Cincinnati 5NW (Ronald Rothhaas Jr) - January was very warm (+6F departure) and very wet (>200% of normal).  Snowfall was slightly above normal as well.  The excessive rainfall on top of the large water equivalent in the snowpack from late December drove local rivers to well over their banks.  Moderate flooding occurred on both the Ohio and Great Miami River.  The Ohio at Cincinnati crested at over 4 feet above flood stage and the Great Miami at Miamitown (Hamilton County) saw some of the worst flooding in 40 years.  Both rivers were over flood stage for at least a week.  With all the moisture we saw fog on 16 of 31 days.

Kent 2W (Eric Wertz)

Kidron 1N (Ronald Hahn) -  The first half of the month was dominated by mild, wet weather brought in by the subtropical jet stream.  The polar jet stream brought cold, snowy weather second half of the month.  This was the wettest January in my 40 years of record and the wettest at Kidron since 1950.  The month was also more than 2 degrees above normal in temperature (36 years of record) and it was 2.6" above normal in snowfall (34 years).  The high temp of 69 on the 13th was a new all time high for January here. 

Newcomerstown 1S (Don Keating)-  Average high was 2.6 above normal, average low was 3.6 above normal and the mean temperature was 3.1 degrees above normal. Precipitation was 4.21" above normal and snowfall was 2.3" above normal. Thunder was heard on the 11th and 12th. From the highest high to the lowest low there was an incredible 80 degree span! Heating degree days totaled 1012.3.

Ottawa 4E (Phil & Bonnie Higley) As a whole we ended up below normal for the month, by 6F.  An we are still runnning behind normal for precip.,
0.36 for rainfall.  You compair this month with Dec. of 02,
we ended up with 29.5F for our ave. temp. compair what we had this yr. of 30F.  Snowfall was the same, about on the same date's.  This yr. it come on the 23rd & that year it come in on the 25th

Perrysville 4W (Katie Gerwig) -  Severe ice sotrm on the 4th and 5th with power outages up to a week in area (72 hours here).  major tree damage near Mansfield and damage and ice cover varied greatly from 1 location to another.  First half of the month was unseasonably warm with much rain.  Stae routes flooded and closed in ashland/Mansfield area due to Muskingum watershed dams reamianing closed.  damage to homes from flooding...brief thunder on the 12th. 

Ravenna 1SE (Gary Locke)  Very wet month but not as snowy at this station as January, 2004.  Month was also much warmer than January, 2004 with mean temp of 25.63 compared to 18.11.

Springfield (Dick Groeber) The first half of the month was warm and wet while the second half was cold and drier. The month total precipitation of 10.20 inches broke the old station record (to 1968)for the month of 6.46 set in 1982. This was also the second wettest of any month on record here for the period. The wettest was 10.95 inches in June, 1980. There were 16 days of measureable precipitation which was just short of the month station record of 17 in several years. Also, there were 2 thunderstorm dates which tied the station record also in several years.  The high temperature of 65 degrees was the 3rd highest reading for a January here. The highes was 68 degrees set on January 22, 1999. The barometric pressure high of 30.78 inches was the second highest of January next to 30.88 inches on both January 22, 1999 and January 8, 2002. 

Thompson 5SW (Vance Lunn)- The first half of the month was rather mild with a lowest reading through the 15th of 11 degrees and several mild afternoons, one seeing a high of 67.  There were 4 snowfalls of 3 inches or more up to the 15th.  The second half of January was cold and snowy.  There were 4 days of zero or below readings with several more mornings seeing single digit lows.  Only 4 afternoons during this period saw highs that were barely above freezing.  There were 15 straight days of measurable snowfall (13th-27th), during which two storms of note occured:  14.2 inches (22-23), and 9.9 inches (16-17), but after the 23rd, it was dry with only light snowfalls.  Minimum snow depth was a trace (3,4,13).  Maximum snow depth was 19 inches (23).  There was a thunderstorm on the 12th.

Wooster 7N (Jack Sisler) Temperatures were slightly above normal. I had a record high of 68 on the 13th which broke the previous record of 64 set in 1995. Precipitation was almost four inches above normal with twelve of the 31 days having snowfall. Snowfall for the season so far is 29.4 inches which is about three inches below what I had this time last season.


OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date
119 Akron 1W 35.0 20.8 27.9 69 13th 1 24th 5.69 1.17 11,12 17 13.8 5.5 22nd 4 34 13th
A Akron-Canton 33.9 18.8 26.3 68 13th -4 24th 5.63 1.17 5,6 18 11.8 4.1 22nd 4 43* 13th
82 Centerville 1W                                  
A Cincinnati 39.9 26.9 33.4 66 12th -1 24th 6.6 1.62 5th 16 6.3 4.8 20th 1 45 13th
13 Cincinnati 5NW 41.8 26.4 34.1 67 12,13 3 23rd 6.28 1.79 5th 19 7.2 3.4 20th 4    
A Cleveland 34.1 20.6 27.4 68 13th 0 28th 5.89 1.01 11,12 16 32.8 9.1 16th 8 38 13,22
55 Cleves 3NW                                  
A Columbus 37.2 24.1 30.7 69 13th -1 24th 8.95 2.21 5th 17 10.6 2.1 29th 5 44 13th
A Dayton 35.4 21.6 28.5 64 12,13 -2 18,23 9.22 2.58 5th 15 9.2 5.5 20th 3 50 13th
22 Kent 2E 34.5 19.1 26.8 68 13th -7 28th 6.16 0.96 3rd 20 17.8 4.5 22nd 21 13th  
430 Kent 2W                                  
2 Kidron 1N 35.8 19.7 27.8 69 13th -5 24th 6.75 1.23 5th 16 13.5 4 22nd 6 33 13th
87 Lagrange 2SW 34.5 18 26.3 66 13th -7 28th 5.42 0.79 3rd 16 16.6 6 22nd 6 40 13th
A Mansfield 33.1 18 25.5 65 13th -6 18th 6.08 1.11 3rd 14 15.7 5.9 22nd 5 45 13th
51 Middleburg Heights  2N               5.49 0.93 12th 17 33 9 16th 10    
25 Munroe Falls 1SW                                  
32 North Ridgeville 1N 36.2 19.4 27.8 68 13th -5 28th 5.77 0.82 3rd 17 28.5 6 22nd 8 36 13th
106 Newcomerstown 1S 39.9 23 31.5 72 13th -7 24th 7.45 2.15 5th 18 13.3 3.7 19,20 5 32 13th
15 Ottawa 4E                                  
79 Perrysville 4W 35.5 21.3 28.4 67 13th -7 24th 7.54 1.14 6th 13 9.2 2.8 22nd 5    
101 Ravenna 1E 36 23.1 29.6 68 13th 0 28th 4.16 0.44 13th 20 10.52 3.3 22 12 22 23rd
121 Ravenna 1SE 35 16.1 25.6 69 13th -10 28th 6.45 1.26 5th 18 18 4 22nd 10    
33 Rockbridge 4W                                  
1 Springfield 2 37 23 30 65 12th 0 18th 10.4 2.67 5th 16 6.5 3 20th 5 32 22nd
112 Sugarcreek 2SW 36.8 21.3 29.1 69 13th -9 24th 8.87 1.6 5th 16 12 4.5 22nd 5 39 13th
98 Thompson 5SW 32 16 24 67 13th -8 28th 4.72 0.92 12th 24 49.1 12.7 22,23 11 22 13th
117 Tiltonsville                                  
A Toledo 31.1 17.2 24.2 59 12,13 -6 23,28 4.52 0.89 11,12 15 27.6 12 22nd 6 32 13th
16 Wooster 7N 34.1 17.5 25.8 68 13th -6 18th 6.09 1.17 3rd 20 11.3 3.5 22nd 4 36 13th
A Youngstown 33.5 18 25.7 68 13th -9 28th 5.86 1.2 11,12 17 18.2 5.8 22nd 4 39 13th
OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date

 = Airport         



Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 10:45 am
Subject: December 2004 Newcomerstown, Ohio Summary

Average High was 41.5 or 0.2 degrees above normal
Highest temperature was 68 on the 7th
Average Low was 25.5 or 0.5 degrees above normal
Lowest temperature was -1 on the 20th
Mean Temp was 33.5 or 0.4 degrees above normal
There were four record high temperatures broken and one record low broken
Total precipitation was 3.51" or 1.02" above normal
Heaviest 24 hour rainfall was 1.91" on the 23rd-24th
Total snowfall was 3.3" or 2.1" below normal
Heaviest 24 hour snowfall was 1.4" on the 19th
Precipitation fell on 12 days
Average high wind gust was 18.2 mph
Highest gust was 39 mph on the 7th
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 11:07 am
Subject: Record High Reading

Hello Group;
Happy New Year to all of you. I awoke to a reading of 50 degrees thinking it
would be much lower, according to the
forecasts last night. As the morning has progressed it has warmed rapidly. It's
currently sitting at 62 degrees here
and it was as mild as 63 15 minutes ago. There's obviously a cold front
somewhere between here and the
Canton/Akron Airport. They have 40 degrees at 11 a.m. The previous record was 56
set in 2000.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 2:12 pm
Subject: 2004 in Review in Newcomerstown

2004 in Review
Newcomerstown, Ohio
Highest temperature was 90 on June 9th
Lowest temperature was -7 on February 1st
Total 90 degree or higher daytime highs were 1
Highest wind gust was 50 mph on March 5th
Heaviest 24 HR Rainfall was 4.73" on September 7th-8th
Heaviest 24 HR snowfall was 6.0" on January 25th
Heaviest monthly rainfall was 7.66" in September
Heaviest monthly snowfall was 19.1" in January
Mean high temperature was 62.2
Mean low temperature was 41.7
Mean temperature was 50.3
Precipitation totaled 57.89"
Snowfall (January 1st through December 31st) was 32.2"
Average high wind gust was 17.8 mph
The year 2004 was highlighted by record precipitation as well as two tropical
systems directly affecting Ohio in
Precipitation in 2004 was 57.89", which smashed the previous record for a year
of 50.91" in the year of 1981.
September of 2004 saw the direct effects of the remnants of first Hurricane
Frances. This storm dumped a total of
5.66" of rainfall in about 30 hours on Newcomerstown. It also established a new
24-hour rainfall record of 4.73" on
September 7th through 8th.
Less than two weeks later the remnants of category 5 Hurricane Ivan moved
through the area. This storm dumped
just 2.10" in Newcomerstown, but unofficially just over 10" of rainfall in the
panhandle area of West Virginia and
eastern Ohio. Even heavier totals than that were recorded in western

By Don Keating
Newcomerstown, Ohio

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 3:22 pm
Subject: CC's

It was 34 degrees here in Mansfield overnight.

Brilliant sunshine has given way to rain clouds. Not raining till the
overnight hours.

I had a bucket that was on my porch (had snow in it) and I just
measured it before I dumped it.

There was 3.75 inches of water that had been snow .

My lake is gone, but ground still soggy.

We are expecting a rain event here within 12 or so hours.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 3:30 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] 2004 in Review in Newcomerstown

I got thinking about when the question was asked about the most
remembered wx moment.

