Cincinnati 5NW (Ron Rothhaas) -  The last week of the month was very wintery with most of the month's snowfall and a low of -2F here and as low as -14F at Miamitown and -18F at Hamilton-Fairfield airport on the 31st. The official low on the date at CVG was a record -12F. The other weather stories in January were very warm temperatures of 68F on the 3rd (I watched my Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl with the windows open in the house) and nearly 3 inches of rain on the 4th leading to serious flooding on the Great Miami River. The Great Miami at Miamitown crested nearly 10 feet over flood stage. The Ohio River also went a foot or two over flood stage.

Cleves 3NW (James Davis)The month ended up 2.7 degrees below normal after a very warm first two weeks of the month.

Kidron 1N (Ronald Hahn) -  After a mild start with a new high temperature record of 61 for the 3rd and a new January 24-hour rainfall record of 1.50 inches on the 4th, January of 2004 turned cold.  The month ended 4 below normal here at Kidron 1N.  Liquid precipitation was 1.10 inches above normal for the month, while snowfall was about 0.60 inches above normal.

Perrysville 4W (Katie Gerwig)  -  Near to slightly below normal temps throughout the month.  Slightly above normal snowfall.  Above normal precipitation, including 2.31 inches of rain during the first week of the month.  2 thunderstorm days and 24 days with at least a trace of snow cover.  4 nights of below zero temps.

Ravenna 1E (Rich Rabatin) 

Ravenna 1SE (Gary Locke)  January saw more extremes with a 72 degree temperature spread between the month's high and low temperature. This station had ten sub-zero days and only three days where there was either no measurable precipitation or a trace of snow.

Springfield (Dick Groeber) -  This month was highly variable as far as temperature and precipitation is concerned.  It began with springlike conditions with mild temperatures and even a thunderstorm and heavy rainfall.  The conditions became more winterlike as the month progressed with very cold below zero temperatures at the end of the month.  The bulk of the snow fell during the last third.  Almost half the month's liquid rain fell during the first weekend (the 3rd and 4th) with 4.14 inches on those two dates alone.  The lone thunderstorm occurred on New Year's Day evening.  The remainder of the precipitation fell in ice and snow, especially during the last half.  The month began with temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the first few days.  The only below zero readings occurred on the night of the 30th and the morning of the 31st setting new station records.  The winds were also gusty in the 20 and 30 mile per hour range during the middle and the last half of January.

Thompson 5SW (Vance Lunn) The first three days of January were mild. The 1st saw a high of 41F. The 2nd and 3rd saw highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. The rest of the month was cold. Every day from the 4th to the 24th saw measurable snow. The 25th saw a trace, and the 26th-31st again saw measurable snow each day. Minimum snow depth was a trace from the 1st-3rd. Maximum snow depth was 29 inches on the 29th. There were 7 days of freezing rain, the 26th-27th being a significant ice storm with 1/4 inch ice. There was also 4 days with sleet and one day where lightning accompanied freezing rain.




OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date
119 Akron 1W 28.2 14.1 21.2 59.8 3rd -0.4 25th 4.07 1.12 4th 18 13.8 2.1 23rd 6 28 22nd
A Akron-Canton 27.9 13.1 20.5 60.0 3rd -3.0 25th 3.07 1.25 4th 19 11.5 2.2 23rd 3 38 7th
82 Centerville 1W 32.0 16.6 24.3 61.0 3rd -9.0 31st 6.12 1.75 4th 13 12.8 5.0 26th 4 33 14th
A Cincinnati 35.9 19.5 27.7 67.0 3rd -12.0 31st 4.55 2.44 4th 15 12.6 5.8 25th 3 40 14th
13 Cincinnati 5NW 36.8 20.0 28.4 68.0 3rd -2.0 31st 5.38 2.91 4th 13 9.9 4.9 25th 3 -- --
A Cleveland 28.9 14.3 21.6 61.0 3rd -7.0 25th 2.69 0.75 3-4 22 32.9 4.2 15th 12 41 28th
55 Cleves 3NW 34.8 19.2 27.0 68.0 3rd -12.0 31st 5.42 3.06 3-4 14 12.1 6.2 25-26 4 32 30th
A Columbus 30.9 17.5 24.2 60.0 3rd -6.0 31st 5.08 2.55 4th 14 11.5 3.7 25th 3 41 14th
A Dayton 30.9 16.0 23.5 60.0 3rd -10.0 31st 4.62 2.50 4th 12 6.2 3.0 25th 2 44 28th
22 Kent 2E 27.9 13.3 20.6 60.0 3rd -10.0 25th 3.53 0.92 4th 20 21.1 4.0 15th 7 19 6,22
2 Kidron 1N 29.1 13.2 21.2 61.0 3rd -11.0 25th 3.50 1.50 4th 14 11.5 2.6 23rd 3 29 27th
87 Lagrange 2SW 30.4 12.8 21.6 63.0 3rd -12.0 25th 2.36 0.83 4th 16 11.6 3.0 23rd 4 36 22,27
A Mansfield 27.7 12.5 20.1 59.0 3rd -3.0 25th 3.78 1.33 4-5 20 18.9 2.7 25th 10 38 22nd
51 Middleburg Heights  2N -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2.72 0.74 4th 28 27.0 4.0 15th 13 -- --
32 North Ridgeville 1N 30.8 14.0 22.4 64.0 3rd -8.0 25th 2.34 0.58 4th 22 19.9 4.0 19th 9 35 7th
79 Perrysville 4W 29.7 14.5 22.1 61.0 3rd -7.0 25th 3.84 1.45 4th 14 13.4 3.5 26th 6 -- --
121 Ravenna 1SE 28.0 8.2 18.1 60.0 3rd -12.0 24th 4.12 1.07 4th 20 20.5 4.0 14th 12 -- --
  Rockbridge 4W 30.9 15.2 23.0 66.0 3rd -9.0 31st 4.54 2.15 4th 14 12.2 3.8 25th 3 -- --
51 Sabina -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4.75 2.95 4th 13 -- -- -- -- -- --
1 Springfield 31.0 17.0 24.0 61.0 3rd -5.0 31st 6.24 2.60 4th 16 6.7 2.0 25,29 3 33 21st
112 Sugarcreek 2SW 29.9 14.7 22.3 60.0 3rd -6.0 25th 3.97 1.68 4th 17 7.4 1.7 26th 4 28 27,28
98 Thompson 5SW 26.1 11.3 18.7 59.0 2nd -10.0 25th 3.50 0.73 4th 29 75.7 10.5 28th 19 -- --
A Toledo 27.8 13.1 20.5 60.0 3rd -7.0 25th 1.29 0.43 4th 14 14.0 3.5 4th 6 40 6th
A Youngstown 26.4 12.0 19.2 60.0 3rd -8.0 25th 3.60 1.05 4th 23 30.3 4.9 14th 37 22  
OWON # Station Mean Max Temp Mean Min Temp Mean Temp High Temp Date Low Temp Date Total Prec Max 24hr Prec Date


Prec Days

Total Snow Max 24hr Snow Date #  1"+ Snow Days Max Wind Gust Date

A = Airport         



From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Thu Jan 1, 2004 10:09 am

Subject: Dec. & year in review


For Dec. 03..........

Ave. Max.: 38.1F Highest was 55F on the 28

Ave. Minn.: 26.1F Lowest was 9F on the 7th

Ave. Temp. 32.1F

Precip.: 3.00"/24 hour 1.17" on the 23rd

Snowfall 6.00"/24 hour 4.0" on the 5th

Highest Wind Speed(Gust) 37M.P.H. on the 1st.


Date: Thu Jan 1, 2004 10:40 am

Subject: December's Weather Statistics for Centerville 1W


Weather statistics for the month of December for Centerville 1W.

High Temp (Date) ... 62o / 28th

Low Temp (Date) ... 15o / 15th

Mean High ... 40.0o

Mean Low ... 26.8o

Monthly Mean ... 33.4o

Total Precipitation ... 2.84"

Max 24 hr Precipitation (Date) ... 0.46" / 10th & 23rd

Number of Precipitation Days... 13

Total Snowfall... 4.2"

Max 24 hr Snowfall (Date) ... 2.5" / 14th

Max Snow Depth at time of observation ... 2"

High Wind Gust (Date) ... 30 MPH / 23rd

Thunderstorm Days ... 0

Highest Barometer (Date) ... 30.59" / 2nd

Lowest Barometer (Date) ... 29.42" / 10th

Average High Wind Gust... 18.6 MPH

Year To Date Precipitation . 46.87"

10.22" Above Normal


Robert Flory - KA5RUC

Centerville 1W

Southeast Montgomery County

Ohio Weather Observer Network #82

Wilmington NWS Skywarn ID OMT405


Date: Thu Jan 1, 2004 11:32 am

Subject: December 2003 Statistics for Ravenna 1SE



Here are my statistics for Ravenna 1SE:

High Temp - 54 (28th)

Low Temp - 12 (7th)

Mean High Temp - 37.35

Mean Low Temp - 22.55

Mean Temp - 29.95

Total Precip - 2.84"

Precip Days - 17

Thunderstorm Days - 0

Total Snowfall - 18.7

Heaviest Snow - 7" (5th)

Seasonal Snow Total - 22.7"

I would characterize the month as relatively mild in that the most days

consecutively that the temperature

did not rise above freezing was 4.

Gary Locke

Ravenna 1SE

OWON #120


Date: Thu Jan 1, 2004 2:14 pm

Subject: something to think about


Some people think a seasonal snow total isn't any

differnent then a yearly snowfall total.

Now let get this right.

A seasonal snowfall total is from the First snowfall

(Measureable to the end of the last measureable

snowfall of a heating season right?) An a snow total for

the year is from Jan. 1-Dec. 31 right?

