had over 2 inches of rain from the remnants of Hurricane
Fran. More than two dozen homes were destroyed. Many homes had 4 to
5 feet of water in their basements. People were rescued from flood
waters by boats and trucks.
Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 4:02 pm 
Subject: Rainfall Needed
I've only had .08 inches this month with no precipitation the last
nine days. This puts me about .75 inches below normal. It looks
like, once again, the next rainfall will come from the remnants of
Tropical Storm Mathew.
I'm thinking those of you in western Ohio are still hurting for some
rain since you haven't been able to receive much if any rainfall
from the tropical systems like us in the eastern part?
Wooster 7N
Wayne County
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 4:24 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Rainfall Needed
I picked up 7.66" of rain in September. I have measured 0.05" of rainfall in the first 11 plus days of October. 
Today is day number 10 in a row with no measureable rainfall. I had a period of 15 days in a row from 
September 18'th through October 1'st with no measureable rainfall. As I mentioned on my radio show last 
night, it's either feast or famine here in Ohio. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:28 pm 
Subject: Message From a 2Way Device
Group, We did not get the rain from the
remnants of the storms in September here in western Ohio. The ground is very
dry. Hopefully we will get something from Mathew.
I told my listeners on my radio broadcasts today on W E E C that it looks 
a lot of cold for about a week. Dick Groeber.
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 7:04 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Rainfall Needed
I have also only had 0.08" so far this month. Last month was only
0.85". Needless to say, the grass is very brown around here right now...
Chris Taylor
From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 7:22 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Rainfall Needed
Don & Group; 
So far this month we only received .03". Out of 12 day so far this month there only been 2 day's when we got 
any precip.. Onces on the 2nd, when we got 0.03" and then agian on the 9th when we got only a Tr.. 
So if you think you are dry.........The grasshopper's are heading else where to fine rain.. 
4-E #15
Date: Tue Oct 12, 2004 10:06 pm 
Subject: Lack of rainfall - Hocking County.
Here at my home in northwest Hocking County total rainfall during the 25
day period from September 18 through October 12 has been .04". Total
during the preceding 11 days was 6.80"(Frances and Ivan).
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33
Date: Wed Oct 13, 2004 7:16 am 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Rainfall Needed
We had 0.08" of rain in the past 24 hours. This is the first measurable
rain that we've had all month.
We really need rain here in southwestern Ohio. Looks like we'll get more
today. Right now, baro is at 29.59" and dropping.
Middletown OH
Date: Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:56 am 
Subject: Re: Winterizing Your Weather Station
I try to make it a point to post this about this time every year
although each successive year seems to get here sooner. The year
2004 seems especially so since you might say it was the
year "without a summer".
Please take the time to read and review these even for those of us
who go through the routine year in and year out. If anyone has some
additonal suggestions on this please let us know.
Jack Sisler
OhioWx Group Moderator
--- In, "John Sisler"  wrote:
> Group:
> I thought now might be a good time to list some recommendations we
should do to help winterize our weather stations before the winter
weather gets here. Many of these things can be done at anytime of
the year but with the inclement weather that can occur during the
next five or six months now would be the time to do them. There may
be some additional steps to take and some of the steps may not apply
to everyone but are good to know. If there are some additional
recommendations or "tricks of the trade" you would like to share
please post them.
> Jack Sisler
> OhioWx Group Moderator
> A. Remove any dust, webs and other debris from the thermometers,
sensors and the radiation shield.
> B. Clean the temperature/humidity sensor with distilled water.
Don't use WD-40 or other types of petroleum products that may cause
harm to the instruments.
> C. Check sensor leads for cracking, deterioration, proper routing,
and strain relief.
> D. Check the condition of your cotton region instrument shelter,
if applicable, for any decaying wood or paint peeling.
> A. Check the gauge to make sure there are no leaks; cracks in
plastic or broken welds in metal. This may sound ridiculous but it
can happen due, in part, to freezing or aging.
> B. Check the gauge and/or bucket for debris on screens or in
funnels. Clear out any grass/weeds that may have accumulated during
mowing. Clean out any cobwebs that may restrict motion of any moving
> C. Check sensor leads for cracking, deterioration, proper routing,
and strain relief.
> D. Check for levelness especially with tipping bucket gauges.
> E. Check for any tall grass or weeks, tree limbs, etc. that might
be impeding any precipitation from entering the gauge freely OR
allowing water from these sources to enter the gauge when it
shouldn't be.
> F. Check the condition of your snowboards. Paint/replace if
> A. Do a visual (and audio if possible) inspection to make sure
they are moving freely. If the anemometer is not moving freely,
especially at low speeds, and/or you notice any humming, it may be
an indication of problems with the bearings.