Mansfield sits in a valley, and very rarely do we have tornado's. I've
been here 30 some years and only seen three.

They usually are out on Rt.13 north.

This summer we had a F0 tornado and the damage was spectaclar.

I didn't really panic until I saw some branches flying by my window.


Where the winds were the greatest there were mammoth trees uprooted.
There seems to be certain corridors where the wind seems to blow the

I am smack in the middle of one of them.
.3 of a mile from me a moving truck was knocked on it's side.

I just couldn't beleive what I was seeing.

Anyway, not really important, but a good read.

Pam in North Central OH

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 4:12 pm
Subject: monthly report

Ave. Max 37.8F Highest was 62F on the 7th
Ave. Minn 22F Lowest was -15F on the 25th
Ave. Temp. 30F
Precip. 2.28" 24 hour 0.77" on the 7th
Snowfall 11.5" 24 hour 7.0" on the 23rd
Highest Baro. 30.40" on the 28th
Lowest Baro. 29.19" on the 7th
#15 (Phil & Bonnie)
Putnam, Co.

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 4:16 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] monthly report

Highest wind gust was 44 M.P.H. on the 7th.
Running below normal for the temperature by 6F & WAY below in precip. by 0.36"

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 5:02 pm
Subject: Rain or Freezing Rain? That's the question!

As I spend a few "quality" minutes to check on the weather early this
evening, I see that a multilayered deck of cirrostratus, altostratus,
and altocumulus is overspreading the sky. This is generally a sign of
precipitation in the not too distant future. The current temperature
here is 34 degrees (at 5:00 PM). Current forecasts are calling for
rain to develop this evening and continue on and off overnight. With
the temperature so close to freezing and a chill northeast breeze
blowing, I'm beginning to wonder if there will be a period of light
freezing rain this evening during the onset of the precipitation.
Granted weather maps are showing a rather strong warm front forecast
to lift through northern Ohio later tonight so I don't have doubts
that any precipitation that falls overnight will most likely be in the
form of rain. However, the period from about 8 PM until midnight or
so has me a little concerned.

If you're out and about this evening over extreme northern Ohio you
might want to be a little cautious to the potential for a little light
freezing rain later this evening :).

Forecasts are calling for a high temperature near 60 here tomorrow!
Break out the shorts :)!


Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 6:24 pm
Subject: December 2004 Statistics

Happy New Year Everyone:
Here are my numbers for December:
Mean High Temp - 37.58
Mean Low Temp - 20.94
Mean Temp - 29.26
High Temp - 64 (12/7/04)
Low Temp - -7 (12/24/04)
Total Precip - 4.18"
Max 24 hr Precip - 1.95 (12/22/04)
Precip Days - 17
Total Snowfall - 18.0"
Highest 24 Hr. Snowfall - 5.0" (12/22/04)
I think my measurement of 5.0" of snow during the storm on the 22nd was a result
of not checking the
snowfall the evening of the storm - I waited until the next morning after the
rain / freezing rain had hit
during the night. I guessing that we probably had about 8" prior to the rain.
What I found most interesting
was the liquid content delivered by that storm - in the two days of the storm, I
measured (melted) 2.41
inches. This must be an unusually high amount of liquid for a winter storm. Will
post year-end numbers
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE
OWON #121

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 6:42 pm
Subject: 2004 In Review - Ravenna 1SE

The following is a summary of my year-end numbers for 2004:
High Temperature - 90 (several days)
Low Temperature - -12 (1/24/04)
Mean Temperature - 49.1
Total Precip. - 47.96"
Heaviest 24 Hour Precip - 2.48 (9/8/04)
Precipitation Days - 163
Thunderstorm Days - 35
Total Snowfall (Year) - 62.0"
Heaviest 24 Hour Snowfall - 8.0" (3/16/04)
Deepest Snowcover - 9.0" (2/1/04)
Since this was my first full year of collecting data, I have no other full years
to compare to. Some other
interesting tidbits:
- By my count, Portage County only had 1 Tornado warning issued for it and 6
Severe Thunderstorm
- I kept track of days in which the Storm Prediction Center issued severe
weather risks for areas including
Portage County. By my count, there were 37 days in which the county was included
in the slight risk area
and 2 days in which we were included in moderate risk. No high risk or PDS's.
Only 3 of the slight risk
days actually produced severe weather in the area, and one of the two mod risk
days were productive.
- Precipitation fell on 44% of the days during the year.
- Range between highest temp reading and lowest temp reading was 102 degrees.
Gary L
Ravenna 1SE
OWON #121
Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 6:48 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] December 2004 Statistics

I just measured 3.75 liquid for the storm.
My porch drifts and that's were I got it.

Where do you all get your stats?

Before the freezing rain, we had 15 inches of snow and then I measured
6-8 on top.

I've never walked on top of 23 inches of snow before and never sunk in!

It felt straaaaaange.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 6:51 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] 2004 In Review - Ravenna 1SE

We were told by NWS that Ontario (live 1 block from city limits) was
going to take a direct hit from the tornado they had just posted
warnings for.

We had 10 drops of rain and 3 claps of thunder. LOL

Now the one in June was different.....

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 1, 2005 6:59 pm
Subject: hello

Hello all, my name is Ryan, and i haven't talked much on here mostly
because im a newbie on here. I'M 17 and would like to become a
meteorologist. I live in Defiance, Ohio and during that snow storm we
got 6 inches up here.

right now in defiance its like 37 degrees and rainy and tomorrow its
going to be close to 60 in January! How nuts!!!!

Well i hope to talk to you all in the future!


Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 12:53 am
Subject: mild spell update

Yesterday (12/31/04), the temperature graph looked mor like it does
on a hot summer afternoon than a cloudy, dreary winter day in that it
showed alot of variation in temperature, as if there was turbulence
in the air. After a morning high of 51, the temp fell back to the
mid-40's, then rose to settle in the 48 to 49 degree range, switching
rapidly bewteen 48 and 49 for the rest of the day up to just before 2
am today, New Year's Day. Then the graph turned to an almost
straight line steady drop to reach the morning low of 30 at 8am. The
temp rose to an afternoon high of 38, although the high for the day
is 50.

Currently 33 F with winds at 2 mph from the SE. Snow depth is at 4".


Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 8:47 am
Subject: December's Weather Statistics for Centerville 1W

Weather statistics for the month of December for Centerville 1W.
High Temp (Date) ... 66o / 7th
Low Temp (Date) ... -7o / 25th
Mean High .. 39.8o
Mean Low .. 23.6o
Monthly Mean ... 31.7o
Total Precipitation ... 3.36"
Max 24 hr Precipitation (Date) ... 1.30" / 23rd
Number of Precipitation Days... 8
Total Snowfall... 15.8"
Max 24 hr Snowfall (Date) ... 9.0" / 22nd
Max Snow Depth at time of observation ... 13"
High Wind Gust (Date) ... 50 MPH / 7th
Thunderstorm Days ... 0
Highest Barometer (Date) ... 30.71" / 27th
Lowest Barometer (Date) ... 29.49" / 7th
Average High Wind Gust... 22.7 MPH
Year To Date Precipitation . 41.35"

Robert Flory - KA5RUC
Centerville 1W
Southeast Montgomery County
Ohio Weather Observer Network #82
Wilmington NWS Skywarn ID OMT405

Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 9:15 am
Subject: 2004 Weather Statistics for Centerville 1W

Weather statistics for the 2004 for Centerville 1W.
Annual Mean Temperature . 52.3o
Annual Mean High Temperature . 61.8o
Annual Mean Low Temperature . 42.9o
High Temp for Year (Date) ... 91o / Aug 19th
Low Temp for Year (Date) ... -9o / Jan 31st
Total Annual Precipitation ... 41.35"
Maximum Monthly Precipitation . 6.12" / Jan
Max 24 hr Precipitation (Date) ... 2.29" / Jun 11th
Number of Precipitation Days . 119
Total Annual Snowfall... 35.9"
Maximum Monthly Snowfall . 15.8" / Dec
Max 24 hr Snowfall (Date) ... 9.0" / Dec 22nd
Number of 1"+ Snow Days . 9
Highest Barometer (Date) ... 30.81" / Nov 14th
Lowest Barometer (Date) ... 29.27" / Nov 24th
Thunderstorm Days ... 35
High Wind Gust (Date) ... 50 MPH / Dec 7th
Robert Flory - KA5RUC
Centerville 1W
Southeast Montgomery County
Ohio Weather Observer Network #082
Wilmington NWS Skywarn ID OMT405

Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 1:01 pm
Subject: Temperatures

I'd say that warm front made itself known to much of Ohio overnight.
I had a temperature of 39 at midnight and has been rising ever
since. As of 12:30 p.m. it's 55 degrees. Will be close to the record
of 61 for the date set here in 2000 but there may be too much cloud
cover to make it.

Ryan, nice to here you in there. Please feel free to post as often
as you can. Good look in your meteorology endeavors. Please keep us
posted on that as well if you would. I had hoped to pursue a
meteorology career (many) years ago but the mathematics kind of got
the best of me. However, things like that didn't stop any of us I'm
sure from making weather a very enjoyable hobby.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 3:54 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Snow Eater

Hi everyone,

Not to be a spoil-sport but I just got back from (fairly) warm Florida.
However, I did have to pay my dues... I chipped several inches of ice
off my car and shoveled out my parking space from being plowed in, in
order to get to the airport to depart. And the first two days down
south were rather chilly -- mid-50s for highs -- so I didn't get out in
the sun until Thursday.

In any case, I'm responding to Jack's topic because I have a bit of
trivia for you. If I remember correctly, the Native word for "snow
eater" is "Chinook." In weather terms the word "Chinook" has been
assigned to the warm, dry mountain winds that come off the Rockies and
rapidly melt snow as they cross the eastern foothills and plains. We
had snow-eater days here, but our terrain prevents us from using the
chinook term.

Just a thought. Happy New Year, everyone!


Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 4:15 pm
Subject: Florida hurricane damage (Charley)

Hello again,

I wanted to update all of you on the hurricane damage in Florida,
specifically that from Hurricane Charley (cat 4/3.)

We drove from Sarasota down to Fort Myers via Port Charlotte and Punta
Gorda and then returned via I-75. On the way down I saw severe tree
damage in about a 20 mile swath (I define severe as tops torn off and
tall trees felled, plus multiple blow-over and twisting.) Within that
swath there was probably 15 miles of signs punched out. Within that we
began to see sign posts not only devoid of signs but also twisted. I
remember at least one sign (a two-footed one at that) which was twisted
in the *opposite* direction of the path of travel, suggesting it was
damaged either by the back side of the hurricane or by an embedded
tornado. Of course we saw lots of roof damage ranging from tiles
missing to entire roofs off. We also saw at least two buildings
demolished including one which only had its leeward facade remaining.
We did not travel off US 41 so I could not see house damage. As my
father said, it was obvious which places had better insurance than
others -- many roofs were already replaced, and there were other
locations that were still piled with debris, spraypainted and

Down in Fort Myers we visited the Edison/Ford Estates, which have a
large botanical garden. Thomas Edison imported various plants from
abroad in part because of his interest in various materials for his
inventions and also because his wife enjoyed gardening. The tour guide
told us that they had lost 60% of the trees on the estate during
Hurricane Charley. If there had been any structural damage to the
estates, it had already been repaired.