Which one would be right to put down in the yearly

report. A yearly snowfall or a seasonal?


O.W.N. # 15


Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 12:17 am

Subject: What Month is This?


Between 11:50 p.m. on 12:10 a.m., we had a thunderstorm pass through


Interesting. Rainfall was light with the cell and it passed through without

causing any wind of note.

I heard on WCMH TV 4 in Columbus there were a number of cells in central Ohio.

Nothing severe,

but hey, when was the last time you recorded thunderstorms in January?


Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 12:32 am

Subject: Message from a 2way device


Don and list, A thunderstorm passed through

Springfield between 10 and 11 p.m. This was the first I had recorded one here


new years day at least since 1969 when my immediate records began.

Dick Groeber.



Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 2:03 am

Subject: RE: [OhioWx] What Month is This?


Seems like they occur about once every few years. Enjoy the warmth though,

winter returns by the end of the weekend. At least normal cold, and looks

like some of the models are trending this weekend front further south, so

perhaps parts of Ohio could see some frozen precip? We'll see.


>Between 11:50 p.m. on 12:10 a.m., we had a thunderstorm pass through

>Newcomerstown. Interesting. Rainfall was light with the cell and it passed

>through without causing any wind of note. I heard on WCMH TV 4 in Columbus

>there were a number of cells in central Ohio. Nothing severe, but hey, when

>was the last time you recorded thunderstorms in January?


>Don Keating #106

>Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 8:04 pm

Subject: Re: What Month is This?


None in January, but we had a thundersnowstorm last February. Such

mild spells occure periodically. During the time I lived in

Streetsboro (96-02), there was a couple of winters that saw 60+ in

every month, even if those periods were interspersed with colder

spells and snow. I think that the 90's saw the peak of a multi-

dacadal warming climate trend.


Meantime, in case I forget what time of year it is, there is a

stubborn snow field in a low grassy area in front of our house. It

is about 1/4 acre in area and not where snow had drifted. I'm

beginning to think it might survive this mild spell.




From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 8:28 pm

Subject: You think this is WARM


I been going over our records here in 4-E & this isn't

nothing compare to this following;

Jan. 2, 1997

Hi 56F

Low 46F

Jan. 2, 1998

Hi 50F

Low 35F

Jan. 2, 2000

Hi 60F

Low 37F

Today we had a Hi of 55F(as of 8:23 p.m.)

With a Low of 45F

So mother nature has a way of getting back like it was. Or

repeating itself. Think about it.


Putnam, Co.


Date: Fri Jan 2, 2004 9:35 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] You think this is WARM


Hey there Phil, how ya doin? Ummm, maybe I missed a post somewhere, but who said

this was

"warm"? I would consider warm on an early January day to be 60 or higher, but

not the 54 I'm

looking at right now. I'd call that "mild". It certainly is a nice "breather"

but I'm sure we'll get back

to normal, or maybe a little below by the middle of the month. Some of the

temperatures I looked

at earlier today in extreme northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada were

between -40 and -

47. If that breaks loose and the jet is in a trough pattern over the eastern

U.S., look out.

Don Keating


Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 8:30 am

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] You think this is WARM



As the old saying goes......Don't wish what you want. Cause most of the time it

comes true...

You are right, about colder air just to the North of us. An the maps are show

some of the cold air coming

in for us Started as soon as Sunday. Just got the WXAmerica News letter & they

are showing some of

that cold air coming in with mix bag of precip. for us & turn over to Snow by

Sunday night. Then the cold

air hit us. With Hi for Tuesday in the mid 20's & low's in the tennths. IF WE

GET a got snow fall, we may

even get down to the signal number's for Tuesday & Wednesday.

I may NOT be a forecaster, but it sure looks like to me that precip. is coming

we may get into some snow

for Sunday night & into Monday. How much????????That anyone guess........This

might be the coldest

nights coming. Get your back up heat ready! I am.



From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 10:04 am

Subject: error!


For those of you that seen my web page or my

monthly report for the year.

There is a error made.

On Jan. 27 03, instead of being 17F for the low it's -

17F. Everything else seem to be right.


Putnam, Co.

Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 4:42 pm

Subject: Developing Situation




This mornings models have shown signs of tracking the low further

south than previous runs.(So what else is new.)Both the ETA and GFS

both show the center of the 1002 mb low over southwestern Ohio by

Sunday evening and into central Pennsylvania by late Sunday night.


The 18z RUC model in 12 hours still has the low in southern Oklahoma

with a southwest/northeast frontal boundary over southern Ohio. I am

more concerned about a freezing rain event than the snow with 850mb

temperatures above freezing but with the 30 degree isotherm at the

surface over extreme northern Ohio. At the moment, I'll say a mostly

rain event from about Columbus south, a mix between Columbus and

Cleveland and Columbus, and all snow in extreme northwest and



In the longer term, I still don't see any extended stay of cold and

nothing in terms of extreme cold. The 500mb winds are still showing

pretty much a west to east flow by midweek after this storm is out of

the picture.


Can we get some conversation going on this? Other comments or

personal forecasts?



Wooster 7N



Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 7:39 am

Subject: The Great Ohio Blizzard of 1978 - 'The White Hurricane'...


Any books, VHS, DVDs published on this Monster Storm of

January 26th/27th of 1978?


- Patrick (... remembering seeing the home barometer

at 28.28", thinking, "Hey! Who's fooling

around with this!)


Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 8:07 pm

Subject: Re: The Great Ohio Blizzard of 1978 - 'The White Hurricane'...


Pat and Group:


For starters go back to the OhioWx Group archives for January 2003

starting with message # 4154. Being the 25th anniversary of the

Blizzard of 78 we had some discussion on that.


Go to Google ( and type in "Blizzard of 78 Ohio" (without

the quotation marks). Lot of stuff there but there is also info on a

Blizzard of 78 that went through New England about the same time so

you'll have to make sure it's talking about Ohio and the surrounding



Another source is a book called "Thunder In The Heartland" that has

about six pages on it. The book itself has about 200 of the most

prominent weather events that has occured in Ohio beginning in the

18th century until when the book was published in 1996. One of the

authors is Dr. Tom Schmidlin who a professor in the Geography

Department at Kent State. He is also a member of the OhioWx Group.

Copies of the book are available new and used from various book

publishers (, etc.); great reference book that I refer to



Check the NCDC (National Climatic Data Center)website. I'm sure

they'll have stuff but for a cost.


I don't know of anything on video other than what's been put on TV

for special programing.


I still have the original newspaper clippings from the Akron Beacon

Journal. I can make copies if you wish, something of a return favor.

Just email me personally to give me an address if you wish.




Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 10:34 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Developing Situation


Hello Jack;

I'd pretty much agree with what you said about the track of the developing storm

system. I'd have

to say the low will cross Ohio in a manner similar to Cincinnati to Cambridge to

W. Central

Pennsylvania. (Within 50 miles either side of that line.) As far as

precipitation is concerned. Well,

the cold front passed through here a few hours ago and it's only slipped to 48

degrees. It was 56

degrees before the front moved through. I had an initial drop of about 6

degrees, then it began to

level off about 90 minutes after the passage. I've seen some forecasts calling

for up to 8" of snow

in the Detroit area. I really think much of the precip will be all liquid until

late Sunday night and

early Monday morning. Just my two cents worth.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004 10:47 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Developing Situation



I forgot to comment on the second half of your e-mail. I'm also in agreement

with you regarding

the duration of this cold snap. I think it was back in November I predicited a

rollar coaster pattern

much of the winter. So far it looks that way. I'm more fond of high's like the

60 degree reading we

had today. However, it is January, it is winter, and I do live in Ohio. :-) I do

like a variety of

weather, and we've had it so far. I would have never bet on thunderstorms on

January 1'st though.

Don Keating


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 2:54 pm

Subject: So much rain - We may need an ark


The rain began here in Middletown early today and has been steady all day.

My rain gauge is showing only 1.01" but I think that's on the light side

because it's in a sheltered spot (don't have much choice of location,

living in an apartment). Temps are still in the mid-40's, down from 62 at

this time yesterday. Temp is supposed to take a nosedive tonight - we could

have a bit of snow or ice.


My mailbox is loaded with flood watches and warnings. The scanner hasn't

been quiet for more than a moment or two - lots of weather-related

accidents, roads under water, flooded basements and the like. The ground

is saturated - my next door neighbor's yard is a sea of mud.


We just may need an ark before it's all over.



Middletown OH

44.7 degrees, dewpoint 43.7, baro 29.77 and dropping


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 3:13 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] So much rain - We may need an ark


Hello Barb and List;

It continues to come down here in Newcomerstown, but has let up alot in the past

90 minutes. Since

this all started late night on Thursday with the passing thunderstorm, I have

recorded 2.75" of

rain. That is more precipitation in the first three plus days of January than

ALL of January 2003.

There are numerous Flood Warnings in this area. Alot of country roads have

flooded due to small

creeks and streams coming out of their banks. The pressure has been falling

rapidly as well. It was

30.03" @ 10:30 a.m. and is now 29.87". A fall of .16" in about five hours. Glad

this isn't all snow!

We'd be digging out for days.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 3:36 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] So much rain - We may need an ark


Hi, Don,


The rain let up for a little bit, but is now coming down again. Pressure was

29.95" at 7 am - now it's at 29.76." I'll

second your thought on the snow, although I bet the school kids are hoping the

forecast is wrong and that they get an

extended vacation.




From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 4:06 pm

Subject: trade yea


Just got on the e-mail list & I notice alot of you are

getting RAIN...........Well here in Putnam, Co. we had

just a trace of snow & alot, should say ALOT of

freezen rain. Trade yea. Freeze rain for just rain or

snow. But hate to live in Mich. where they are getting

SNOW...........Who wants to go there?

