Synoptic heat-health (and cold-health) watch-warning systems are available real-time for the following cities online: Note these sites are NOW password-protected- with a different password from previous websites. If you are a party that has had access, please contact Scott Sheridan ( or Larry Kalkstein ( for the password.

Synoptic systems are also presently employed in 8 cities in Italy; Shanghai, China; and will be implemented in South Korea beginning in 2008.

References on the heat warning systems:

Progress in heat watch-warning system technology Scott Sheridan and Laurence Kalkstein, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2004

The development of analog European heat waves for U.S. cities to analyze the impacts on heat-related mortality Laurence Kalkstein, Scott Greene, Dave Mills, Alan Perrin, Jason Samenow, Jean-Paul Cohen. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2008

Current alerts:
Dallas - Ft Worth : Advisory (11)
Houston : Watch (10) Outlook (11) Outlook (12) Outlook (13)
Jackson : Watch (12)
Lake Charles : Warning (11) Watch (12)
Little Rock : Advisory ( 7)
Monroe : Warning ( 7)
Pine Bluff : Advisory ( 7)
Shreveport : Warning ( 7)
Saint Louis : Watch ( 7) Outlook ( 8) Outlook ( 9)