On the way back we traveled I-75 and saw many, many signs twisted or
completely missing; nearing Charlotte Harbor there were many tall light
poles (the ones that are 20-30 feet high)that were simply bent over at
about 10 feet. Two exits were marked with mobile signs because the
permanent signs had been destroyed. There were many trees sheared off
and we saw what appeared to be a tornado track running across the
highway from southwest to northeast. There was a large mobile-home
complex which seemed to be temporary housing on the east side of the
highway, near a fire station that was destroyed (roof off and debris
still piled in the truck bay.) There were still some vehicles parked
there, which appeared to be ready for use.

I did not travel with my family to Sebring and Lake Placid, and back
through Arcadia, but my family reported many blue-tarp roofs along the
way and obvious destruction at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring.

In summary -- Three months after the last hurricane there is still
obvious damage both to man-made and natural structures. The people of
Charlotte and Lee Counties seem to be rebounding, but I'm sure they
still need help. If anyone is able to donate more aid (in whatever
form) they would appreciate it.


Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 6:06 pm
Subject: Records set/tied today

Depending on what channel you believe, we either set or tied a record
that has stood since 1965!

54-57 here in the city.

I am not wearing a coat and it is 1-2!


Date: Sun Jan 2, 2005 9:27 pm
Subject: Precipitation Totals... Amazing!

Hello Everyone;
I thought I'd tally up the totals for 2003 and 2004 and see what I came up with.
The figure is amazing...
2003 ... 41.97"
2004 ... 57.89"
Total ... 99.86"
Average per year is exactly 42.00".
Remember, this is rainfall, melted snow, melted sleet, etc.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 4:55 pm
Subject: Standing Water

There is standing water everywhere in the Mansfield area. Streams are
busting at the seams.

Temps went down to 39 for a low and now stand at 42 degrees.

Haven't gotten an update on the advisory that was issued for flooding.
Just walked in the door.

It is getting really foggy too.

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 5:48 pm
Subject: This is Insane!

OK..... Before Christmas we had 23 inches of snow. .Christmas morning it
was -15 degrees.

On 1-2 it was warm enough to without a coat.

Last night they issued a flash flood ADVISORY as heavy rain is falling.
We are still under that ADVISORY and now we are under a WINTER STORM
WATCH for late Tuesday night thru Thursday.

You need a scorecard to follow the wx here in Mansfield. We are so

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 6:25 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Standing Water

Don't fell like you are the only one with standing water. He are under a
flood watch now. Water is just started to cover the back roads. & it is
still raising...
Hi 55F
Low 37F
Had a thunderstorm early this morning, YES with lighten.
Is this winter or is it early spring?
Putnam, Co.

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 6:55 pm
Subject: Re: [WEATHERFUN] Standing Water

We've got the same thing here in Middletown, Pam. I live two blocks from the
Great Miami River and I'm watching
it like a hawk. The Great Flood of 1913 ( -
Third and Main is now Central and
Main, about a block away from me) is well-remembered in this area. We have the
Miami Conservancy District now
( ) - in fact, their monitoring station is is
just across the street from me behind
the neighbor restaurant - so we're a lot safer than we were back then. But our
infrastructure down here is old and the
storm sewers really have a time handing heavy rains.

Middletown OH

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:03 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Standing Water

TWC is dividing the state of OH litterly in half as far as ice is

4 guesses as to which half.....first 3 don't count. hahahahahahaha

I think our problem in Mansfield is it's too soon after the 23 inches of
snow melted.
Just no where for it to go. Half of my yard is underwater.

And now it's going to freeze. This is going to be one bumpy ride for
us ALL here in OH. (what else is new)

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:21 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Standing Water

My 13 year old nephew can forecast weather better than The Weather Channel. I've
lost 99% trust in their forecasts.
I do better on my own than they do for this area. LOL.
Don Keating

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:32 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Standing Water

Since I broke my back...I can tell what's coming due to my pain level.

As the high pressure builds, I am in pain.

The second it starts to drop, I feel noticably better.

And during the event......rain bothers me more than snow.

I have been asked what is coming, from my friends, based on what level
my back pain is.

Who says you have to have a college degree to forcast wx?


Temps stand at 37 for us now.

Even our local station is saying ice.

Barometer is also starting to fall from I posted readings not so long

Pam in Sunny Mansfield

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 7:40 pm
Subject: Re: Standing Water


I guess we all know you have to take everything for what it's worth.
Difficult at best. Kind of like trying to say it's going to snow two
inches in one county and four inches the next county over.

Folks around here don't want to see or hear anything about more ice
with many in the surrounding area not having electricity for almost
a week from the last storm.

My one son and I are taking all his belongings where he starts a job
in Memphis Tennessee. Leaving Friday and heading back Sunday. Looks
like rain if anything. Temperatures to be in the mid 60's all
weekend down there. Don't know if I can handle that or not (ha, ha).
Don't want to get heat stroke.

Wooster 7N

Date: Mon Jan 3, 2005 8:02 pm
Subject: Winter Blast??

Its Ryan and the national weather service has issued a winter storm
watch for up here in Defiance County and NW Ohio. It is through
Tuesday night and wednesday.

I wonder what will come out of this because the actual storm track is
still a good 24 to 30 hours from revealing itself.

With the rain falling and Flood Warnings issued up here, it could be
nasty or nothing at all.

well, i just wanted to throw that out there and see what you all want
to say.

See ya,
Ryan Peterson

Date: Tue Jan 4, 2005 1:51 pm
Subject: Double Watches Continue

The northern part of OH is under two watches at this present time and
both are going till Thursday.

Flood and Winter Storm WATCH are up for OH.

The met on Channel 8 in Cleveland called the forcast "a crap shoot"
because they really don't know what will fall.

You know "round and round she goes and where she stops no one knows"
type of deal.

I dumped 2.25 inches of rain for yesterday and am in a "storm a coming"
mode. I have a checklist of things to prepare for wx.

Snow, rain, freezing rain a coming.....

Overnight low of 31 degrees and now it's 33F. Barometer is falling
(thank goodness) and reads 30.28.

Local forcast says 1/2 inch of ice may be coming.

Don on WXfun......your sister is included in all this, so you can
monitor this storm.

I hate ice so no wahoo.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Tue Jan 4, 2005 2:16 pm
Subject: salt

If you have an ice event coming like we do.......if you put salt down in
advance of that event would it work better than waiting till the storm
is in progress or afterwards?


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 9:09 pm

Don and Group,
Total rainfall(midnight to midnight)here in northwest Hocking County
yesterday(Monday)was 1.51". Total precipitation for 2004 was 54.24", the
highest since 1990. Total precipitation for 2003 and 2004 combined was
104.35". Also, the temperature range yesterday was the most narrow I
think I have ever recorded. The low was 54 and the high 56. To be more
precise, the low was 54.0 and the high 55.6.
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 7:44 am
Subject: Precipitation

We may escape any major icing around here. I've had .32 inches of
rainfall since midnight and it's been all liquid. Also, the
temperature was 36 degrees at midnight but had fallen to 32 as of 5
a.m. and been there since. Traffic is moving along fairly well. I
think all schools in Wayne County are closed but I think that
decision was made during the night in anticipation of the forecast
of freezing rain.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 9:47 am
Subject: SNOW DAY!

Snoooooow Day here in northern OH as that winter storm hits us.

Mix precip started around 3am and schools started closing about 5:30am.

Temps are going the wrong way.....27 locally and TWC says 30.

No traffic except for those brave souls going to work.

My lake is back and I have a new weed in my flower garden. Yes, weeds
are growing with the warm temps we've had.

All schools in the area closed and most of the schools up around the
Cleveland area too (don't get any other northern OH news so I don't

The panel on Channel 19 in Cleveland were talking about it all and I
turned in to hear one of them spell "H-E-L-L The met giggled and said
"We better use H-E- double hockey sticks."

Snow in the NW corner of the state.

We have freezing rain and surfaces are covered. I knew before I woke
up that I had power because the furnace kicked in.

Today's outdoor activities are still up in the air, as far as getting
in athe car and driving to them.

By noon on Thursday we should be ok.

Pam in North Central OH

From: "Chris"  
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 12:33 pm
Subject: Ice storm??

Here in Toledo we had about 2" of snow/sleet overnight, but since
then, very little of anything has fallen. Looks like a cold and dry
NE wind is keeping the RH down enough that the precip is having a
hard time moving North. By the way the radar looks, we will probably
see more overnight, but right now, traffic is moving just fine and
the streets are mostly wet.

Just looked outside as I was typing this, and it is just starting to
snow lightly...

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 12:46 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Ice storm??

We are NOT having fun here in Mansfield.
Ice is starting to accumalate on trees etc as freezing rain continues to

The temps aren't budging.....still 28 degrees.

I cancelled my doc appt that was to be at 1pm.

I teach class on Weds nights at church and am watching the closings

Now things are starting to shut down here other than the schools that
have closed.

Ice is what caused the car to skid into the ditch (my accident) and the
result was a broken back and a major lifestyle change!

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 1:33 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Ice storm??

Hello Group;
No ice storm here in Newcomerstown. Just plain rain. Ever since it started it's
been rain. In fact, as of noon we've
had 1.76" of it since midnight Monday night. Flood Warnings are going up for the
Muskingum River in Coshocton
Coumty, Wills Creek in Guernsey County and I believe it's the Stillwater Creek
(I may be wrong) near and going
through Uhrichsville here in Tuscarawas County. The Tuscarawas River here at
Newcomerstown was at about 8' at
7 a.m. (no updates from the automated system since then) and flood stage at
Newcomerstown is 11'. Radar does not
look encouraging for this part of Ohio right now. More later.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 1:34 pm
Subject: Tony Spicer...

Hi all:

Just learned from Bill Comeaux at CLE NWS that Tony Spicer passed

Tony was the last person in charge of the Toledo weather office. When
that closed, he moved with NWS to Cleveland, where he was the
information specialist until his retirement last March. He was the
teacher at numerous Skywarn classes throughout NW Ohio for many years
and was the one who got me interested in Skywarn. He had just moved
to Florida within the past 2 months. An apparent heat attack took him
from us.

Godspeed and blue skies forever Tony...


Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 2:05 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Ice storm??

Water is running down my road from the saturated ground.

The water is about 2 feet from my door now from what was the little
puddle in my yard, but now about half of the yard is under water.

When it flows over my sidewalk, then I worry. Not to that point yet.

Ice continues to accumalate as the freezing rain falls.

Very little traffic.

Ain't it grand to live in OH?