As of 4 p.m. our present reading is 31F & that is our

Low for the day so far.

Priecip. been just, yes JUST .58", with about 3/16" of

ICE. Alot of power lines are going down. So far we

haven't had NO power outage's.

My wind speed unit is even Frozen. But the Baro. is on

the way down from 29.68 .02

Colder weather is coming people......Get ready.........


Putnam, Co.


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 6:04 pm

Subject: heavy snowfall


Hello Group,

Here in Toledo 5 NE, NE Lucas co.

as of 6 pm 4.5 inches of snow has fallen since 1 pm...

also had .5 inch overnight..

snowfall for today 5.0 inches

current snow depth 5.0 inches

currently Lt. snow 30 degrees

winds NE 16 gusting to 24


mike bielski

toledo 5 ne


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 8:25 pm

Subject: And the rain keeps coming down...


We've had .25" to .34" of rain per hour over the past couple of

hours.Pressure continues to drop - it's now at 29.69." My scanner is still

very active - lots of high water over roads in the county (western part is

still very rural) and street flooding in Middletown.


Thank heaven for the Miami Conservancy District - - and

its dams and levees. It was formed after the Great Flood of 1913. If the

levee wasn't in place, we'd probably be seeing some flooding here where I




Middletown OH

41.7 degrees, dewpoint 40.6, rain


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 12:30 am

Subject: Re: And the rain keeps coming down...



Here are my totals for the last three days.


.24" 1/2/04

.87" 1/3/04

2.00" 1/4/04

That makes a total of 3.11 so far this month. Normal precipitation

for entire month here is 2.34".



Lancaster 3NE


Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 11:50 pm



Total midnight to midnight rainfall on Sunday, January 4 here at my

weather station in northwest Hocking County was 2.15".

Jim Fry

Rockbridge 4W

OWON #33


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 12:44 am

Subject: Message from a 2way device


List, The totals for Springfield for the

weekend: Sat.: 1.54 in. and Sun.: 2.60 in. for a total of 4.14 in.

Dick Groeber.


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 12:54 am

Subject: Newcomerstown Rainfall



Seems the thunderstorm Thursday night just prior to midnight kicked off the wet

spell. The

first drops of rain from that t'storm produced 0.03" Thursday night. Then the


totals have been piling up...

01/01 --- 0.03"

01/02 --- 0.65"

01/03 --- 1.06"

01/04 --- 1.64"


Total ---- 3.38"

On my way home this evening on I-77 I could see many fields flooded. The

Tuscarawas River

here at Newcomerstown is predicted to hit 11.0' Monday @ 7 a.m. That would be

the highest

it's been in quite some time. I'll be looking around tomorrow and see if there's

any good

photo ops out there. Be safe everyone.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 7:16 am

Subject: 3.16" of rain so far this year


Morning, everyone,


The rain has finally stopped, and we have a total here of 3.16" so far this

year. Now to get ready for the deep freeze - temps should be in the single

digits with below zero wind chills by Wednesday.


Will forward stories from today's paper if they get them online.



Middletown OH

39.7 degrees, dewpoint 33.0, baro at 29.92", risinf from a low of 29.67"

last night, cloudy


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 10:46 am

Subject: Favorite Ohio Weather Event(s) For 2003




I thought it would be nice to hear everyones favorite weather event(s)

that took place in Ohio during 2003 from a personal experience and/or

a weather event that took place elsewhere in the state that they

thought interesting.


Feel free to make it as long as you want and attach some pictures,

even if they can't be archived (Yahoo policy). Information on any

events can be taken from various media sources but I think it would

be more interesting if everyone were to put their experiences into

their own words.


I'm sure we will all find them interesting no matter what they are.

Thanks ahead for contributing.


Jack Sisler

OhioWx Group Moderator


From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 12:41 pm

Subject: Rain,freezen rain, & snow


With all of the above we had over the last couple of day's the N.W.S. has issue


Flood Warning for Hancock Co., we may be next in line. Cause the Blanchard River

runs right in our back yard. We ended up with 1.37" of precip. for a 24 hour

total. With

just traces amount of Snow. But more ICE on top.

What a morning. Power lines down during the night & schools on delay's. Sure


all of this is moving out.


Putnam, Co.


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 1:33 pm

Subject: Rainfall & Stuff



For the 24 hour period ending at 6 AM Monday (1-5-04), I had 1.07" of rain

measured at my station.

During the course of that period, we had a little sleet and nothing in the way

to speak of with regard to

snow. Interestingly, the high and low temps for that same period only varied by

4 degrees (35 - 31). I

would have to think that such minimal variation in temperatures between the

daily high and low is a bit


Gary Locke

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 8:50 pm

Subject: Re: something to think about


Phil and Group:


I knew we had some discussion on this but couldn't remember when.

While going through the 2003 posts for some "cleaning", I came across

the discussion we had on this subject back in April.


Jim Kosarik, NWS Cleveland, says the NWS snow season is defined as

July 1 through June 30th. However, for practical purposes, he limits

the snow spotter reports to November to April. He says snow that

occurs in May is usually (but not always) a trace (melts upon

contact) or a few tenths. It is more common to get some accumulating

snow at the end of October but people can include that data on the

November sheet.


I understand from the NWS Cooperative Observer system that the snow

season for them is considered to be from November 1 thru March 31.


It's always been my understanding that seasonal snowfall is what your

getting from the end of a particular year (November 1)to the

beginning of the following year (March 31). Yearly snowfall being

from January 1 thru December 31 just like yearly rainfall.


Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but that's the way I've always

done it.



Wooster 7N


Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 2:56 am

Subject: Re: something to think about


If you look at certified NCDC stuff, the snowfall season (as well as

for heating degree days) is indeed July 1 - June 31. My two cents:

Although snow that occurs far out of season, such as in Sept., early

Oct., or May may not add a whole lot to seasonal totals, they sure

are interesting. This is not only because of the unusual timing, but

the nature of these events are often interesting. The snowfall that

occured here last Oct. 2nd, for example fell as guapel 1/2" in

diameter. It was the largest guaple I have ever seen, appeared as a

layer of little snowballs, and accumulated at temperatures from 37

falling to 34 during the system. Some of the warmest temps. I've

ever seen snow accumulate at.


This would probably be an answer to another question posed in the

group: What is my favorite wx event of 2003?




Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 3:15 am

Subject: precipitation



Yesterday (Jan. 4) here at Thompson 5 SW, we recieved every form of

precipitation except for hail. From Midnight to the wee hours, rain

fell. This changed to snow, 3.1" of which fell through late

afternoon, and I don't think the Clevelant NWS was aware that so much

snow fell in this area. (A weather statement mentioned snow in HW

Ohio and a little in NW PA, but said rain would "continue to fall"

across the rest of northern Ohio.) Sleet began to mix in by late

afternoon (adding another 0.1" to the snow total) and this eventually

changed over to freezing rain. All precipitation totaled to a liquid

equivelent of 0.73" yesterday.


Today we had light snow throughout the day, and we got 2.5" of



Vance Lunn

Thompson 5 SW

OWON # 98


From: Barb LaPierre <>

Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 5:50 am

Subject: Weekend flooding - Butler County OH


Full story:



New Miami, Butler cope with heavy rains

By Jen Roppel, Cox News Service

HAMILTON - Mud-caked roadways and front yards, fire hoses pumping water out of

basements and crawl

spaces Monday were indicators of torrential rains that caused the evacuation of

50 homes and school

closings in New Miami.

The clean-up in New Miami, a village of about 2,500 residents, provided a

sobering glimpse of the damage

caused throughout Butler County by this past weekend's rainfall.

Across the county, dozens of homes were damaged, part of one road collapsed

while many others were

closed, some indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the Hamilton Low Dam on the Great Miami River had as much as seven

times the average

amount of water spilling over it on Monday and the American Red Cross aided

nearly 30 families in the wake

of nearly 2 inches of rain that was dumped across the area this past weekend,

officials said.


From: Barb LaPierre <>

Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 6:06 am

Subject: Weekend flooding - Cincinnati OH story


Full story:


Flooding messy but mild


Rivers crest: 18 people evacuated in Crosby Township

By Steve Kemme and Reid Forgrave

The Cincinnati Enquirer

CROSBY TOWNSHIP - Rescue boats cut through fast-moving waters to reach 18

residents of a Crosby

Township neighborhood trapped in their homes Monday by Great Miami River


The five-hour-long evacuation was among the dramatic scenes in a Greater

Cincinnati region battling water-

related problems as rivers and creeks crested after heavy weekend rains


Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 6:20 am

Subject: Cold - and getting colder


Morning, everyone.


Yesterday morning at this time, it was 40 degrees. This morning, it's 18.5,

with a windchill of 9.1, and still dropping. No snow to speak of - only a

few flurries here. Area police are worried about water from the heavy

weekend rains still on some area roads freezing and causing problems. Cold

temps also hampering cleanup efforts.


What a change from the weekend.



Middletown OH

18.5 degrees, dewpoint 1.5, breezy



From: "J S" <>

Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 9:26 am

Subject: Possibilities?


Cold week ahead with a possible clipper system in the Thursday time frame.

After a milder weekend (up to normal), several models are showing an even

bigger and colder blast of arctic air. Definitely looking like a cold next

few weeks ahead! Any thoughts?



Date: Tue Jan 6, 2004 9:23 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: something to think about


Jack and Group:

Jack's comments make sense to me. I always considered "seasonal" snow to mean

the total snowfall for

that winter season. Loosely defined, that would be from the first snowfall in

the fall to the last snowfall in the

spring. I suppose statistically most snows of any significance fall from

November 1 to March 31 each winter

but we all know that in northern Ohio you can get some decent snows in April and

to a lesser extent in

October. I think its always interesting as to the earliest snows (like

September) and the latest snows (April or

May), even if they are just a trace. Maybe its trivia but its still interesting.