> B. Check sensor leads for cracking, deterioration, proper routing,
and strain relief.
> C. Make occasional comparisons with the observed wind direction
and speed sensor readings with the instantaneous data logger
readings. Are they the same or close to it? If not, you might want
to check things further. EXAMPLE: If there is a difference of 180
degrees in wind direction or 50 m.p.h. between the instrument itself
and what the reading is on the other end then you have a problem
> A. Check for adjacent structures that may influence sensor
> B. If you have your instruments on a tower or tripod check these
for structural damage, proper alignment, and levelness.
> C. Those with solar power for their instruments should clean the
glass on the solar panel to remove dust and debris and check the
solar panel orientation to ensure proper tilt and direction.
D. For those with wireless stations/insturments change or recharge
the batteries including batteries used for backup due to power
Date: Fri Oct 15, 2004 6:06 pm 
Subject: Message From a 2Way Device
Group, Rain totaled .69 inch. Greatest since
last of August. Barometer fell to 29.38 inches today (10-15).
Dick Groeber. Springfield.
Date: Sat Oct 16, 2004 6:09 pm 
Subject: sleet, rain, and back online
Some sleet mixed in with the rain showers that passed through this
afternoon to be the first wintry precipitation to appear this season.
We recieved 0.34" rain yesterday (10/15/04) and the Davis rain
collector registered 0.01" so far this afternoon, although it has
been under-recording so I'll have to check the rain guage for an
actual total.
I've been mostly off-line lately due to computer problems but those
seem to be fixed now, so I'm back...virtually. My website is back
also. The problem had affected it also.
Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.)
Date: Sat Oct 16, 2004 8:25 pm 
Subject: Re: sleet, rain, and back online
The same deep low pressure system over by Lake Michigan that's
affecting our area has given parts of western upper Michigan 1-3
inches of snow with totals of 2-6 inches later tonight.
As of now it looks like a warm-up later next week. We have a Pin Oak
tree in back that just about lost more than half of its leaves from
the strong winds last night and today. I had a peak wind gust of 36
m.p.h. just before noon today. Winds have slacked off some with
gusts to about 18 m.p.h.
Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County
Date: Sun Oct 17, 2004 8:35 am 
Subject: Message From a 2Way Device
Group, Skies cleared after midnight allowing
the temperature to fall to 36 degrees here in Springfield. Little frost.
Relative humidity only 72 percent. Winds northwest at 5 to 10 m.p.h. .
Note: Marion reported light snow this morning. Little accumulation.
The first in the state? Dick Groeber.
Date: Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:05 pm 
Subject: need information
dear group 
Does anyone have weather data for the Norwark area? It is for July 2004. There was a race. But I do not 
know what date. Or where. Just that it wasn't at the Norwark track. Can anybody help? Will try get more 
inform. This for somebody from work. 
4-E #15
From: "Amber Dalakas"  
Date: Wed Oct 20, 2004 9:17 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] need information - type in location and date for specific data.
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:26 pm 
Subject: Rainfall Update
Through 11 a.m. rainfall for the day was .25". That put our precipitation total for the year at 50.05". That is 
0.86" away from the record for the annual precipitation total. More later. 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
Date: Fri Oct 29, 2004 2:27 pm 
Subject: Warm Front/Active Wx Tomorrow(?)
If you want to see a good example of a warm front look at the latest
surface map (1 p.m.) The front almost bisects the state with
temperatures in the mid/upper 50's in northeast Ohio and the lower
70's in southwest Ohio. I've been in the fog (no pun intended)all
Late tomorrow the weather could get a little wild. Models by late
tomorrow have a 988 mb (29.18") surface low over eastern Lake
Superior with a cold front approaching Ohio. Winds look to be around
50 knots at the 850mb level with some of that mixing down to the
surface. Wouldn't be surprised to see some advisories put up by
Saturday morning. Severe wx in terms of strong thunderstorms looks
marginal to me unless there is some extended periods of sunshine to
get things stirred up.
Other thoughts or observations?
Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County
Date: Sat Oct 30, 2004 6:27 am 
Subject: Ohio Obs / Submissions...
View and submit obs:
- Patrick
Date: Sun Oct 31, 2004 7:28 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx]
I hope they are way off on our temperatures! I'm getting tired of being on the short end of the stick, i.e., 
colder than normal! We just went through a summer that wasn't a summer, now we're going to go through a 
colder than normal winter? Forget that!!! 
Don Keating #106 
Newcomerstown 1S
From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:58 pm 
Subject: Re: [OhioWx]
Hay,,,that is what happens when we don't control the Co 2 in the air...Golbler warming is started to show 
up. Get your local government & local people to STOP putting Co 2 in the air....Watch that movie? "Day 
after Torramow". That tell's it all........... 
Putman, Co.




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