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 2:45 pm

Total rainfall here at my home in northwest Hocking County from midnight
to 2:00 p.m. today(Wednesday)has been 1.48". The two day total is
1.95" and the three day(Mon., Tues., and Wed.,)total is 3.46".
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 5:59 pm
Subject: Greetings from Supersaturated Middletown, OH

The massive snow melt from the Christmas storm and the rain from the
current storm have caused the Great Miami River to rise and have led to a
new record stage here at Middletown:

I was going to go do and shoot some photos and video when I got off work,
but it was just too dark. Will be going down there tomorrow morning before
I go into work.

Am a tad bit concerned because the river is only a couple of blocks from my

Middletown OH

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 7:50 pm
Subject: Another Freezing Rain Event

When I posted earlier this morning I mentioned all of my
precipitation up till then was rain. Soon after the freezing rain
was beginning to mix in. It's been that way ever since and there is
a glaze about 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch thick. Nothing in the way of
snow and temperatures have been running between 31 and 33 degrees
all day.

Liquid precipitation has been a little over two inches since
midnight Monday. Flooding is occurring south of Wooster on one of
the main routes.

As I mentioned before I'm helping one of my sons move to Memphis
Tennessee Friday where they had a record high of 75 degrees today.
His smart aleck comment was "One of the first things I should do
when I get there is get a tee-off time". Ye, rub it in kid.

Wooster 7N

Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 8:20 pm
Subject: Predominately snow and sleet here...for now!

So far during this storm event, Lakewood has seen predominately snow.
Some sleet and light freezing rain occurred early this morning (in
the 5-7 AM time frame) and as of the last 30 minutes or so, a
changeover to predominately sleet has started to occur.

So far today we've had 3.5 inches of snow with just a very thin glaze
of ice. Looks like the warmer air aloft is taking over now & wouldn't
be surprised to see a changeover to freezing rain in the next couple
hours or so.

What a mess! All this is on top of 0.35 inch of rain that fell this
past Sunday (Jan. 2nd) and 1.08 inches of rain that fell the next day
(Mon. January 3rd). Additional precipitation is just what the local
rivers DON'T need!!!


Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 8:42 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Predominately snow and sleet here...for now!

Hello Matt & Group;
It's still an all rain event here in Newcomerstown. Since midnight up until 8:30
p.m. I have measured 1.68" of
rainfall. That added to the rain from Monday and Tuesday give me a total of
2.90" so far. I've been checking the
NWS radar from Hopkins quite a bit and it looks like a Christmas Tree. I assume
the orange and red reflections I am
seeing is from the sleet you are making mention to.
Speaking of warm weather, Jack, I noticed at 8 p.m. my relatives in Ironton,
Ohio had a reading of 64 degrees.
Charleston, WV was sitting at 64 as well.
The way I understand it from various sources is that we may be in for another
major rain event early next week. Any
In soaked Newcomerstown...
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 10:04 pm
Subject: weather report

As of 9:30 p.m. it was very lite mix bag of precip.
Had just about .5" of snowfall
with 1/8" of ice
Numbers come in this way;
Hi 34F
Low & Set 27F
Baro. 29.77F
Winds NNE-8 G-26
Rel. Hum. 94%
Dew Point 26F
ROADS ARE BAD! around here..(At less the bad road are.)
Putnam, Co.

Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 12:50 am
Subject: Hocking County Rainfall.

The 24-hour rainfall from midnight to midnight Wednesday here in
northwest Hocking County was 1.93". Total for Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday is now up to 3.91".
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33

Date: Thu Jan 6, 2005 8:55 am

Mansfield has basically shut down!

Would rather have the 23 inches of snow, thank you very much, cos you
can't shovel ice.!

I lost power during the night, but I am one of the few fortunate ones
who have it now.

Trees have snapped and fallen onto power lines causing the problem.

At the apts on either side of me there are branches down. My tree in
the front yard is touching the ground. It usually is 5 feet off of
that ground.

The sidewalks are clear of ice, strangely enough.......

My doc called at 7:30 am saying they had no power or heat. Rescheduled
for tommorrow.

As temps near freezing (31 degrees) ice is sliding off rooftops making
missles out of the ice.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 6, 2005 9:37 am
Subject: IT'S SNOWING!!!!!

I just looked out the window and it is just begining to snow here!
This is NUTSO!

I'd give you the CC's but ALL of the Mansfield tv stations plus the
higher channels, that include TWC, are off he air, due to the wx.

The barometer was 29.56 and falling.

No wonder I feel so good!

Kristen, the Columbus channels said (at about 5 am this morn) that it
is getting so bad there (with the flooding) that they are thinking about
shuting down some of the freeways.

You got the Olentangy and the Scioto Rivers spilling water everywhere in

In Marion Co, in a city called Prospect OH, they have evacuated all the
residents to higher ground.

Phoenix looks more and more appealing with each passing hour......LOL

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 6, 2005 7:40 pm
Subject: storm summary

Storm summary (1/5/05-1/6/05): 5.9" snow (5.8" before large freezing
rain event, 0.1" this evening so far); freezing rain 1/16"ice early
morning (sometime between 3-5am)of 5th, 1/4" ice night 5th/6th (a
little after 10pm to 9 am)for a total of 5/16" ice

Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.)

Date: Fri Jan 7, 2005 2:51 pm

I went out today to check on my friends that I couldn't reach by phone.

I couldn't beleive what I was seeing. The south side of town has been
completely dark since Weds night.

There isn't one yard that doesn't have some tree damage. Entire roads
closed due to trees covering them, taking down power lines as they went

I measured .25 inch of ice on my trees here at the apt.

Overnight low was 16 degrees.

Guess what? More freezing rain forcasted for tonight.

Oh yeah.....TWC backed off of the 62 reading next Thursday. To be 40
with rain /sleet.

Hummmmmmmmmmm---I hear Delta has lowered there rates..........thinking
about going to Phoenix sooner than what I had planned.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Fri Jan 7, 2005 5:35 pm
Subject: HATS OFF

Hats off to MI and KY and Southern OH
for lending some of their crews to help get the power back on here.

They said power could be out as late as Monday and the phones out till

I passed one area that the pole had more or less split in half and
wires everywhere.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Fri Jan 7, 2005 6:54 pm
Subject: Athens County Flooding

Took some pictures today in Athens and Nelsonville
(Athens County). Athens was at about 23.5' which is
only 3.5' below the all time high crest!
If you are on dialup, be warned it takes a while. If
it is slow, that is because this is a home server. If
there are any problems, do

Lancaster 3NE

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 8:31 am
Subject: Great Miami River flooding

The Great Miami was at its highest level in years:
My boss and I were out in the field on Thursday. Everyone we spoke with said
that they could never remember the river being so high.

We were lucky here where I live - our immediate area was not impacted, thanks
in part to the Miami Conservancy District's ( )
levee system.

About four miles south of us, things were a mess. The Great Miami was way
over its banks near Trenton. Houses partially underwater, people being
evacuates, animals needing rescue, etc. North of us, near Miamisburg,
Franklin and Carlisle, more of the same.

Here are two URLs for local stories:


Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 9:42 am
Subject: Heavy Snowfall

heavy snow fell in the Toledo area overnight...
from midnight thru 9 am 7.5 inches have fallen... snow on ground is 12

mike bielski
toledo 5 ne
ne Lucas
point place

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 10:13 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Heavy Snowfall

Mike... no way!!?? That wasn't in your forecast was it? Wow! Today is the seventh day in a row I have had
measureable precipitation (all rain). I have also just looked at the 8 day forecast for high's and do NOT like what I see
towards the late part of next week.
Don Keating

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 11:38 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Heavy Snowfall

our forecast was for 2 inches.....
i went to bed about 12:30 am and it was not snowing yet..
i got up at 7 am to let the dog out and wow i measured 6 inches at 7 am
7.0 inches at 8 am and 7.5 at 9 am....
we had 4 inches on the ground from the other storm that gave me 5.1
inches..last week.....
we now have 12 inches on the ground as of 9 am 1/8/05...
i like snow so the more the merrier
next week may be kind of interesting also.

mike bielski
toledo 5 ne
ne Lucas
point place

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 12:25 pm

This event wasn't very bad, but I can see why they posted the advisory.

We have "crunchy" and "slushy" snow that fell after a light freezing

Roads are slush covered and if you hit it right, you slide.

I went out with no problems today.

Temps are 26 degrees but it isn't that cold out to the feel. For me a
sweatshirt with a hat and scarf would be sufficiant.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 12:45 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Great Miami River flooding

My girlfriend is 77 years old and lived here all her life and she told
me yesterday that she has NEVER seen it like this.

Cleveland OH was on FOXnews today due to flooding.

I dread when this starts to melt.

The county that borders me on the west is under a level 2 snow emergency
till further notice.

Which simply means that roads are snow covered and though you can get
around on them, it is highly discouraged.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 8, 2005 12:47 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Heavy Snowfall

I'd give my right arm to trade our ice for 12 inches of

On ONN (OH Network News) they said Mansfield got hit the hardest in the
state this past week.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 9, 2005 1:27 am
Subject: text copy of Dec. Summary notes

December started out mild with only a couple light dustings of snow
and a lot of fog. Then it turned seasonbly to a little below
seasonably cold, and ended with a couple more mild days. The main
highlight of the month were three large snowstorms. From the
afternoon of the 12th to the 15th, 30.3 inches fell from mostly lake-
effect snow. Another lake-effect system on the 19th-20th brought
13.2 inches, and the large synoptic storm of the 22nd-24th delivered
18.8 inches. Only a few inches from this last storm was lake-
effect. 24 hour amounts were: 15.7" (13-14), 14.2" (22-23), and
9.8" (19th). 72.7" of the month's 73.3" snow total came in the 2-1/2
week period from the 11th to the 27th.

Thompson 5 SW (Northern Geauga Co.)

Date: Sun Jan 9, 2005 6:15 pm
Subject: FINALLY

Crews are really putting in the work and have got this city up and
running again!

Power in the most stricken area of town is almost restored.

Every native says the same thing.....I'VE NEVER SEEN IT LIKE THIS

As you got power they asked residents to turn on the porch light so that
crews would know who had power and who didn't .

Another thing they told us was to turn our answering machines on and if
we lost power we would know the electric was back on if we called home
and we would get the machine. Great trick!

Temps rose to mid 30's and most of the ice that saw the sun is gone.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Mon Jan 10, 2005 4:17 pm
Subject: #4 SNOW DAY

Snow day again here for the kids. Power is almost restored in almost
every neighborhood.

Richland Co has been declared a disaster area officially by the feds.!

Don on WX fun....I went to Ashland today and their problem seems to be
flooding. At the AU wetlands there at the county can't tell
where the creek ends and the wetlands begin. Water about two feet from
Rt 42 and, I'm sure, seeing how the forcast is for an inch of rain
tommorrow and continued rain till Friday, it will soon cover the road.

Temp wise it isn't all that bad.....31 degrees with a barometer of

I hope to get to Cleveland tommorrow but they are calling for freezing
rain there.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Mon Jan 10, 2005 7:12 pm
Subject: Re: FINALLY


Was really amazed at the ice damage on our way to Memphis, Tennessee
Thursday. From what I could tell the major damage occurred just east
of I71 on Route 30 then several miles south on I71. Looking at the
trees along the I71 streach alone that had limbs broken had to
amount into the hundreds. Without actually measuring the ice
thickness I would have to say some of the limbs had a ice thickness
of 3/4 to 1 inch of ice on them. Had all of this been further east
by about 20 miles the Wooster area would have experienced their
third ice storm of the season.