Just my opinion.

Gary Locke

Ravenna 1SE


From: Barb LaPierre <>

Date: Wed Jan 7, 2004 7:43 am

Subject: More on last weekend's flooding - from today's Middletown Journal


Full Story:




`It's the worst we've seen since 1988'

By Tracy Kershaw-Staley, Journal Staff Writer, E-mail:

Tom Kennedy already knows how he'll spend his weekend: hauling buckets of sand

from his basement.

Although water is receding, the work is just beginning for families with flooded

yards, garages and homes.

Cleaning up after this flood might be more of a task than others. Some residents

said the water was higher

than in recent floods.

"It's the worst we've seen since 1988," said Tony Shepherd, who owns two

businesses on Old Oxford State

Road - in Lemon Township, just west of Middletown - where water remained about a

foot high in some

yards Tuesday afternoon.


From: Barb LaPierre <>

Date: Wed Jan 7, 2004 7:46 am

Subject: More on weekend flooding - from today's Middletown Journal


Full story:




Warren declares flood disaster

By Kristin McAllister and Lynn Hulsey, Cox News Service


Warren County commissioners on Tuesday declared a state of emergency and

Montgomery County is

mopping up a flooded ground floor in the county administration building as

officials continue to cope with last

weekend's downpour.


The Warren commission's move is the first step toward making property owners

eligible for disaster relief. A

South Lebanon church and as many as 25 houses in South Lebanon, Morrow and

Waynesville sustained

water damage, said Frank Young, the county's emergency services director.


A boil advisory also remains in effect those who buy water from the county.

Young said the advisory is

required by federal regulations because flood waters came within 50 feet of the

county's well heads in

Hamilton Township. The wells provide drinking water to residents in Hamilton and

Deerfield townships in

southern Warren County.


From: "J S" <>

Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 9:33 am

Subject: Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


Looking at some models and reading various discussions, there seems to be an

increasing consensus (if that can be said several days out) that a MAJOR

arctic outbreak may occur sometime beginning next week into the following

week. Some models are showing such ridiculous cold as to surpass January

1994 and January 1977. Some of these same models are hinting at a possible

large winter storm somewhere over the east around the same time. Needless

to say if either of these events come to pass, we'll be looking at a second

consecutive cold/snowy winter. Still some time to watch. Any thoughts?

Also, a slight warmup predicted starting tomorrow into the Tuesday time

frame. ILN calling for Upper 30's Sunday, up to 40 Monday with rain for my

area. As much as I would like to see snow instead of a cold rain, they have

been fairly good with temps this month. Any thoughts on how warm/not warm

it will get?


From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 10:26 am

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


Just read the link I just received on Next week & beyond.......

I belive strongly that we here in N.W.O. will get into this cold period but as

for a Big snow, I feel it may not


An if we don't get any snow on the ground we may NOT see temperature's below 0F.

As the old saying

goes, "the more snow you have on the ground the more cold air you will have at

night." The jet

stream been going up & down over us now for better then a month now. An I feel

that it is about time for it to

really brake lose & head South bring that cold air from the North down over us.

Without have a lot of snow

on the ground NOW, we may not see temperature's getting that cold. Sure may see

4F to 3F, but for getting

down to below zero, we need more snow on the ground, for this to happen. That's

my 2 cents..........


Putnam, Co.


Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 11:45 am

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


Hello List;

I agree with Phil. You need a good snow pack to get those really bitter cold

readings. There may be

some recold cold air up there, but without a good snow pack, it will moderate

greatly before

reaching us. I've said before, I think long range forecasts more than 5 or 6

days out in the winter are

a dangerous thing. I have no comment on a potential eastern storm at this time.

For the record, January 20'th and 23'rd, 1994 were my stations all time coldest

readings with lows

of -23 degrees. At that time there was a good solid 6 or more inches of snow

pack. Just MY two

cents worth.

Don Keating,

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:37 pm

Subject: Record Low


Hello Members;

After checking my records, I realized we established a recold low reading of 8

degrees at 3:36 a.m. This broke the

previous record low of 9 established in 1999. Not that cold of a record, but you

gotta start somewhere, huh.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 3:37 pm

Subject: Re: Record Low


It got down to -6 here at Thompson 5 SW this morning. There is a

packed 8 inches of snowpack on the ground which helped cool things

down more. Last night light snow fell from a clear sky.


This is kinda cute: There is a sign on Chardon Square that keeps

tally on the Seasonal snowfall. I guess every little town has to

have something to brag about. It indicates a seasonal snowfall for

Chardon of 56" so far. For comparison, I've tallied about 85" for

the season son far. There have been alot of west wind lake effect

events. More snow tends to fall here than in Chardon in these events

due to the SW-NE orientation of the South Shore (I am ca. 10 mi. NE

of Chardon).




From: "J S" <>

Date: Sat Jan 10, 2004 7:17 pm

Subject: RE: [OhioWx] Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


As far as the snowcover for this next arctic outbreak is concerned, there

are chances for snow within the next few days that may lay down a bit.

Probably nothing more than a few inches at best between now and Wednesday,

but perhaps enough to help the air cool further. Tonight's models still

show a significant arctic outbreak for the Great Lakes and East. Again, if

some of these models verify, it's going to be some amazingly cold air, but

time will tell. Models could back off on the strenght of it within the next

few days. Also, still talk of possible major storms over the east next week

and beyond. Exciting pattern coming up, to say the least. Something to

monitor, anyway.


Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 12:25 pm

Subject: Assistance requested


Can anyone tell me where to get information on what the deepest snow cover was

during December of 2003 in

Mansfield? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

Don Keating


From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 4:15 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Assistance requested


I would try getting your information from the N.W.S. out of Cleveland, Oh. Or

from a local newspaper there in

Mansfield, Oh..


Putnam, Co.


Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 6:45 pm

Subject: Re: Assistance requested




This may be somewhat of a guess but the phone numbers for Mansfield

NWS might be (419)522-1177 or (419)522-1375. The address I come up

with is 2101 Harrington Memorial, Mansfield, OH 44903


Have been "under the weather" the past three or four days and didn't

have much energy to get on the computer until now.




Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 7:58 pm

Subject: Re: Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


Jon and Group:


I guess it depends on what model you want to follow and how far out

you want to go. I guess my feeling is there won't be much in the way

of snow, other than lake effect, with minor systems (clippers) coming

out of the northwest. I think the zero/sub-zero cold will stay in the

northeast/New England area where the low that helps usher in some of

our cold parks itself over Maine.


I see no comparison with anything that of January's of 1977 and 1994.

January 1977 was kind of like the "year of the other blizzard" and

where Miami, Florida had its first snowflakes ever recorded. January

1994 was brutal where I had eight days below zero. On the 19th I had

a high of -7 and a low of -28. The mean temperature for the month was

19.3. Temps were above normal the first and last weeks of the month.



Wooster 7N


Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 8:12 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond



I agree. The other day I listed the incorrect dates in 1994 for my record lows.

A reading of -23 was hit on January 19'th

and 22'nd.

Don Keating

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 12, 2004 11:22 pm

Subject: Re: Assistance requested




The December 2003 deepest snow depth for Mansfield (NWS office) was

6" on the 6th. If you can jump on the Web, go to


You can get data for each month from 1997 on. This is preliminary

data which means they haven't made it official yet.




Date: Tue Jan 13, 2004 12:05 am

Subject: RE: [OhioWx] Re: Thoughts on Next Week and Beyond


Yes, it seems that the brunt of the cold will hit the northeast instead of

coming more south. Going to be very cold up there this week, perhaps record

breaking. Normal to slightly below normal cold here this week. As for the

midweek system, most models trended it significantly further north today and

now the latest trends have it nudging more south. Parts of Ohio could still

be in line for a few inches at least. Snow ratios would be a bit higher.

All depends on the final track.




Date: Mon Jan 5, 2004 12:10 pm

Subject: RE: [OhioWx] Favorite Ohio Weather Event(s) For 2003

From: "J S" <>


Here are my top 5:


1. Valentines Day-Presidents Day Weekend Snowstorm


A great storm overall. Largest single snowstorm in Columbus history,

surpassing the April Snowstorm of 1987 and the Thanksgiving Blizzard of

1950. It was the capping event of the 2nd snowiest February and the 3rd

snowiest month. Attached are some pictures taken outside my apt about a

week after the storm.


2. Easter Hailstorm


For Columbus only, a large hailstorm formed just to the west of Franklin

county and moved northeast across the northern half of the county. Large

hail, some the size of golf balls, fell and in some cases covered the

ground. Very heavy rain, strong lightning and high winds occurred along

with this storm.


3. July Severe Weather


The week of July 4th provided a daily round of severe thunderstorms, with

heavy rains, lightning, hail, and strong winds. Power was knocked out to

large portions of the county nearly each day, as just as repairs were made,

more storms moved through. By far the best thunderstorm week of the year.


4. January Snow and Cold


While not the snowiest month of the year, it did snow on 23 days of the

month with the longest stretch being 11 days from the 14th through the 24th.

18 days had snow on the ground. The cold, while not extraordinary, was

persistent. Highs were at 32 or below on 20 days, and lows were at 32 or

below on 30 days. The coldest recorded temp was -5, which was the coldest

recorded temp since January 25, 2000 when -5 was recorded. The last time

that temp was lower was January 21, 1994, when -15 was recorded. The month

overall ended up 5.6 degrees below normal.


5. Cold and Snow for Christmas


Arriving just in time, heavy rain turned to a driving snow on the 23rd for a

few hours. 2.3" were recorded by the 25th, providing a white Christmas in

the middle of the late December warm spell.


