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Combine my two favorite interests of travel and photography, being a geographer, and add having a professional photographer as my father, and you can see where the impetus for taking photos comes from. The photos below represent a random subset of some of my favorite photos; click on one for an enlargement. Or you can look at specific travels by clicking on one of the links.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

This photo is from my first time in Europe. Perched on a hill above town, a crowd at Edinburgh Castle gathers to watch the ceremonial daily firing of the one o'clock gun.

Monterosso, Italy

The town on the sea was an amazing sight. We first heard about this from Rick Steves, although since the train station didn't have a baggage check as promised, our day-stop here included hiking across a rugged trail with all my stuff on my back. And it wasn't really in a backpack.

Inis Oirr, Ireland

An island off the west coast of Ireland, this was a land out of time. No cars, not much actually, except pathways and stone walls separating the grazing animals. We were told the walls are manually disassembled to move the animals, though it didn't happen that day.


I've always loved windows, and this set on the side of a house seems to have been through it all.

Lagos, Portugal

Some boats off the Algarve cliffs. Though that winter wasn't particularly harsh where I was, this was still the first moment of spring, and with spectacular scenery.

Nafplio, Greece

Another window, this time with an awning, on a block of several-hundred-year-old houses.

Isle Royale, Michigan

The daisies grow smaller and smaller as you approach the tips of this windswept island, and here at the very end, they managed only a couple inches in height.

Poas, Costa Rica

After a long bout of patience, the skies above the caldera finally cleared enough to verify we were actually standing at a volcano's edge.

Denver, Colorado

Right at the end of the AAG conference, a spring blizzard rolls in, stranding us for two days - but at least making things beautiful in the process.

Nile River, Egypt

The whole geography of upper Egypt is contained in this one photo - the Nile and its green, barren desert, and hydroelectric energy.

Cairo, Egypt

A lone lute player in the labyrithine Zeinab Khatun house.

near Bellefontaine, Ohio

A sunken old dock near an abandoned campground.

Tallinn, Estonia

The medieval walls of the city.

Porvoo, Finland

These ochre-colored houses by the river were painted in advance of the Swedish king's passage through town in the 1780s, and apparently the tradition stuck.

Ghent, Belgium

Atop the neighboring Belfort, a nice view of St. Baaf's not from straight on.

Lake Erie

En route to Pelee Island, quite possibly the most amazing sunset I've seen.

Dettifoss, Iceland

This photo typifies Iceland - nature with no barriers, as Kay and Deb get close but not too close to the waterfall's edge.

Hraunfossar, Iceland

This photo also typifies Iceland - you'd never know until you're on top of this little gorge that it's actually a cascade covered by lava long ago.

over New York City

Flying back to New York for Christmas, a perfect winter morning.

Kamakura, Japan

Just some of the seemingly infinite number of statues in Hasedera Temple.

Moleson, Switzerland

All the better when these are the students you're somewhat in charge of!

Budapest, Hungary

The iconic Chain Bridge at night.

Riomaggiore, Italy

After a long day walking along the coast, sunset came at a perfect time to watch the harbor.

Urgup, Turkey

The locals lived in caves carved into houses for centuries, though not sure what this one was all about.

Central Switzerland

I'm not sure if you could find a better advertisement for Switzerland.

Kinzua, Pennsylvania

An old railroad bridge destroyed by a tornado.

Orhei, Moldova

A woman at the top of a cliff at a monastery that was carved into the rocks during the Ottoman era.

Bath, Ohio

The truest sign of spring around here- a heron approaching the rookery.

Seoul, Korea

A close-up of the ornate ceiling patterns that adorn the palaces.

Old Fort Niagara, New York

A frigidly cold New Year's Day.

Lake Titicaca, Peru

A woman looing out from one of the Uros Islands, built entirely from reeds.

near Paracas, Peru

A nature preserve in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

near Rotorua, New Zealand

The southern crater at Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

South Island, New Zealand

Not the best photo of a yellow-eyed penguin, but the best photo of a yellow-eyed penguin coming out of nowhere and trying to sneak by me.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

A strawberry poison dart frog trying to hide on me.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Didn't think the iguanas would feel this comfrotable... but then again it is the Parque de las Iguanas.

Galapagos, Ecuador

Marine iguana oblivious to all of us...

Galapagos, Ecuador

Grapsus grapsus

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Bozeman, Montana

Not quite in the wild (was at a rescue place) but still amazing.

Zaragoza, Spain

The perfect spot for a full moon.

London, England

Mother nature reclaimed this cemetery after it was abandoned for 2 decades.

Lisbon, Portugal

An old fountain at the Jeronimos Monastery.

Vindeln, Sweden

A reconstructed century-old stamp in the middle of a forest preserve.

Paris, France

Montparnasse rail lines.

Vagar, Faroe Islands

One of the many steep cliffs in the Faroes.

Faroe Islands

The lone sheep.

Mykines, Faroe Islands

The inquisitive puffin.

Akron, Ohio

The morning crew.

Ventura, California

Last light of the day.

Great Wall, China

The iconic structure, amazingly under-touristed for the moment.

Barberton, Ohio

The heron on the hunt.

Manchester, England

A 300-year old "library"