Flooding has been an issue around here also mostly in the typical
flood-prone areas. Parts of the fairgrounds south of town are still
under water. Areas south of Wooster are still under flood warnings
and trying to get power back but waters are receeding. If we get any
additional rainfall later this week I'm sure it won't take much to
exceed any FFG (Flash Flood Guidance)from the NWS.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7n
Wayne County

Date: Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:28 am
Subject: 1,500

1,500 is the magic number of customers still without power here in the
Mansfield area.

It's not that they aren't working on it, but the amount of lines down is

The kiddies went back to school today. 4 out of 5 snow days used here
since the ice came.

With near 60 degree wx here, at least the cold has eased for them.

Keeping fingers crossed that they are restored by the weekend when
single didgits are coming.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:11 pm
Subject: Thompson 5 SW update on mild spell

Well, the update for the upcomming mild spell actually begins with a
snow report. Unexpectedly, 3.0 inches snow fell this morning. The
temp. stands at 33. We had a periods of dense fog this evening.
Monthly snowfall is 14.1" and for the season: 90.3"

Thompson 5 SW

Date: Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:45 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Thompson 5 SW update on mild spell

Hi Vance;
Your 90.3" of seasonal snowfall is 87.0" MORE than I have recorded down here in Newcomerstown this season.
However, I'd be willing to bet my 5.16" of rainfall for January (through today @ 8:30 p.m.) is more than your liquid
precipitation total. Rainfall for today has been 0.79". At any rate...
Like Mike B. from Toledo posted the other day, they were forecast to have 2 or 3 inches of snow and ended up with
what, 7.5"? The forecasts have been off of late.
Speaking of forecasts... what do you or anyone else on the list think of the expected high's through the upcoming
weekend? Too high, too low, or right on par?
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 12:26 am
Subject: Rainfall - Hocking County.

Total rainfall today(Tuesday)at my home in northwest Hocking County was
Total for the nine-day period from January 3 through today has been
6.93". There has been only a trace of snow(flurries).
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 6:26 am
Subject: Middletown OH - Here we go again

Here we go again! The Great Miami receded but is now coming back up.
Several roads were washed out last week and are still closed. It rained
during the better part of the night and more rain is expected for today and
Thursday. Temp here is currently 62.7.

Graph of river level:

River flood warning follows this post.

Butler County was declared a Federal disaster area yesterday, meaning that
some funds will be available to cover the costs of snow removal for last
month's storm.

Middletown OH

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 11:02 am

Spring has sprung for a few days in OH.
You don't need a coat here, even in Mansfield. Temps are 54-57 degrees
depending on what channel you watch.

Another t-boomer storm about 7 am.

We've had 1.90 inches of rain since I reported in last and 3.25 inches
since this thing started.

The neighbors lake is now mine and it is running over my sidewalk to the
other persons yard.

Columbus news gives a temp of 67 (!) today and many, many roads are
closed due to flooding, one being near my Mom at the Franklin-Delaware
Co line.

56 of the 88 counties are under a state of emergency due to the wx.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 7:38 pm
Subject: Flooding Issues

After seeing and hearing all of this media coverage on flooding
taking place here, California, Nevada, and wherever I need to make a
few comments. Why do people not fully understand that when they
buy/own a house, property situated either along side or near a creek
that may only be as small as a few feet wide during a dry season to
a river a few hundred feet wide, by a lake or ocean miles wide or
any kind of body of water, or on the side of a hill that they are
susceptible to any kind of flooding when it rains may prove

I really feel sorry for these people but when you see a persons home
with a creek a few hundred feet behind it what on earth don't they
understand what is going to happen when that creek can't hold any
more water. I think there could be some blame put on some housing
developers where there is a lack of restrictions from the government
but I still think the final decisions rests upon the owner himself.

Am I totally "out to lunch" on this issue? Other comments please.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:16 pm
Subject: mild spell update-day two

The temp. at midnight was still 34, but by 5am had risen to 43, to 49
by about 10am. Then it really began to fluctuate. This could be
related to an occasional problem I've been having with the wiring,
but it seemed assocoated with the low lying, dense fog that had
formed over the snow cover. I saw this turbulence during the last
thaw and I wonder if it isn't cuased but the refridgerated air over
the snowpack sometimes being driven by light breezes to the 5 foot
level? When the fog layer rose to at least that elevation, the
temperature would cool by a couple to several degrees. Then the fog
layer would drop below the level of the weather station, and the temp
would rise by a similiar amount. OH, and about 10:45am we had a real
honest to gosh thunderstorm come through. This is the first time
since being here that I've seen a T-storm with liquid precip. come
through in January (we've had thundersnow events before).

Currently at 8pm: patchy dense fog, temp. 53, wind SE at 2mph and we
still have 2" snow on the ground.

Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 8:28 pm
Subject: Re: Thompson 5 SW update on mild spell

I'm behind you in the rainfall category as you suspected: 2.85" for
here. Have you gotten a lot of ice?

I know I didn't believe the forecast when it predicted 5 straight
days of continuous above freezing (hi and low) temperatures (for two
separate times). That rarely, if ever, happens in northern Ohio.
24hrs out, yesterday was forcast to be rain and nothing but. I have
been able to faily consistently knock about 4 or 5 degrees off the
forcast temps (hi and low)to get a more accurate picture of those in
this area.


Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 10:16 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Thompson 5 SW update on mild spell

Hello Vance;
There has been no ice here in Newcomerstown all winter. I now work near Walnut Creek just inside the eastern part of
holmes County on SR 39 and i have seen alot of trees that have had branches snapped because of the ice. My rainfall
from yesterday and early today along with alot of thunder and lightning has been 1.46". Rainfall for the month (no
snow) has been 5.84". Last i checked the Tuscarawas River in Newcomerstown, just 1/2 miles south of my house, was
9.66'. Flood stage is 11'. Friday should be interesting to observe all of the waterways. Over 37 roads closed here in
Tuscarawas County as well.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Wed Jan 12, 2005 10:31 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Flooding Issues

No doubt, I agree with you 1000%. Watching the video of the mud slide in CA and then hearing they had several
problems with that particular hillside and they continued to live there, etc. Even the local authorities wouldn't cover any
future damage costs as a result of incidents in the past. And now, at least what, 10 dead? Like I told my mom just
yesterday, people build houses what, 50' from the sand on ocean front property in Florida, then they wonder why their
house is gone after four Hurricanes? HELLO!!! I feel bad for those people to an extent, but not totally. Mother Nature
is nothing to play with, when will people get it that you don't build houses where there is a history of bad direct effect
weather events? Amazing, it boggles the mind.
Don Keating

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:13 am


We broke a 10 year record of 60 here yesterday as temps went to 61
degrees in Mansfield.

High for the day was at midnight and temps to go from 58 degrees into
the 20's by midnight tonight.

Rain, wind, t-boomers, snow on tap for today.

Under a flood and high wind WATCH until whenever.

Add St Rt 97 to the roads closed due to flooding here in Richland Co.

Going to have a fun day here.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 2:07 pm

My power has been off and on about 4 times today so far.
Eating lunch at the church and it went off and on....Mansfield still NOT
up and running 100%.

Don on WxFun: Rt 42 at the AU wetlands is closed because the water is
covering the road. Rt 603, 430, 97,95 etc has parts closed due to

I guess after I left this am the temps shot up to 64 and once again
broke a record that was set in '95.

CC's are 63 degrees, winds at 28 mph and gusts up to 37 mph, humidity
at 70% and barometer at 29.62.

Went to Bellville, which is 8 miles out of Mansfield to the south, and
a couple of miles just below Mansfield, the area is trashed more than
the city of Mansfield.

Flooding isn't as bad, so far, as the event in 1988 when the river rose
above the bridge and covered the roadway for about a mile in each

Other than that.....we are having a peachy day here in town. Rain has
just came into the area with the bulk of it to the counties to my west
and down the line to the Gulf.

I have several new limbs down in my yard and my neighbors.

So! They don't call Mansfield "The Fun Center of OH" for nothing!


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 4:27 pm
Subject: Record High

High temperature at my location was 68 degrees at 1:49 p.m. breaking
the previous record for the date of 64 set in 1995.

The temperature dropped ten degrees in 15 minutes just before 3:30
when the rain moved in.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 7:16 pm
Subject: E-GADS's dropped from 64 degrees to 38 degrees in 4

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 7:33 pm

We're still at 51.1 degrees here in Middletown - not far from the 52.8 here at 8 a.m. this morning. I'm waiting for it to

Saw a friend at my local convenience store tonight around 5:00 p.m. She's a Red Cross volunteer. She told me that the
Red Cross had just opened a shelter in Trenton again. The same folks that were displaced last week are being displaced

Middletown OH

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:15 pm

NWS has posted flood WARNINGS for Crawford, Marion, Morrow, Knox,
RICHLAND, and Wyandot Co's until 6 am Friday.

They said we could get at least 2 more inches before the rain quits.

Temps have dropped more, down to 34 degrees which doesn't help any.

For the first time since this all started I am starting to get

Gonna have to put on my high waders ...


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 8:40 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: [WEATHERFUN] E-GADS

Pam, it's the people in Trenton, Franklin, Miamisburg and Carlisle that are having problems. They have very little in
the way of flood protection. When the Miami Conservancy District came into being, these were really rural areas and
didn't get much in the way of levees, etc. Today, we had a former Ohio Dept. of Transportation supervisor in our studio
- he couldn't watch all of the video that my boss shot last week. He knew a lot of people in the flooded area and it was
just too painful for him.

I'm trying to get flood info out on our site - .

We're down to 40 degrees now. My concern is that this mess will turn to ice.


Date: Thu Jan 13, 2005 9:04 pm
Subject: Record High

At 3:29 p.m. I had a rerading of 72 degrees. This shattered the previous record high of 50 set in 1989, but more
importantly, it established a new January high reading. The previous reading was 70 set on the 22nd in 1999. Moderate
rains falling now as they have been the past couple of hours and 55 degrees.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 12:57 am
Subject: Hocking County.

Today(Thursday, January 13)here in northwest Hocking County the
temperature dropped from a high of 70 at 3:00 p.m. to a low of 34 at
midnight. Rainfall measured .68" bringing the January total to 7.69".
Jim Fry
Rockbridge 4W
OWON #33

Date: Fri Jan 14, 2005 6:53 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Hocking County.

Hello Jim and List;
I measured 0.68" of rainfall as well up until 11:30 p.m. then I went to bed. That brought my rainfall total to 6.51" for
January, which is almost as much as 2003 and 2004 combined! Temperature is sitting @ 34 now with brisk NW winds
at 8 gusting to 15.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Fri Jan 14, 2005 9:41 am
Subject: Temps, Precip, and Wx Pattern

Was looking at all the public information statements from the WSO's
covering Ohio. Five official reporting locations in Ohio broke their
high temperature records yesterday; Columbus, Akron-Canton,
Youngstown, Mansfield, and Zanesville. Cleveland missed their record
by one degree I think.