Date: Tue Jan 13, 2004 5:03 pm

Subject: Wx History


The following was posted on another weather group which I thought

might be

of interest:





The greatest snowstorm of record for Cincinnati OH commenced, and a

day later twenty inches of snow covered the ground. That

total has remained far above the modern day record for Cincinnati of

eleven inches of snow in one storm.


Larry Huff


Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 7:20 am

Subject: CORN Report


The December Central Ohio Raingage Network (CORN) report is now

available at:



Larry Huff


Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 6:52 pm

Subject: Observation Submissions


Hello Everyone;

I know some members on this list know about what I'm about to mention here. I

know Larry does. Not sure about the

rest of you.

There is a web site you can submit your personal observations to. It is located

at You need to know your Latitude and

Longitude. If you do not, there is a

clickable link you may use. It will take you to a web site for the US Census

Bureau. Enter your towns name and state,

and it will give you the Lat and Lon information you will need.

I think it'd be cool if more of us started to submit personal observations to

the web site, at least once a day. I know I do,

and I enjoy seeing it on a map with other stations. Check it out.

Don Keating,



Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:08 pm

Subject: Observation Submissions


Don and list,

Yes, I have posted my observations at this site off and on over the

past years.

It is very interesting to see the Ohio map along with all the other


Your note regarding this may get me back to posting there again.


due to outages of my Davis stations, my reports are going to look a

little slim. I

have been without any wind recording instruments since late November

along with dew point and humidity. That was from the lightning that

came into

the Davis stations and my computer.


Larry Huff

Munroe Falls 1SW

Summit County


Date: Wed Jan 14, 2004 9:14 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


Group, I checked out that webpage. Looks like

a one time deal and you have to resubmit data everytime you want on it. Looks

neat but I'll stick to my webpages that are automatically updated.

Dick Groeber. Springfield.


Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 1:31 pm

Subject: Weekend Event and Snow Drought?


Hello Everyone;

Low pressure is located over southern Texas now and appears to be gaining

strength. The question I pose to you all, is

where do you think it will track, and, what type of influence do you think it

will have on Ohio in the way of


So far for the month of January I have only recorded 2.3" of snowfall. That is

about 2.5" below normal for this date in

the month. What does anyone else have for January snowfall through this date and

how far from normal are you?

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:00 pm

Subject: Cold Night?




Although the cold temperatures in our area don't compare to those in

the northeast, I wouldn't be surprised to see some sub-zero readings

around the state by Friday morning. My temperature here at 6 p.m. was

10 degrees.


I shouldn't have any records to contend with since the record low for

January 16 was -17 degrees set in 1994. Had 1.4" snowfall with the

system that moved through last night.



Wooster 7N



Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:17 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Cold Night?


Jack and Group;

Current reading @ 7:15 p.m. here in Newcomerstown is a balmy 14 degrees. The

record low reading for my station for

January 16'th is -18 in 1982. NO fear what-so-ever of a new record low tomorrow!

Oh yea, the 1.4" of snow you received from the Clipper system. Well, that's 1.3"

more than we got down here from it.

In fact, the .2" this morning from show showers off of the lakes beat out that

storm system. I'm kind of glad we missed

the snowfall, the major part anyhow. There is just a trace of snow cover outside

now. If we had a good snowpack, we'd

be in for bitter readings tonight / tomorrow morning as the cold air funnels

into this valley.

Take care and stay warm everyone.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:36 pm

Subject: Up Coming weather


Any thoughts about this forecast for us for Saturday a.m.???

It will be a cloudy morning. Light snow is predicted. Expect around one inch of

snow by the end of this

morning. Temperatures will remain around 19. Winds will be 10 to 15 MPH from the


My 2 cents............I feel that we might get into some of this, but getting 1"

of snow? Like the old saying goes,

I will have to see it to believe it.

Today HI 33F

Low 11F

Set @ 7:32 p.m. 16F

Baro. 30.05S

Winds NW-7

Precip. 0.00"

Snowfall on ground; Just Traces amount here & there.


Putnam, Co.


Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:00 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


List, I hope no one has forgotten last year

at this time. Just as cold! The record low for

Springfield for 1-16 is -17 set in 1977. Temp at 10 p.m. apt 18 degrees.

We are expexecting an ice storm this weekend.

Dick Groeber.


Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:17 pm

Subject: Snow - Ravenna SE



As of 6 AM this morning I had 4 inches of snow from this event, with a total of

5 inches on the ground. Liquid

content was only 0.18.

Gary Locke

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:38 pm

Subject: clipper and cold


Here at Thompson 5 SW we've had 8.6" of snow so far from this system

with 16" on the ground. I figure that 4.0" came from the clipper

itself with the other 4.6" being lake-effect snow from the air

wrapping around the back of the clipper. More snow is possible

tonight so that may add to the "event total" yet. However the

continuing light snow may keep thigns a little warmer than otherwise

("warmer" being a relative term here). Current temp. is 7.2oF.




Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:42 pm

Subject: chances for precip.


I don't know about this system organizing over Texas but the NWS

forcast for the next week doesn't seem to be getting to excited in

terms of precipitation for here. There are chances on many days but

those chances are relatively low at 30% for the most part.




Date: Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:50 pm

Subject: Re: Message from a 2way device


Internet Explorer remembers entries you've filled out on forms so all

entries such as place and latitude/longitude should come up

underneath the blank if you simply type in the first letter of those

entries. This could make it somewhat easier to sibmit it frequently.




--- In, 8779462473@a... wrote:

> Group, I checked out that

webpage. Looks like a one time deal and you have to resubmit data

everytime you want on it. Looks neat but I'll stick to my webpages

that are automatically updated. Dick

Groeber. Springfield


Date: Fri Jan 16, 2004 8:38 pm

Subject: Re: Weekend Event and Snow Drought?


Don and Group:


I think that a strong high pressure system coming out of the

northwest is going to keep that low far enough south moving it

through the Tennessee Valley that it won't have a big effect on us.

After a small reprieve the beginning next week we might be getting

into some frigid weather late next week. One model even depicted a

985mb (29.09 mb) low over Michigan by about Thursday or Friday with

single digit temperatures behind it.


January here hasn't been bad here with only 1.8 inches for January.

Comparing last winter with this winter so far there has been quite a

difference in snowfall. I've only had 7.9 inches so far this winter

compared to 20.2 inches at the same time last winter. Long way to go




Wooster 7N


Date: Sat Jan 17, 2004 12:57 am

Subject: 100" snow so far


The 1.9" of snowfall for today has pushed our seasonal snow total

over the century mark. That is currently at 100.2" and the current

temp. is 0oF.



Thompson 5 SW

OWON # 98


Date: Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:43 am

Subject: Snow Cover




I apologize for getting behind in reading the precipitation network chat list. I

think you have already been told where to find your snow information

but just to be sure - go to the NWS web page ( and click on

"Climatalogy" and "Local Area". Select your city and month and the NWS

"F6" form will come up. One of the columns is snow on the ground. It is valid at

7AM that day. Snow amounts from 8AM to 6AM could be different so you

have the one snapshot each day. There is other good info on this monthly/daily

summary. Check it out. Also note that we have have had some software

problems with this program so it has been missing at times recently. We hope to

get this fixed soon.


Jim Kosarik, NWS CLE


Date: Sat Jan 17, 2004 1:34 pm

Subject: Low Temperature



I recorded a low temperature of -2 degrees early Saturday (1-17-04) morning.

This is my coldest

temperature of the winter season so far.


Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Sat Jan 17, 2004 2:37 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low Temperature


Gary and list,

My low temperature Saturday morning was +4 degrees. I was going to

make a trip south to my parent's 65th wedding anniversary in Fayette

County (30+ miles southwest of Columbus) but I canceled the trip

because of the possible poor road conditions. I just don't like

driving in snowy conditions.


Larry Huff

Munroe Falls, OH 1SW

Summit County


Date: Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:25 pm

Subject: Ice event


Hello group,

Nice little ice event here. Started sometime late morning

as sleet then changed to freezing rain. Did that for about ten hours,

now changed over to rain at 33F. Have a "nice" layer of glaze(1/8")

on everything except the roads.



Lancaster 3NE



Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 9:47 am

Subject: Snow Event Here




Yesterday was pretty much a snow event. The snow started around 10

a.m. and was a steady light to moderate snow until it ended around 5

p.m. with a total of 2.8 inches. There was some freezing drizzle a

few hours after. Temperatures stayed below freezing until about

midnight last night.



Wooster 7N

Wayne County


Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:46 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Snow Event Here




I also had mainly snow here in Ravenna, with a little freezing rain during

the night. I had a total of 2" of snow which melted down to 0.18" of

liquid. I currently have 6 inches of snow on the ground.


Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:36 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


List, The precipitation here in Springfield

began around 6:30 a.m. saturday and ended around 5 a.m. sunday (today) totaling

.73 inches from freezing rain, wet snow, and rain. The temperature ranged from

18 to 36 degrees. Dick Groeber.


Date: Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:36 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Snow Event Here



Snowfall here in Newcomerstown totaled 1.0". We also had about 3/8 of an inch of

total sleet accumulation. I don't

know what the liquid content is yet. Haven't melted it. We currently have about

1/4" of sleet remaining on the ground

with all of the snow melted.

Don Keating



Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 1:22 am

Subject: yesterday's snow event


That event yesterday brought us here at Thompson 5 SW 2.1" of snow.

This became a brief period of sleet where the grains were the size of

drizzle probably about 5:30pm or so. This changed over to freezing

drizzle and light freezing rain putting a thin layer of ice perhaps

1/16" thick. The temperature topped at 32 degrees even at 1 am this

morning before falling and the precip. returned to snow for another

0.3" on top of the freezing rain ice. The snowpack measured 15"

after the event's accumulation. Also today's light snowfall makes

this the 15th straight day with measurable snowfall.




Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 7:20 am

Subject: Ohio Weather Observations


I noticed on this morning's observations that reports were made from

Lancaster, Newcomerstown, Thompson and Munroe Falls. These were

posted on Bob Hart's wx pages. It would be interesting to see more


reports. The web address is:


You can view Ohio reports as well as other states plus you can view


reports translated into a map.


Larry Huff


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 12:44 pm

Subject: Newcomerstown Weather Web Site Revisions



Just thought I'd let you know I have made some modifications to my web site. If

you'd like to check it out, please go to and let me know what you think.


Don Keating


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 4:20 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


Don, I just checked out your website. The

changes look great! I like the daily extremes. Keep up the good work.

Dick Groeber. Springfield


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 6:07 pm

Subject: Ten Years Ago Today -- January 19'th



Ten years ago today on January 19'th, 1994, I had a record low temperature of -

23 degrees. I remember the forecast

vividly. They were saying in about three days from this date, we'd be rising to

daytime highs of around 40. Boy, that

forecast went out the way! Three days later on the 22'nd we once again hit the

reading of -23 degrees.

This stretch of four days (January 19 to January 22) is the coldest stretch in

my records. Those readings which are all

record lows, break down like so...

January 19, 1994 ..... -23

January 20, 1985 ..... -20

January 21, 1985 ..... -20

January 22, 1994 ..... -23

Anyone else want to post your all time record lows to the list? I know I would

be interested in reading about them.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Subject: Re: Ten Years Ago Today -- January 19'th


Don and Group:


Remember the day well. I had a record low of -28 degrees that

morning. I don't ever recall of any day being that cold in my

lifetime of 56 years. Any car that started that day you were

fortunate especially if it wasn't in a garage or building. I know of

a few people having frozen pipes in their homes that day also.


Looking at this mornings models it doesn't appear we will have to

worry about anything like that through next weekend. Other than the

typical cold the weather looks rather bland. The only thing that

looks somewhat important is a weak low coming out of the southwest

and over southern Lake Michigan by next Monday. By than things show a

warmup (30's/40's). However, the models in the longterm are rather




Wooster 7N


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 7:37 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Ten Years Ago Today -- January 19'th


Hi Jack;

Ouch! That's too cold. Do you recall what your wind chill readings bottomed out


Yea, my car, and I forget what kind it was now, froze up. I mean literally,

froze up! The engine didn't turn over at all. I

took it to a mechanic and he got it running, but it sounded much worse than the

time before when it ran normally. Soon

afterwards, the car bit the dust!!

We either need to get out of this below normal temperature pattenr and get to a

"comfortable" level outside, or we need

a major weather event to come through and pound us. This weather is too boring!!

Don Keating


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:11 pm

Subject: Heavy Snow Shower



Between 8:30 and 9 p.m. I received a hefty 1.0" of snow from a heavy passing

snow shower. That puts the total since

midnight at 1.3" which is the amount on the ground. Interesting thing is the

snow that just passed isn't even on radar.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:50 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


Group, My station record low is -20 degrees

recorded on three dates: 1-17-77,1-20-85, and 1-19-94.

Also, Jan. 21,1959 saw 4.25 in. rainfall mixed with melting snow causing major

flood here. Dick Groeber. Springfield.


Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:53 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


Don, You're welcome about my comments on

your website. Have you ever checked weather undergound?

My data is there too under Springfield, Ohio and peeonal weather stations. Check

historical graphs. Dick Groeber.



Date: Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:58 pm

Subject: Weather Wizard III



For those of you who may be interested, I have virtually a full outfir for the

Weather Wizard III. I believe the

only thing that doesn't work, or at least works part of the time, is the wind

direction. Everything else is in good

operating condition. The temperature probe has never been used and neither has

the indoor console.

If you are interested in the complete outfit, or a part of it, e-mail me

privately at I'll quote

you a price in private e-mail on the item(s) you are interested in. If

interested, I can mail to you what you order,

or delievr it within a certain driving range.

I'm also open to any of you e-mailing me a private offer on what you are

interested in. Thank you.

Don Keating


Date: Wed Jan 21, 2004 7:08 am

Subject: Low Temperature


Low temperature this morning of -4 degrees. This is the lowest I


recorded since last January 28th when I recorded -9.


Larry Huff

Munroe Falls 1SW

Summit County


Date: Wed Jan 21, 2004 9:17 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low Temperature




I had a low temp this morning of -8 degrees. This is my coldest reading of

the season. Since I am new to this and do not have records for last winter,

I have nothing to compare it to. I am thinking from memory though that I

did not have a reading that low last winter.


Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Thu Jan 22, 2004 10:20 pm

Subject: current lake effect snow event


So far, snow amounts from this current lake effect event haven't been

too exciting. I've recieved 1.7" for the day as of 10pm. However,

there is much blowing and drifting. Currently, it's snowing with a

temp. of 6oF and a snow depth of 15".



Thompson 5 SW

OWON #98


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 1:49 pm

Subject: Friday Snowfall



Ravenna 1SE had a total snowfall of 3" yesterday, leaving a snow pack of about

8" on the ground. Liquid

content was only 0.02".

Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 2:03 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Friday Snowfall


Hello Group;

Friday and Saturday early morning snowfall was 3.4" here at Newcomerstown.

Liquid content was 0.18". Sunday and

Monday looks very interesting.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 6:04 pm

Subject: Message from a 2way device


List, Total snowfall here in Springfield was

1.8 inches melted to .10 inches of water. Looks like a

msjor winter storm heading here for sunday and monday. They're saying 3 to 6

inches of new snow with ice accumulation on top of it possibly changing to rain.

Looks lile the fun is just beginning!

Dick Groeber Springfield.


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 7:17 pm

Subject: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...


Still having computer problems but I'm going to have to wait for a tax

refund to get a new machine...


Looks like we're really going to be in for our first major storm of the

season tomorrow. At 4 p.m. Friday, the NWS issued a winter storm watch and

at 4 p.m. today, a winter storm warning. We're expecting snow, sleet and

freezing rain, with ice accumulations of .25" or more. I stocked up on food

and cat food on Thursday and did all of my Sunday chores today, as I'm on

call this weekend ant it looks like I just might have to go into the studio

tomorrow to post closings.


Have also been charging camera batteries - ice is a mess but can make for

good photos.


To all in the path of this mess - stay safe!



Middletown OH


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 7:39 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...



You have 23 degrees? Wow, just goes to show what a three inch snowpack can do

for you. It's 7:35 p.m. and we're

already down to 8 above. With the center of the High still to our west, it'll be

interesting to see just how much more we

drop before the mess from the south begins to infiltrate us. I spoke to Mark

Koontz at CH 21 in Youngstwon, and he

thinks we're in for a good 5" of snow here before changing over to sleet,

freezing rain and eventually liquid rain

Monday a.m. I've seen estimates up to 7" of snow here, before the "frozen" mess

hits. And it IS going to be a mess!!

I'll post time to time Sunday and Monday and keep you all informaed on this neck

of Ohio. Down to 7 above now @

7:40 p.m. Take care and as Barb said, stay safe!!

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 8:06 pm

Subject: Re: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...




It does look like a mess. The low pressure area looked like it was

just getting organized in Oklahoma. The models have it as a 998 mb

(29.47") low over western Kentucky by Sunday evening. Some of the

models are putting out .50-1.00 inch liquid amounts. I think with the

timing and position of the Low center it's going to stay an all snow

event in the northern half of Ohio with some severe icing on a line

east and west from Columbus to Cincinnati and rain from there south.

If that low stays far enough south I don't think there will be enough

overrunning to turn things over to rain in most of the state.


I've been wrong before but to me it's always fun to take a stab at

it. Anyone else want to take a turn?



Wooster 7N

Wayne County


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 8:16 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...



Personally I'm having a hard time reading where I think this low will head off

to. However, I would say as of now, with

the 7 p.m. surface map, that the low will move through northern Arkansas, into

central Tennessee and the

northeastward. I'm not even going to guess on precipitation types, as I'm not

real good at that aspect of it. But I

personally would like to see all snow. I hate the thought of Newcomerstown's

street department doing what they do best

with winter storms... next to nothing.

Don Keating


Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 8:48 pm

Subject: Re: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...



I am dubious if there will be any rain here. It is currently

7F, and was 5F at 7:30PM which is the coldest it has been all

winter(the effect of a 3" snow pack is clearly felt). Granted, the

temp could rise into the lower thirties, but I still think the surface

will be to cold to make the change from freezing rain to just rain. I

too, would like to see only snow.



Lancaster 3NE


From: "J S" <>

Date: Sat Jan 24, 2004 8:55 pm

Subject: RE: [OhioWx] Re: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...


I also am not seeing as much of a snow to rain event for the northern half

of the state. Snowpack is definitely helping with the surface temps.

Already at 6F, 4 degrees colder than the forecast low. The last two mixing

events, the cold held on much longer than originally thought, and with the

cold high, I think it will be the case this time as well.


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 8:26 am

Subject: Record Low




I set a record low of -12 @ 5 a.m.this morning breaking the previous

record for the date of -10 set in 2000. I still have a snow pack of

six inches. Everything is quite scenic with a hoarfrost on all the

trees and other objects.



Wooster 7N


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:30 am

Subject: 1978 Blizzard Anniversary


As we recall the blizzard of 1978, you might enjoy reading a brief

account of

the event by going to:

<> and

clicking on to the "NEW Blizzard - Ohio - 1978" link.


Larry Huff


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:35 am

Subject: Low temperature


Lowest temperature this morning (Sunday Jan 25) was -7 F. degrees,


lowest since last January when I recorded a -9 degrees.