As of 9 a.m. this morning I had a temperature of 27 degrees with
snow on the ground. Twenty-four hours previous the temperature was
60 degrees. Talk about shock to the system!

My total precipitation in liquid form for the month so far stands at
5.48 inches with a little over one inch of snow, most of that
occurring over the past twelve hours. This is more than twice the
normal so far for the month.

The weather pattern(s) we've been in appears to be somewhat bizarre
but I think much of this has to do with the lack of blocking
patterns so far this season. There's nothing there to keep an
extended period of either cold or warmth in place for a period of
weeks so it seems like we're in a constant back and forth mode.

If weather wasn't changing it wouldn't be exciting is the way I look
at it.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

Date: Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:20 pm
Subject: OWON Year-in-Review


I know some of you have have already posted your 2004 stats with
this group. I would like to remind everyone to please do the same on
the OWON (Ohio Weather Observer's Network)website; Just click on "2004 Year-In-
Review" at the top of the page and fill in the respective blanks.


Date: Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:41 pm
Subject: Storm totals

The amount of rain we have gotten since Weds is 4.10 inches of rain.
The temps here bottomed out at 21 about 9 am this morning and current
temp is 22 degrees.

Some snow too. Had to break into my car after the rain froze.

THE SUN IS SHINING...hahahahahaha


I've been gone all morning but they were deciding wether or not to open
the gates down at the Delaware OH dam.

That would flood everything along the Olentangy River, including the
Ohio State University campus.

So ...... they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. (sorry
couldn't resist the pun here)

Pam in soggy OH

Date: Sat Jan 15, 2005 1:57 am
Subject: mild spell final update

The mild spell peaked yesterday (1/13) at 67 degrees F. The temp. on
the 12th rose from a low of 34 to a high of 57, which then leveled at
55-57 for a few hours overnight (12th-13th). Then it rose to the
high of 67. Rain preceded the front. The temper dropped in two
stages. First, from 66 just after 3:30pm down to 52 by 4:15pm.
After leveling off between 51 and 53 up to a few minutes after 6:00,
it plunges again from 51 down to 39 around 6:30. This cuased the
rain to change, first to sleet, then to snow, where 2.6" fell
overnight. The snow depth reached a minimum of a trace yesterday
afternoon, but increased back up to 3" with last night's snowfall.
Another 0.5" fell in a shower this evening.

Currently 15 with calm winds and clear skyies.

Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.)

Date: Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:36 pm
Subject: buzzzzzz

The city is really starting to look like a sawmill.

Crews from the city are even working weekends to get this mess here
hauled away.

One whole street was blocked by the city to take out some huge limbs
that had come down last week.

The hard hit areas are starting to look normal even.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:43 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] CC's

Yeah, all that rain turned to ice and is on cars only. We got around
.5 snow.

Mansfield is usually the coldest in the state. We are in a valley.
Just outside of the city limits to my south is O'Possum Run Rd. and the
temps are horribly colder.

A Cleveland met is ALWAYS talking about us and the O'P RR.

Last year the low down there was -22 only trumped by Lancaster at -27.

Great place for skiing.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 4:36 pm
Subject: Snowfall

Snowfall at Newcomerstown through 4:30 p.m. has been 1.7". This is the first measureable snowfall since December
21st, 2004.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S
Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Skywarn Spotter ID ... TU-093

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:23 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Winter Storm Watch?

I'm actually kind of surprised the nearly 2" of snow actually materialized. And just looking at the animated radar loop,
it appears the lake effect snow is moving inland on an almost NNE direction, affecting counties along Lake Erie
apparently with the exception of, you guessed it, Ashtabula, where the Lake Effect Warning is in effect, lol. Anyhow,
17 degrees here in town with just under 2" of fluffy snow on the ground and a wind from the WNW @ 5 to 8 mph.
Current seasonal snowfall... 5.0".
Don Keating

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 7:05 pm
Subject: Re: Snowfall


Had 1.2 inches total for the past 24 hours as of 7 p.m. Pretty
fluffy stuff. Going to be hard getting close to the December
snowfall total this month but have had plenty of liquid producing
all the flooding. That alone may make for another costly month.

Enjoyed your photos. I bet the noise around the dam was somewhat

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 7:28 pm
Subject: luckly people

Boy............Sound like you folks over on the East side of Cleveland area sure
getting the snow..
I here in N.W.O. just got a trace of snowfall. Nothing else..
You folks can have all of that snow...(Ha,Ha,Ha....)
Most of our Hi water are down & 95% of the all the roads are back open..But
colder air is setting in. Our Low this morning was down to 11F, right now its
Putnam, Co.

Date: Sun Jan 16, 2005 8:46 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Snowfall

Hello Jack;
Total snowfall here has been 1.8" and not likely to be added to, as the skies have cleared. Liquid equivelant was .11".
The sound at Wills Creek dam was deafening. I took several photos as well as a few minutes of video. I personally
observed a water height of 43.5 feet back in late June/ early July of 1998 after thunderstorms trained over that area for
three days, dumping up to 16" of rainfall. This year, as evidenced by the photo below, I observed a water height of 46
feet. I understand this is one of the highest ever water levels at the dam.
Don Keating,

Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 12:18 am
Subject: today's snow

Today's snowfall of 6.9" has pushed the seasonal tally past the 100"
mark. It stands at 100.6" to be exact. Snowfall for the month so
far has been 24.4". Currently: snow, 11F, wind calm, and snow
depth 9".

Thompson 5 SW (Northern Geauga Co.)

Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 6:22 am
Subject: Morning OBS Middletown OH

Good morning, everyone.

We had about 2 1/2" of very dry snow yesterday - almost impossible to
measure because it was blowing around so much.

This morning it's clear but very cold - 9.3 degrees (dewpoint -8.3) and
still dropping with wind chills below zero.

What a difference from the mid 60's temps of last Thursday.

Middletown OH

Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:13 am
Subject: Re: Morning OBS Middletown OH


Those 60's felt awfully nice to me no matter how short of time they
were here; 62 days and counting (March 20, 2005) until the first day
of Spring and I'm counting down every day. (ha, ha)

How's your flooding situation doing down there? Things are slowly
receding in our area and roads are beginning to open up again.

Wooster 7N

Date: Tue Jan 18, 2005 2:24 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Morning OBS Middletown OH

The river is receding slowly, Jack. But there was another problem - when the river rose, so did the groundwater. Late
last week, one man who lives close to the flooded area but on the other side of the levee was giving kids canoe rides -
in his back yard.

Middletown IH

Date: Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:27 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Cold Temps

Hello Jack;
I had a reading of -1 degree this morning at 6:53 a.m. That was good enough for a new record low, but it is tomorrows
record low as well as the record low on the 22nd that will not be touched this year. Those record lows are all time
record low temperatures of -23 degrees set in 1996. If you think about it, we have just encountered a temperature swing
of 74 degrees in just 5 days! Incredible. Our temperature has gone from 10 at 6:30 p.m. to 13 at 9:30 p.m.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S
I had a -6 @ 6:41 a.m. this morning and "warmed" to zero as of 9
a.m. This isn't close to the low for the season, which was -16 on
Christmas Day but I'm not complaining after seeing morning lows of -
20 to -25 in upper Michigan and upstate New York.

Wooster 7N

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 11:23 am
Subject: #5

SNOOOOW DAY! No school today as a wintery mix bombards Mansfield and
most of the state.

Blowing snow makes the precip all that more intense. I've seen one
whole car go down the road.

Was woke up by the sound of a snow blower.

Temps bottomed out at 5 degrees and when I went to bed it was 14 and now
it is 21 degrees.

Even though the forcast for Fri and Sat. changes they all agree on one
thing....potential for a mega storm.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 1:51 pm
Subject: Lake Effect non-event


I saw your posts from recent days and wanted to chime in about the lake effect
from Monday 1/17.

I do not have a good reason why there was little lake effect. The most I saw
reported was about 8.5 inches over 24 hours. I though we
could have had that much Monday afternoon alone. Most reports averaged 2-5

As best as I can figure, there was slight ridging in the boundary layer ahead of
the short wave dropping across the eastern lakes. This
prevented the good westerly bands from getting going (lighter snow showers
instead), then with the passage of the short wave the wind
turned NW and the fetch is then of course much shorter which become even tougher
with the very dry arctic air.

As to why Lake and Geauga county were originally not in the watch - who knows?
Sometimes people here do weird things.

Jim Kosarik NWS Cleveland

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:45 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Lake Effect non-event

Hi Jim,
Well...I guess in hindsight we shouldn't have been in a watch! I remember as a kid when Dick Goddard always said it
was close to impossible to predict Lake Effect. I think he said predicting lake effect was akin to "shoveling smoke", or
something like that.
Doug B
Hambden Twp.

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:13 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Lake Effect non-event

I don't consider it a significant lake effect event unless I see at least a foot in 24 hours. Less that that it's more of a
"nuisance event". I have a feeling that we have seen the last of the big lake effect events for this season. I am waiting to
see the latest Lake Erie ice map when it comes out tomorrow. It should show up on this link sometime during the day.
The last one on January 13 indicated ice forming on western Lake Erie and, given the temperatures since then, I expect
to see a lot of new ice out there. Of course we could always get one of those Lake Huron events but those never seem to
fully materialize.
Hambden Twp.

Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:18 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Weekend Storm

Hello Jack;
My gut feeling is pretty much what you have written down and that is that someone in Ohio is going to get clobbered
this weekend. I have a strong hunch that the someone is going to be just to my north. That's bad for us because that'd
put me in the mix or freezing rain section. That is something we don't need, no one does. However, I also have hopes
that those 5000 foot temperatures hold cold enough to prohibit the warm air advection and it all remains snow. It's alot
easier to clear snowfall than it is freezing rain! Personally, I'm about ready for a good old fashioned all snow storm.
Bring on the double digit accumulations! Then, let's get into the January thaw that appears to be in the cards for next
Snowfall total here in Newcomerstown from this clipper was 3.4". We also had periods of freezind drizzle mixed in as
well. It's currently 29 degrees with cloudy skies and 4" of snow cover.
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Thu Jan 20, 2005 9:25 pm
Subject: SUPRISE!!!!!!!!

What started out as a weak disturbance with a dusting to an inch
turned into a snow advisory by noon and was upgraded to a winter
storm warning by 630 pm. 3.5 inches here by 9 pm but 4 to 5 inches
in some areas. Still snowing. Expect 4 to 6 inches by the time it
ends. Oh weatherman, could you please shovel this 4 inches of partly
cloudy for me! It's beautiful! 30-31F all day so a rather wet snow
and on all the trees. Has recently dropped to 25F with some blowing

Ron Rothhaas
Cincinnati 5NW

Date: Fri Jan 21, 2005 6:06 am
Subject: Snow - lots of it

We had 5" of snow from yesterday's storm. Expecting another 6-8" tomorrow.

Middletown OH

Date: Fri Jan 21, 2005 10:11 pm
Subject: Re: Lake Effect non-event

You're right. The Lake is freezing up fast. The western third is
now at 9/10 to 10/10 full of ice. Still alot of open water for
northwest fetches, but the path of west fetches is largely ice
covered. Since it's the west fetches that bring the most snow, you
may be right about your prediction.


Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:02 am
Subject: # To call

For us OHioans, the toll free # to call for road conditions around the
state is 1-888-2OHROAD

Heavy snow is falling but for right now it is coming straight down.
Have no idea of the # of inches yet. Where they plowed and snowblowed
at 7:30 am is not to be seen at all.

Will be going out to take trash out (oh, silly me I forgot to do it
yesterday) and will take a reading.


Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 10:22 am
Subject: Observations

As of 10 am I've gotten a little over 3 inches since this all
started. At 7 a.m. I had just a little over an inch. From about 7:30
until 9:30 I was getting snowfall rates of an inch an hour. We have
a big cornfield across the road to the east with a barn about a
quarter of a mile from the road that I usually judge visibilities.
At times my visibility was down to several hundred feet.

Looked at the 10 a.m. surface map and the center of the Low was
right over central Ohio. Looking at the wind barbs winds were
blowing out of the north with gusts of 20-30 m.p.h. over Illinois
and western Indiana. Would expect us to get a lot of blowing and
drifting here later this afternoon. Roads are completly snow covered
even being plowed a few times.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:13 am
Subject: Newcomerstown, OH Snowfall

Snowfall here in Newcomerstown through 11 a.m. has been 3.0". Some freezing rain and drizzle mixed in earlier and
then changed back to snow. It is now 31 degrees and freezing drizzle is falling.
Don Keating
Newcomerstown, OH
Tuscarawas County
TU - 093

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:18 am
Subject: Not Impressed

I'm not impressed with this storm at all..

I guess when you've been thru what we in Mansfield have been thru in the
last month--this is squat.

Wind is picking up tho. Having periods where it is hard to tell what is
blowing snow or just snow.

At times it is a white out situation.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:28 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Not Impressed

I'm not really that impressed either, but you do have new snow, and you do want us all to "Think Snow", so there ya go.
Three inches here is better than none if you are wanting snow. And remember, it only takes a mere 1/4" of snow at
times to cause the most serious accidents. Let's all be careful out there, remember it takes alot longer to stop and hope
there are no serious traffic accidents or deaths attributed to this 'unimpressive?' snowfall.
Temperature... 31
Winds... WSW @ 7 G 15
Pressure... 29.53" R
Humidity... 87%
D.P.... 27
Sky Condition... Cloudy
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:15 pm
Subject: where the heavy snow??

What happen to the Heavy snowfall??
We had close to 3"+ here in Putnam, Co., but nothing like
the people up North. Where reports are coming in around
4"+. That's alright with me...Just got done cleaning out our
drive way.
Right now it's 15F with a NNW-9-15 M.P.H., precip. showing
up in the Davis at 0.09", but that's on the roof top & only has
a small hole in it. Haven't brought in the Taylor Clear View
11" rain gage yet. Which usally will show MORE.. The sun
is showing through the ptly. cldy. skies.. Low was down to
13F. But we did get up to 17F.
Putnam, Co.

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:32 pm
Subject: HeavySnow Toledo

Hello Everyone,
Heavy snow hit the Toledo area with snowfall rates of 1 and 2
inches per hour....
as of 1 pm i have had 10 inches here in Toledo, Point Place area...
snow on ground is 12 inches....
snow began last night shortly after 2 am..

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 3:13 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] where the heavy snow??

After a 23 inch snow and a .75 inch ice storm that completly shut down
Mansfield and Richland Co. and temps that have been -15 degrees at
Christmas this storm is didly squat in comparison to the season this

A person who hasn't been thru the above can not expected to grasp what
we have been thru this winter so far.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 6:36 pm
Subject: Strange weather

The temperature at my location has dropped from 22F to 8F in less than three hours. Also, it is snowing steadily here
and when I look at the Cleveland radar, it looks as though little if any snow is falling at my location. MY best guess is
that visibility is in the neighborhood of 3/4 mile. I haven't taken my 7:00 PM snow measurement yet but it looks like 7-
8 inches has fallen since my 1.5" report this morning at 7:00 AM.
Doug Brady
Hambden Twp.
Geauga County

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 7:02 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Strange weather

It is snowing at a rate of about 3/4 inch per hour and still the radar only shows the lightest shade of blue over Hambden.
They are small flakes...I wonder if that has anything to do with the almost non-existent radar returns...
Doug Brady
Hamden Twp

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 7:20 pm
Subject: Snow Event

Had an additional 2.4 inches the past 12 hours as of 7 p.m. with a
storm total of 3.5 inches and SOG at 5 inches. Lot of blowing and
drifting going on. Had a fairly long dry slot most of the afternoon
which I think really cut down on the snow amounts. Had that Low
taken a track about another 50-75 miles further south I think we in
the more inland areas between Columbus and Cleveland would have been
closer to the earlier forecast accumulations of 5-10 inches. Nothing
is an exact science however.

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 7:48 pm
Subject: snow deepth

The winds are picking up now & the snow flurries are still around.
As of right now it look like we pick up about 7" of snow such the storm.
The wind chill is surely dipping down..Been running around -15F to -18F an
the outside air temperature is @ 14F(@ 7:44p.m.)
Haven't had any power outtage's yet..But I wouldn't hold my breath over this.
Got the fireplace going & the furnace NOT. Saving on L.P. fuel. I heard that
L.P. fuel is close to $1.95 a gallon...
(I am sure glad I brought 500 gallon this fall @ $1.359 a gallon. Already use
about 225 gallons already. So let's get some warmer temperatures in here,
so I won't use the whole thing up..)
Winds now NNW-14 M.P.H.
Baro. 29.89F
Air temperature 14F
Low 13F
Putnam, Co.

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 7:59 pm
Subject: Ravenna 1E Snow Fall

Even though the "big" snow event flopped, we still
got 3.3" of fresh snow here today with SOG of 9".
Wind gusts here have been up to 20 mph, with little
drifting so far.
Looking at the latest water vapor loop from Weather
Tap, looks like the dry slot is exiting the area, and
more moisture is wrapping in from the Northwest near
Toledo as of 730pm. This will probably bring in more
lake effect into this area later tonight.
Right now, the snow cut off line is near the
Summit/Portage Co. line.
As one who enjoys the sun and warm weather, enoughs,
enough, bring on the 80's and sun.

Rich Rabatin
Ravenna 1E
Portage County

Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 8:35 pm
Subject: storm report

At my 7pm snow report, I had 8.7" so far from this storm with 14" on
the ground. Just a few miles from Doug, it is also snowing fairly
heavy, or at least moderate, with no real echoes showing on radar.
The high temperature today was 18. The temp. last night dropped to 4
degrees before rising slowly with a south wind. That south wind did
not do a good job of warming us up because it was still 11 at my 7am
snow report. There was 1.0" snow at that time with the other 7.7"
falling since then. The wind picked up late in the afternoon to
create a situation of blowing and drifting snow that still exists
currently. Also currently the temp. is 7.0 with a wind of 5 mph from
the North. Wind chill has been as low as -11, even in this sheltered
location. January snowfall is now 41.4" and that makes it 117.6" for
the season.

Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.)

From: "Phillip Higley"  
Date: Sat Jan 22, 2005 10:08 pm
Subject: final report

As of 9:30 p.m., we ended up with 6.0" of snowfall....
Hi was 17F
Low was 11F
At 9:30 p.m. outside temperature was 12F
Baro. 29.96R Lowest was 29.41-Highest was 29.96
Snowfall 6.0"
Winds NW-14 G-31
Rel. Hum. 78%
Dew Point 6F
Cldy. blowing/snow lt. flurries
Precip. (In Davis showing 0.09", in talyor clear veiw 0.44"

Date: Sun Jan 23, 2005 1:10 pm
Subject: After the Storm

This morning it was -3 when I ventured out for church. Hardest part of
the ride was getting the car dug out, but didn't take long since it was
all snow.

Roads are snow covered, for the most part.

It's 3 degrees and brilliant sun.

Since there is so much drifting snow it is impossible to get an accurate
measurement. Drift on drivers side was not more than 3 inches and on
the other it was up over my knee.

Don on WXfun......Rt 42 is still closed from the flooding....I'm sure it
is very frozen. Over in Madison there is not nearly the snow cover we
have here (1 block from Ontario)

Many, many churches have closed today .. most of them in the country.

Supposed to be dry until Weds when we have a rain/snow event coming.

I can't even get to the bird feed...drifts are at least 3 feet tall on
my porch.

They plowed and used the snowblower about 7am, so I was clear to get to
the car. Then did plow me in a tad bit, just gunned it.

Spending the rest of the day inside, nice and warm.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 23, 2005 4:31 pm
Subject: Storm update for 01/23/05 3 pm

Another 5.0" snow from 7pm last evening to 7am this morning makes for
a storm total of 13.7". That makes for 46.4" for January so far and
122.6" for the season. There was 19" of snow on the ground this
morning. The low temp. last night was 4 degrees and, as of 3 pm, the
high had reached 10. At 3pm the temp. was 9.6 with a wind of 2 mph
from the NNW. The wind chill was 6 and has been as low as -7 sinch

Thompson 5 SW (northern Geauga Co.)

Date: Sun Jan 23, 2005 7:14 pm
Subject: Heavy snowfall Toledo

Here in Toledo at the Toledo Express airport yesterday 1/22/05 we had a
record 1 day snowfall... 12 inches fell here in Toledo... we have 12 to
13 inches on the ground...
In my area NE lucas,Point Place area near I-75 and the michigan line i
measured 11 inches with 13 inches on the ground..
Also the Toledo area has had 26.7 inches of snow this month making this
jan.2005 the second snowiest january on record....

mike bielski
toledo 5 ne
ne lucas
point place

Date: Sun Jan 23, 2005 7:40 pm
Subject: Snow Measuring Guidlines


To many of us who measure snow, the last few days have been a
challenge because of the windy conditions. If I may, I would like to
quote a few paragraphs from the Snow Observer Procedures issued by
the Cleveland NWS regarding taking measurements under these

"Measuring snow can be difficult, especially when it is windy... To
measure new snowfall, a snow board (5/8 or 3/4 inch plywood, roughly
18 inches by 18 inches, painted white) is helpful and should be
placed in an area that would give a representative snow sample. Pick
a location not exposed to the wind but not too close to trees or
buildings. The snow board should be cleared off after each 12 hour
observation. If you do not have a white board, pick a representative
spot, trim the grass short (near to the ground) and measure from
that location. Do not force the ruler into the grass or dirt".

"If it is windy, you must take an average of multiple measurements.
Also, it is usually most accurate to take multiple measurements to
determine the total snow depth on the ground. Use a ruler or yard
stick, take 4 to 6 measurements from various locations and then take
the average. To get a representtive measurement, measure in a couple
of locations with drifts, a couple of wind blown locations and a
couple of locations that appear to be undistubed. Do not force the
measuring stick down into the grass or dirt. When taking multiple
measurements, try to measure near the same locations each day. If
more than 50% of the snow melts (ground is more than 50% bare) then
the total snow depth should be reported as a trace (T), even if
considerable snow depth remains in drift."