Larry Huff

Munroe Falls 1SW

Summit County


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 11:39 am

Subject: last night's cold


Light snow fell last night until about midnight. This then suddenly

cleared out to allow the temperature to drop to -10oF. The snow pack

here is currently 14" deep. Snowfall yesterday (1/24) was 1.2" with

0.5" coming during the light snow last evening...which wasn't even

supposed to happen according the afternoon forcast.



Thompson 5 SW

OWON # 98


From: "Phillip Higley" <>

Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 11:47 am

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low temperature


You think that cold..............

We had -10F @ 1:10 a.m. this morning.

Right now it's 13F with a winds of 15 M.P.H. out of the NEE. Gaven us a bone

chilly -16F. Now that C-O-L-


My 2 cents on the up coming storm;

I really believe that we here in N.W. Ohio will start out with, snow then become

heavly as the system con't.

on Easter. Seeing that this system will be coming in this afternoon. An it is

trying to go NNE as a warm front,

I belive we should get 3"-4" of snowfall by morning, before it turns over the

Freezen rain as it exit from our

area.......Before NOON. We have the cold surface temperature NOW & with 2-3" of

snowfall on the ground, it

should be a pretty good snowfall this even. That my 2 cents wroth...


Putnam, Co.


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 11:50 am

Subject: Re: We may get zapped big-time tomorrow...


The NWS forcast for this area this morning is forcasting more

freezing rain than last night's forcast did. It was mostly snow last

night. I personally hope for snow, although a heavy sleet fall can

be interesting because it feels more like sand than snow.


As a winter enthusiast, though, I'm glad we don't have to depend on

these #@%*&@ storms for an adequate supply of snow around here. They

never seem to pass right over you, either to far south and you don't

get very much snow, or to far north and you get rain.




Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 11:57 am

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low temperature




I had a low of -12 here this morning. As of this writing, it had warmed to

a balmy +8 degrees. Just my luck, I have to drive to Columbus Monday

afternoon. I am hoping and thinking that the further south I go from here,

the more rain and the less frozen stuff by then. Bring on Spring!!!!


Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 11:58 am

Subject: Watch, or Warning?



I noticed on the advisory site for the NWS that most every county covered by

either the NWS out of Wilmington, or

Charleston, or Cleveland has been covered with a winter Storm Warning. I don't

see a single county covered by the

NWS in Pittsburgh under a warning, just a watch. I suppose they are waiting for

the storm system to clear the area to

issue it?

My three cents... I think the folks at PGH are getting a little S L O W issuing

timely warnings. Many of the counties in

Ohio under the warning have been so since at least 7 p.m. LAST NIGHT!

Don Keating


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 12:12 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low temperature


I um, guess since even -7 degrees in Munroe Falls isn't that cold, that my

morning low of, oops, better not mention it,

don't wanna be laughed at. Sorry, I almost slipped up. It was below zero though,

that's all I'll say, oh yea, and it was a

record low.

Don Keating,



Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 3:22 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Low temperature


Morning low of -5 in Newcomerstown broke the previous record low of -1

established in 2000.

Don Keating



Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 4:10 pm

Subject: The Weather "Down Under"


Hello Everyone;

With the cold weather of late and the wintry mix just around the corner, I

thought I'd share part of an e-mail from a

friend of mine in Australia. They recently had daytime high's up to about 114.

It's cooled off a good bit now, but he

says they will have more heat in February as that is their hot time of the year.

Here is his latest e-mail to me, or a part

of it anyhow.

Hi Don,

Hows the cold weather going, I'll swap you!!!

It's been raining here now every night since i last wrote to you, the storms

build up all day then let go late afternoon

into the night with thunder and lightening all round but not all areas are

getting the rain which is much needed in a lot

of places which are still in drought! The temps have been a lot cooler....around

22-30c depending on the humidity, if

we have no cloud and all the rain we had the night before, the sun warms up the

ground and makes it very humid..some

days it is so humid you can feel the thick warm moist air as you breath it in

and as you walk along..especially if it is

going to be a 40c day after rain the night before! It is good though when a sea

breeze comes over the lake!

The north is still having their Tropical rainy season (The North of Northern

Territory, Queensland and Northern area of

Western Australia) I don't think i could live long up their with the heat and

humidity, i drove over to western Australia

one year and it was too hot..a real Indian summer with stinging heat etc. i took

my dog over and he could not stay in the

sun, he would run to the nearest tree for shade or under my 4x4 if their was no

shade when i had to stop and check my

tyres and get fuel!

Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed that brief weather report from "Down Under". He

sends me photos from time to time,

maybe I'll send one across list in the future. I know 30 C is like 86 F and 22 C

is about 72 F. Not sure what 40 C is, but

I believe it's about 108 F.

Don Keating


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 8:10 pm

Subject: We are getting zapped big time now


Hello group:

First, after seeing everyone else low temps, my was

downright warm. Had 1 F at 2:30 AM, the coldest all winter. Just got

off work at 7:30, the roads are a mess, of course. We have about 4"

of new snow, depth about 5.5". Currently 16 F, winds of about 10




Lancaster 3NE


Date: Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:59 pm

Subject: Snowfall



Snow began about 6 p.m. here in town. It quit about 10:30 p.m. In that four and

a half hour period. I received 4.8" of

snowfall. There is now 8" of snow on the ground.

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 8:45 am

Subject: Weather Event




Predictions in this area appear to have been fairly accurate. I've

had 4.8 inches since it began just after 6 p.m. until ending around

midnight. Snow depth at 7 a.m. was 10 inches. All the schools in the

area are closed and secondary roads are still snow covered. The

temperature at 8 a.m. was 17 degrees which is the highest it's been

in the past 24 hours.


Was just looking at the RUC model which goes out to 12 hours shows

the next problem will be from a 1002 mb Low over Arkansas with a

frontal boundary heading up the Ohio Valley. Looks like precipitation

types will be critical. Temperatures at the surface appear to be

below freezing for most of the state but at the 850 mb (5000 foot)

level begin to go above freezing over the southern two-thirds of the

state during the latter part of the period. This could present a

problem with freezing rain tonight over the southern 2/3 of the state

with a mix in the northern third.


Other thoughts?



Wooster 7N

Wayne County


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:27 am

Subject: storm a bust


That storm here was a complete bust. Out of a predicted 2-4" last

night, we recieved 0.2" as of 9am this morning. Studying the radar

last night, I'd swear that the precip. wrapped around this area

without actually hitting us. Is that just a coincidence or is there

some topographical or other feature that might cause this?



Thompson 5 SW


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 12:18 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] storm a bust


Hello Vance;

The storm may have been a bust up there, but I recorded 6.2" of snowfall between

6 p.m. and 1 a.m. As of 11 p.m. I had

recorded 4.8", but an area of moderate snow moved across the area between 11:30

and 12:45 dumping another 1.4".

The temperature remains well below freezing @ 11:55 a.m. with 25. I should also

note just after the moderate snowfall

quit around 12:30 a.m. we then got into sleet and light freezing rain. It is

currently lightly freezing drizzle out there and

I have received 1/4" of ice.

Here is an interesting bit of information. Since Friday our seasonal snowfall

has doubled!

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 4:58 pm

Subject: Weather/Emergency Notifications




With there having been several weather advisories, warnings, etc. put

out over the past several days made me think of a free service that's

available to everyone.I think someone else may have brought this to

the group's attention a long time ago but I thought now might be an

appropriate time to bring it up again.


It's a FREE service called The Emergency Email and Wireless Network

that sends notices almost immediately after they are put out by a

particular government agency onto this network. You have the choice

of which county these notices pertain to. I get mine sent via email

but you can have these sent to your cell phone or pager. Go to for more information and signup.


Stay safe and dry.


Jack Sisler

OhioWx Group Moderator


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 5:29 pm

Subject: Where can I order a Crystal Ball?



I almost fell off my desk chair when I read this forecast. I couldn't believe

how timed this is. Tell me, did I miss

something? Is someone using a crystal ball and can now forecast this precisely,

or is this just bad, no, terrible weather

forecasting? This is for Jackson, Kentucky and vicinity, NOT anywhere in Ohio.

Tuesday: Rain likely before 8am, then rain and snow likely between 8am and 9am,

then snow likely between 9am and

noon, then rain and snow likely between noon and 2pm, then snow likely, mainly

between 2pm and 3pm. Chance for

precipitation is 70%. Mostly cloudy, with a temperature falling to around 30 by

5pm. Southwest wind between 5 and 15

mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.

Where can I order one of those crystal balls? OK, I'm being just a bit

sarcastic, lol. :-)) Take care everyone and be

careful on those roads!!

Don Keating #106

Newcomerstown 1S


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:11 pm

Subject: Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???



I was wondering if there was anyone out there alive? I've seen some posts

regarding the recent storm but nothing

regarding the upcoming event starting tomorrow through Wednesday. I continue to

be amazed that, even with 6.2" of

snowfall in a 7 hour period, then 1/4" of ice on top of it, that the NWS in PGH

had Tuscarawas County under a Winter

Storm Watch. What are the criteria for a WS Warning?

Has anyone noticed, again, how biast the Weather Channel has been regarding the

east coast cities with the current

system, the upcoming system, etc? I have a new name for TWC... just call them

TNEWC. The New England Weather

Channel. :-)

Don Keating


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:27 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???



I would think that would be enough for a ws

warning . And yes, I do notice that there is a very

east coast bias on TWC. Last year during the

President's day storm, the had like 5 people in

washington DC, but I don't recall anyone in ohio,

eventhough we recieved nearly the same amount (20").




Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 9:40 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???