I know I had to relocate my snowboards a few times when I first
began using them because the first few times they were situated in
the middle of a snowdrift, depending on which way the wind was
blowing. Now would be a good time to see if anyone has been
measuring their snow in the correct location by the drifts that are

Hope this might be of help.

Jack Sisler
OhioWx Group Moderator

Date: Sun Jan 23, 2005 8:00 pm
Subject: Re: Snow Measuring Guidlines

I might add that I've gotten away with using 7/16 or 1/2 inch thick
plywood (exterior) over the years. I use two snowboards; one for
measuring my 12 hour snowfall and the other for keeping my
snowdepth. I use a length of 1/4 inch dowel rod about 24 inches in
length for both of them so I can find them easily in heavier snow.
You can usually find precut plywood and various lengths of dowel rod
at your local builder supply store.

Others may have other methods. I use boards with smaller thicknesses
because I've found that sometimes the thicker boards want to sink
into the existing snow that's fairly light after cleaning the board
off and placing it back on top of the existing snow for the next


Date: Mon Jan 24, 2005 6:47 am
Subject: Record Lows

Hello Group;
The reading of -3 degrees at 11:59 p.m. on January 23rd broke the previous record low of 1 set on that date in 2004.
The reading of -7 degrees broke the previous record low of -1 set on this date in 2004. It is rising rapidly now. When I
woke up for work at 5:55 it was -2. It is now 6:45 and it's up to 3 above. Stay warm!
Don Keating #106
Newcomerstown 1S

Date: Tue Jan 25, 2005 6:02 pm
Subject: Blizzard of '78 Review

Jan 25th was the day that NWS issued heavy snow warnings to the State of
OH for what ended up as the blizzard.

At 9pm that night....Blizzard warnings were posted in OH.

The guy in the semi they talk about in the following review, was buried
about 10 miles from me up on Rt 13.

He was in his rig for a week eating candy bars and drinking snow.

Conspirsory folks beleive that LEO's knew of him being there and did
nothing to rescue him. Only speculation.

He was within walking distance of a farm house...

10 years later, Mr. Truely died of a heart attack in Cleveland OH, where
he resided.

He is still talked about here.

Page about it attached.

Pam in North Central OH

"Life goes spite of the weather"

Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 7:36 am
Subject: Re: [WEATHERFUN] Blizzard of '78 Review

I remember this storm very well, Pam.

My two young sons and I were living on a farm in rural Butler County. The livestock needed to be fed. I went out to the
barn. While I was feeding the critters, the snow drifted up against the door. I had to throw myself into the door - was
scared that I wouldn't get out.

We were snowed in for 5 days. Fortunately, I kept the pantry well-stocked. One of the nicest things about that storm
was having the time to bake bread - I still remember the wonderful smell. (I have a breadmaker now and keep a couple
of boxes of mix on standby - still nice during a storm)

Middletown OH

Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:00 pm
Subject: Re: Blizzard of '78 Review

My corner of the state was not affected quite as much as others but
was still paralyzed. I had about 6 inches of snow. However, we had
as much as 18 inches of snow depth earlier in January. Streets were
clogged with huge amounts of snow as were the storm sewers. The warm
spell which preceeded the blizzard turned our streets into lakes
which froze the night of the storm. Ice/snow combinations were over
a foot thick in many areas. I remember one car that was encased in a
foot of ice which didn't melt until March. I recently heard a report
that the barometric pressure in Cleveland was the lowest ever
recorded in a non-tropical storm in the US. Is that correct?

Ron Rothhaas

Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:04 pm

Below is the NWS forecast here for NEXT Monday night. Is it just me
or is this just a bit too specific for a week in advance?

Ron Rothhaas

Monday Night: A chance of rain showers before 8pm, then a chance of
rain between 8pm and 1am, then a chance of snow between 1am and 2am,
then a chance of rain after 2am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33.
Chance of precipitation is 40%.

From: "E. Stapleton"  
Date: Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:46 pm

YIKES! Someone had too much caffeine. I'd just stick to the "40% POP"

Date: Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:57 am

Even if it is a joke we lose the effect once it gets to the weather
radio and gets repeated in slow motion monotone by the computer! The
word "excruciating" comes to mind. This morning they simplified it
to a 40% chance of rain.


Date: Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:04 am
Subject: Blizzard of 78

For those that weren't with the OhioWx Group at the time, we did
have some posts to remember the 25th anniversary of the Blizzard
of '78. Look at the month of January, 2003 beginning with post 4154.

From a personal standpoint I remember it well. I still have the
Akron Beacon Journal newspaper articles. The winds and barometric
pressure is what I remember most. I was living in Stow (northeast of
Akron) at the time. I still have my barograph chart that recorded a
record low pressure of 28.37 inches around 4 a.m. January 26, 1978.
Akron-Canton Airport's lowest barometric pressure was 28.33 inches
which broke the previous record low at the time of 28.83 inches set
in February 1961. Wind gusts up to 50 m.p.h. occurred most of the
day. Trees, chimneys and t.v. antennas were crashing into homes and
cars. You couldn't see anything more than a 100 feet in front of
you. The highest wind gust at the Akron-Canton Airport was 76 m.p.h.
It was raining with temperatures in the 40's the evening before then
the temperature began to fall early the following morning falling 20
degrees in one hour from 34 degrees at 5 a.m. to 13 at 6 a.m.
Standing water that had fallen the night before completely froze the
following morning completely encasing the fires of some cars to the
point where you couldn't move them. (as Ron was eluding to). The
articles also stated that there were 14-foot snowdrifts in Wayne

I'm sure there will be snowstorms/blizzards just as bad it not worse
in years ahead but this will probably be the worst I've seen in my

Jack Sisler
Wooster 7N
Wayne County

Date: Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:12 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Blizzard of 78

The wind was so powerful that it blew out the windows to my apt. Had to

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:35 pm

When everbody is talking the forecaster.And his forecast.I remember my Dad talking about a Forecaster on
a radio station out of Mich.When he said that it will rain the next day at 3:00 p.m. Hay guess what? It did rain
at 3p.m. the next day.Maybe this forecaster is this lucky also. Will not know until monday. If this forecaster is
right or not.
4-E Ottawa

Date: Fri Jan 28, 2005 8:07 pm
Subject: Forecaster Insanity


The forecast posted on the list was an automated text forecast. The NWS is going
almost exclusively to automated text generation from our
digital database.

We create a 5 km gridded database of northern Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania
using a graphical software program. Then a computer program can
"read" the database and create any type text forecast specified. The forecast is
computer generated for the nearest grid point, unseen and
unedited. The quality of the text is a reflection of the software that generated

There are ways to make the forecast detail less specific, obviously the forecast
was created at maximum detail which of course is
inappropriate on day 7.

I am not in favor of unedited forecast generation, our software is too immature,
and have expressed my opinion to our regional people in
charge. I was told that I needed to be on board with the new technology.

Soon the front page of our web page will be this way. I am not sure when we will
begin featuring the "point and click" automatic forecast,
probably sometime next month. I will add a link to the page to the traditional
zone forecast which will still receive editing.

Jim Kosarik
NWS Cleveland

Date: Sat Jan 29, 2005 8:32 am
Subject: Re: Forecaster Insanity

Thank you, Jim, for the reply. This particular forecast came from
Wilmington although I'm sure it would result from any office using
the unedited, maximum detail mode. I'm glad to hear you don't
support it.

I see a lot of problems. The computer monotones these forecasts and
you can grow old waiting for it to work through all this detail.
This is particularly troublesome during severe weather outbreaks when
the slow delivery sometimes leads to long periods between repetitions
of critical warning information. A human being would be able to
apply common sense in such instances. I have noticed on a couple
occasions that Wilmington has switched to a live person during severe
outbreaks. While this is helpful I thought one of the purposes of
the automation was to free up personnel. I guess more work is needed.

Ron Rothhaas

Date: Sat Jan 29, 2005 10:40 am
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Forecaster Insanity

Hi Jim.....Last summer I conducted a "test" or "observation" to see how
the forcast varied throughout the week.

I picked a day that was one week away and charted that day's forcast
several times daily. (sky conditions, precip, and temp)

I know it's not "scientific" but the results were astounding.

Just showed me that it WASN'T an exact science and was very, very
interesting to see the progress of a forcasted day here in Mansfield.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 1:43 pm
Subject: snows

From what I understand from the local yokels.......winters here in
Mansfield have become drier in the 30 to 40 years.

My first year in Mansfield we had a snow of 2 feet at one sitting and
since then they have decreased tremendously for snow at one time.

From what the old timers say, feet of snow was the norm in the far past
instead of the inch snows we see today.

Major shift in the boundries of the snow belt?

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:07 pm
Subject: snow and ice conditions at the Lake erie shore

I took a hike yesterday in Headlands Beach State Park. Although
Headlands Beach is probably one of the least snowiest places in
Northeast Ohio due to the dynamics of the Lake-effect, even a small
amount of snow can get blown into large snowdrifts by the harsh winds
that often blow here. Having said that, imagine what those winds can
do when alot of snow does fall there, such as that storm last weekend
with it's high winds that were probably gail force there. As a
result, snowshoes were required for me to do my normal hike up the
Service road just behind the beach, through the nature preserve next
to the park, and down along the lake itself. The Service road and
the trail through Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve were buried
under common snow depths of 2-4 feet of snow with some drifts topping
5 feet deep. Conversely, I had to pack the snowshoes to walk the
beach itself, which was bare. In the lake itself were Ice ridges 15-
20 feet high. I posted pictures I took from this hike in the "Vance"
folder in a subfolder titled "headlands Beach". Note that in photos
along the Service road, there are some areas that are wid-blown bare
ground, but most of the areas that appear as bare sandy ground are
actually places where sand has duned over the snow.


Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:23 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] snows

Even tho I personally have seen feet of snow on the ground in the late

These winters now are pathetic compared to those late 70 snows.

Pam in North Central OH

Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:29 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] snows

Ummmm, my opinion, for what little it is worth, is that those feet of snow aren't around right now because of a cyclical
weather pattern. What would people 50 years from now say when they had/have 12, 18 or 24" snowfalls two or three
times a year? "Oh man, back in the early 2000's they didn't have nearly this much snow! Must be an ice age coming!!!".
Ummmmm, yea right.
Don Keating

Date: Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:36 pm
Subject: Re: [OhioWx] snows

I agree. Anyone who is say 30 or younger has no idea what the winters were like from 75 through the early 80's. I'm 42
and loved it when we had 2 weeks of school cancelled from January 26 through mid-February 1978 due to not one, but
TWO snow events. A severe blizzard on January 26 and a very heavy snow event in early February.
Newcomerstown now goes on a wimpy 2 hour delay when the temperatures fall into the single digits, and they
CANCEL school for one INCH of snow. WIMPS!!!
Don Keating


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