Hi Chris;

Yea, even when I called the NWS in PGH and told him that we had 4.5" (at the

time I called him) he went "wow, ok". I

thought that would have been enough to change the Watch to a Warning, but

apparently not. If I recall correctly, a

Winter Storm Warning means "winter weather conditions are imminent". Even if it

were all freezing rain expected, I

would think that'd be criteria enough to issue a WS Warning. There are times I

wish Tuscarawas County was under the


At any rate, like I told a reporter that phoned me last night, I think TWC is

way too biast towards the New England

area. I mean, why send a field reporter to Boston to report a morning low of -7

F? I don't care if it WAS the coldest

morning low they have had in how many decades? Did they send someone to Jack's

back yard Saturday morning when

he had a low of -12 to report on it? Hmmmm, NOPE!

Don Keating


Date: Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:02 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???



The one thing, that appears to me that NWS in PGH

is "good" on, is the flood/flash flood watch.

Whenever there is a chance of like 1/2" of rain, it

seems I always see one. Granted, it is hilly, and the

topography does make that important, but there are

many other counties, under charleston nws (morgan,

perry, athens, washington counties) that are just as

hilly, have similar "clear cut" hillsides, but they

only have it half the time nws in PGH does.


I rarely call in snow reports, when ever I do,

they(NWS Wilmington) are like "gee really, thats nice,

'click'". I have had the chance to call for hail or

wind, so maybe they care more then.


Also, I think unless it is like -30 in New York, or 0

in florida, why does the TWC need to have a

"reporter". What is there to show, besides clear





Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 1:55 am

Subject: interesting forecast discussion


This is the Monday evening discussion from the Cleveland NWS. Not sure I

understand how the marine layer is

warming things up when the wind direction has been S or SE at Cleveland Hopkins

Airport, Burke Lakefront Airport,

Lorain County Regional Airport, and Cuyahoga County Airport during most of the

evening and past midnight into


For METAR reports, you can go to Enter station identifier

(e.g., KCLE for Cleveland Hopkins)

and then the number of reports you want to see.

Any comments?



918 PM EST MON JAN 26 2004























Shawn Trueman


Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 3:28 am

Subject: Re: Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???


I know CLE is interested in the snow reports because they have an

ongoing study of Lake-Effect patterns. Also, because of the Lake-

Effect, snowfall can be extremely local-major differences in snowfall

amounts over fractions of a mile sometimes.


Conderning TWC: It is important to remember that the East Coast is

where all the politicians and other bigwigs are. The call the

Midwest "flyover country".




Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 3:33 am

Subject: lightning and storm summary


There were several flashes of lightning shortly before midnight.

Some light freezing rain accompanied the flashes. Altogether, we had

0.2" snow last night, 0.5" sleet in the early afternoon, and freezing

rain since with about 1/8" ice accumulation. In total as of midnight

1/27, we've had 0.7" snowfall with 0.15" precipitation.



Thompson 5 SW


From: "E. Stapleton" <>

Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 2:26 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] lightning and storm summary


I saw several flashes of lightning roughly over Parma/Brook Park last

night at just after 1:00 AM, as I was driving home from work.


Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 2:39 pm

Subject: Pittsburgh NWS


I suspect the reason that the Pittsburgh NWS issues flash flood watches when

there is the potential for heavy rainfall, is

because of the flash flood in Shadyside, OH (Belmont County), on June 14, 1990.

From being a student at Ohio University and associate director of the weather

lab (Scalia Lab) from 2001-03, I thought

that the NWS in Charleston did an adequate job forecasting flood potential in

Athens County. When heavy rainfall

events occurred and I thought the Hocking River would be at flood stage in

Athens (and I thought that the NWS would

issue a flood warning), I was wrong. However, smaller streams in Athens County

would sometimes flood.

I noticed this tendency for Charleston NOT to issue a flood watch contrasted

with Pittsburgh's tendency to issue one.

Shawn Trueman

Huron, OH


Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 6:57 pm

Subject: Re: Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???




I see your point and know what your saying but I think it's typically

a marketing thing with them. When you take in all the major cities

like Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, etc. and other areas along

the east coast your talking of a total population in the millions in

these areas not just thousands if you consider the total area

involved. Wouldn't you rather be talking about weather in an area

that concerns several million people instead of several thousand? I

don't watch much of TWC unless it's something that effects this area.

Even then I find more resources available locally than they would

have. I think their quality of programming turned me off even further

when they started with all these segments not directly associated

with weather such as the gardening and health pieces. Not that I'm

against these particular interests it's that their other channels for

these for people to watch.


Between last night and today it's been freezing rain, sleet, plain

rain, and two thunderstorm episodes. In general, the ice thickness

was generally between 3/16" - 1/4". Surprised the power didn't go

out. Was kind of funny watching today's rain going over the top of

the glaze that was on top of the snow. Looked like little rivers and



I guess that's enough venting for now so will see how much the snow

has returned.



Wooster 7N

Wayne County



Date: Tue Jan 27, 2004 7:24 pm

Subject: Desktop Icons




Does anyone have any weather desktop icons that they wouldn't mind sharing

with me. I'm particularly looking for a lightning bolt but would happy with

something else.





Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 10:16 am

Subject: Whoa, where did that come from?!


Although, mostly frozen over, the Lake apparently still has

some "umph" to it. I've had 8.0" snow since midnight last night (as

of 9:30 this morning) for a storm total so far of 10.7" and there's

23" of snow on the ground.



Thompson 5 SW

Northern Geauga Co.


Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 1:14 pm

Subject: Web Sites Down


As many of you know, I have been experiencing various computer


as a result of lightning coming into my computer system early last

fall. As

soon as I think I have everything under control, something else shows


Therefore, I will soon be closing down my various web sites and

starting from

scratch. It may takes months to get back on line. The primary web


affected are: Munroe Falls Weather Station, Weather Observer OnLine,

NEOCAMS and the Central Ohio Raingage Network (CORN). For those who

have had links on YOUR web sites for those sites just mentioned,


them as soon as convenient for you. Thanks so much!


Larry Huff


Date: Wed Jan 28, 2004 5:12 pm

Subject: Web Site Survey


Hello Everyone;

I have added a survey poll to my web site. It is located directly under the sunrise and sunset information. I'd appreciate

those of you who have, or even haven't, visited the site in the past, to go take a look and participate in the poll. I don't

think the site is that bad. I mean, I built it, what else would I say?

I'm trying to get feedback from as many viewers as possible and get an idea what you might like to see that would

make you visit the site more often. So please go to...

and cast your vote. I'd appreciate it.

Don Keating


Date: Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:12 am

Subject: Weather Domain Name


For those with weather web sites, the domain name

"" will become available to the public in May. If you

are interested, please contact me for further details.


Larry Huff



Date: Thu Jan 29, 2004 9:11 am

Subject: We did it AGAIN


For a second year in a row, we topped 70" for the month of January

with this morning's snowfall. As of 9 am, we had 70.4" for the month

and 132.6" for the season. Skiing anyone?



Thompson 5 SW


Date: Fri Jan 30, 2004 6:26 pm

Subject: Re: [OhioWx] Re: Events, TWC and a Watch or Warning???




Have just caught up with my email after being out of town most of week. Had

to drive to Columbus Monday afternoon and between the weather and a tanker

carrying ammonia overturning and causing I-71 to close, took me 6 hours to

make what is normally a little over a 2 hour drive. Sorry Jack, but the

roads in Wayne and Ashland County are not meant to carry large volumes of

interstate traffic. One interesting event while I was waiting to get off of

I-71 onto 539? near West Salem. As I sat in traffic without moving for

nearly 45 minutes, the temperature, according to my car thermometer, spiked

up about 10 degrees from 23 to 33 in the course of about ten minutes. With

this came some heavy rain / freezing rain. Nothing like a little warm air!!


Still trying to sort out how much snow and when I received it over the past

few days. Schools here in Ravenna were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.


My comments on TWC would agree with Jack's in that the TWC is only

interested (my opinion) in marketing and sales - weather is secondary.

Those northeast markets take precedent over a lot of other places, including

Ohio, and by featuring those areas, they can sell their advertising. Its

gone from one of my most watched channels on TV to one that I hardly ever

watch. The discussions in this group are more interesting and probably more

informative than anything TWC has going. Thanks everyone.


Gary L

Ravenna 1SE


Date: Sat Jan 31, 2004 2:02 pm



The low temperature at my weather station here in northwest Hocking

County today was minus 9.

Jim Fry

Rockbridge 4W

OWON #33


Date: Sat Jan 31, 2004 4:54 pm

Subject: Saturday morning low temperature


This morning's (1/31/04) low temperature at my station was +2

degrees. During the early parts of last week (after the freezing rain

events), all three of my Davis anemometer cups froze.

I usually expect that to happen two or three times each winter.


Larry Huff

Munroe Falls 1SW

Summit County


Date: Sat Jan 31, 2004 5:09 pm

Subject: Re: Saturday morning low temperature




My low here was -5F at 4:46 AM. Also have 8" snow depth. Also had a

wind chill of -22F at 4:15 AM. Forcast are for between -3 to -8. I

am sure glad I have to be at work tomorrow at 5:00 AM!



Lancaster 3NE

Fairfield County


Date: Sat Jan 31, 2004 6:02 pm

Subject: over night low temperature


@ my station 4-E we had a Low of -3F @ 10:44 p.m. on 1/30.

All of my reading are taken @ 9:30 p.m.. Anything that is past 10:00 p.m.

goes on the next day data sheets.

Still have 3"-4" of snowfall on the ground.

I am sure glad that the winds are dieing down.

Right now 6F(@5:46 p.m.) Our Hi got up to 9F @ 4:17 p.m.

Some of the roads in my area are still Ice cover & very very danger to drive


I spray my wind speed unit down with Silicone, this seem to help keep the ice

off..........It's only been onces so far this year when my unit frozen up. My dir.

is still frozen up, but my speed cups are still free to move.


Putnam, Co.




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